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Civil Rights FNS Instruction 113-1.

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1 Civil Rights FNS Instruction 113-1

2 Civil Rights Civil Rights instruction is applicable to ALL programs and activities who receive Federal financial assistance, whether those programs and activities are federally funded in whole or not

3 Civil Rights Federal Financial Assistance is:
Anything of value received from the Federal government Includes cash grants, training, excess computers, loans, property donations and any other goods or services provided with Federal funds TEFAP and state commodities constitute Federal financial assistance

4 Civil Rights Purpose of Civil Rights training:
Provides guidance and direction to Federal financial recipients and their clients Explains compliance and enforcement of non-discrimination policies Promotes fairness and equality of treatment

5 Civil Rights Authority provided through:
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act 1964 Americans with Disability Act Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Age Discrimination Act of 1975 The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 Food Stamp Act of 1977 Executive Order 13166 USDA Departmental Regulation 7CFR Part 16, Equal Opportunity for Religious Organizations

6 Civil Rights Responsibilities: Training
Compliance with civil right laws, regulations and requirements Equal treatment for religious organizations Public Notification and Assurances Data collection Complaint Processing LEP services – providing other language services Accommodating persons with disabilities Conflict resolution Customer Service

7 Civil Rights Civil Rights Training & Oversight: Member Agencies

8 Civil Rights Discrimination is prohibited on the basis of: Race Color
National Origin Sex Age Disability Religious Creed Political Beliefs

9 Civil Rights Types of Discrimination: Disparate Treatment
Discriminating treatment of an individual or class of people based on a particular belief Disparate Impact Rules, policies or guidelines not intended to cause discrimination but exclude a particular class of people Retaliation Deliberate discrimination as a response or revenge

10 Civil Rights Exceptions:
Congress can establish a program that is intended for certain groups of people, and it is not discrimination to exclude those who do not meet eligibility requirements Examples: WIC, senior programs, children’s programs, etc.

11 Civil Rights When Do Civil Rights Rules Apply?
Any time there is any Federal financial assistance USDA/TEFAP commodities State commodities Any training, equipment and other goods and services supported or assisted through Federal assistance

12 Civil Rights Requirements: Treat all people with dignity and respect
Complaints do come to the Foodbank Display the USDA “And Justice for All . . .” non-discrimination poster in a place where it can be seen by ALL who visit the premises

13 Civil Rights

14 Civil Rights Requirements:
Include USDA non-discrimination statement on all materials and websites that mention USDA funded programs Provide public notification including: Posted hours of operation Program eligibility guidelines Non-discrimination policy Procedures to file a complaint

15 Civil Rights Requirements: Maintain confidentiality
No social security numbers Do not discuss a person’s situation Collect data when appropriate USDA/TEFAP Eligibility Form – Form can not be modified or other items attached Monthly Reporting Form

16 Civil Rights Requirements: Cooperate with State and Federal reviewers
If there is a non-compliance issue, correction of problem is expected Failure to comply with civil rights rules can lead to loss of Federal financial assistance Agencies may have to pay back value of the food Sexual harassment is prohibited

17 Civil Rights Requirements: Advise people on how to file a complaint:
Toll Free: or (TTY) Regional Director, Civil Rights/EEO W. Jackson Blvd, FL Chicago IL

18 Civil Rights Other Requirements:
Make sure people with disabilities are accommodated Physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Disabilities are not specifically named under the ADA but include mobility, sight, hearing, etc. Provide other language assistance to persons with Limited English Proficiency

19 Civil Rights Limited English Proficiency:
An LEP individual is a person who is unable to speak, read, write or understand the English language at a level that permits him or her to interact effectively with health and social services agencies and providers Must provide language assistance that results in accurate and effective communication at no cost

20 Civil Rights Language Assistance:
Does not require applicants/clients to: use family or friends as interpreters use minor children as interpreters Must NOT be required to disclose Proof of immigration/citizenship Social Security Number

21 Civil Rights Equal Opportunity For Religious Organizations:
Prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, religious belief, or religious character in the administration of Federal funds. Provided that direct USDA funds do not support any inherently religious activities such as worship or religious instruction.

22 Civil Rights Equal Opportunity For Religious Organizations
Religious organizations do NOT have to remove religious art, icons, scriptures or other religious symbols. No organization that receives direct financial assistance from the USDA can discriminate against a program beneficiary on the basis of religion or religious belief.

23 Civil Rights Reminders: If conflicts occur, remain calm
Follow the platinum rule Treat people the way they would like to be treated

24 Civil Rights Final Steps:
Agencies are responsible for training of their staff and/or volunteers Use the provided Checklist in your agency Retain each Checklist for 3 years Complete and Sign the 2nd Checklist with Your Name and Agency Pass completed Checklists to the front

25 Civil Rights Questions?

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