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The Impact of Social Media & The US Federal Government April 18, 2012.

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1 The Impact of Social Media & The US Federal Government April 18, 2012

2 Jennifer Schaus & Associates Washington, DC – Rome, Italy Background: Over 15 Years US FED GOV Sales / Marketing / BD / Procurement Experience Dun & Bradstreet – FED GOV Division Physical Security Sales & GSA Scheds GSA Sched – Sales / Marketing / BD / Lobbying / Social Media Clients: Small, Mid-Size, Large, Fortune 500 Products & Services Domestic & International B2G Networking – 3 rd Thursdays @ The Kennedy Center

3 Social Media WHAT: Allows real-time connection & interaction. Sharing info, content, text, video, audio, photo. Intersection of technology & content. WHEN: 24 / 7 WHO: Anyone. All people. Consumers, Business, Government, etc WHERE: Worldwide HOW: Mobile or Internet Access WHY: Phenomenon – Contagious – Instant gratification – Act & React = Interact Social Media has created a human reliance, expectation and addiction on technology to deliver information instantaneously.

4 Forms of Social Media: Blogs Wikis Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn YouTube Gov 2.0

5 Advantages: Increased Communication More Informed Expedite Info Sharing Real Time Disadvantages: Privacy Data Risks Acceptable Use Mis-information Accidents: Anthony Weiner

6 Social Media Background: e-GOV Act Dec 17 2002 Purpose: Improve Management & promote e-gov services by establishing CIO (Chief Information Officer) within OMB (Office of Management & Budget) Establish a framework of measures to improve citizen access to government information and services

7 Other Impacts & Results from Social Media SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) on Social Media Example: Georgetown University Certification Program, Social Media for Government Class on how to create, manage social media campaigns for government agencies Intended Audience: Public Affairs to CIO

8 Sectors of Social Media G 2 C = Government to Citizen C 2 G = Citizen to Government C 2 C v G = Citizen to Citizen versus Government G 2 B = Government to Business / Contractor B 2 G = Business / Contractor to Government G 2 G = Government to Government - Internal within the Agency - External to other Agency - External to other Government

9 C 2 C v G Citizen to Citizen versus Government Examples: Citizen uprising over autocratic ruling inTunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain USA – Occupy Wall Street & other protest Facebook: Schedule Protest Twitter: Organize Protest YouTube: Market & Tell Story to outside world

10 G 2 C = Government To Citizen Improve quality of services & call for greater citizen engagement / involvement Examples: 2009 – CDC & Swine Flu 2010 – EPA & Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill 2011 – FEMA & Hurricane Irene Clinical Trials & Social Media - Increase Speed and Lowered Costs - Greater Patient Access & Engagement - Availability of Control Patients NIH Clinical Trials & the use of YouTube - Educate Citizens - Volunteer & Healthcare Hashtag Stories

11 G 2 C Continued Intel Agency Examples: CIA – Visible Technologies – crawls data for key words Similar to Cold War Russia – newspapers FBI & DHS – mining social media sites for key words Same Objective – catch the bad guys New Technology – social media = the new form of communication * CONCERNS: Privacy to Citizens

12 C 2 G = Citizen to Government Gov 2.0 Allows interaction for citizens to contact government Examples: Open 311- DC & San Francisco Report Traffic light outage, potholes, etc. National Weather Service: #wxreport

13 G 2 C Continued President/White House to Citizens Call for Greater Transparency YouTube Channel West Wing Week Twitter Town Halls – Obama July 2011 Reactions to State of Union Facebook Photo of the Day & videos

14 G 2 G – Government To Government Allows agencies to communicate within the agency – sharing initiatives and soliciting feedback, etc. – as well as communicate with other agencies. Internal: NASA Spacebook – conversation w/in agency DoD – Real Warriors Campaign for PTSD External: Fed Space White House – SAVE – Suggestion Box for Fed Gov employees on how to save money within the govt.

15 B 2 G = Business to Government Can include contractors and can include contractors communicating with other contractors for obtaining government business. TFCN – The Federal Contractor Network GovLoop LinkedIn – Various groups Twitter GovWin – Gov RFP opps and on-line teaming

16 G 2 B = Government to Business Can evaluate contractors Can contact businesses for registrations or RFI / Sources Sought Example: SBA – Portal for Small Business Learning Center Increase interest in Government Contracting

17 FED GOV SOCIAL MEDIA Of Note Rankings: Tumblr – GSA 1 st (social, blogging) Facebook – Most Popular – Marines 2+ Million Twitter – Most Popular – NASA Pintrist – Army – DIY & Décor Flickr – LOC Google + = NASA

18 Social Media Conclusions: Not Static Always Changing Race for Speed Info becomes obsolete quicker Most agencies embracing & using Intersection of Public Affairs (content) & CIO (technology) Here to stay & will evolve

19 THANK YOU Jennifer Schaus Jennifer Schaus & Associates Washington, DC – Rome Italy B2G SERVICES: GSA Schedules Fed Gov Sales / Marketing / BD / Lobbying State Gov Sales / Marketing / BD / Lobbying Other B2G Consulting Services as needed + 1 – 2 0 2 – 3 6 5 – 0 5 9 8

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