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Customer Service Experience

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1 Customer Service Experience
The Danny O’Malia Customer Service Experience “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Joe O’Malia, circa 1966

2 “laser technology from mars... Customer service from Mayberry!”
-Ossip Optometry

3 Poor Culture = POOR SERVICE!

4 You Can’t TEACH Culture …………………….
*You have to LIVE it.    *You have to EXPERIENCE it.    *You have to SHARE it.    *You have to SHOW it   -Brent Harris, Nordstrom Exec.

5 “Our light shines brighter when it isn’t on.”
Dan Cathy Chick-Fil-A, Son of Founder Truett Cathy

*Customers* Sales and Support Staff Department Managers Store Managers, Buyers, Merchandise Managers, General Managers, Board of Directors Nordstrom's Rule: "Use good judgment in all situations!"

7 RULES to say “no” to customers. That’s why we HATE RULES!
…Give employees another reason to say “no” to customers. That’s why we HATE RULES!                                                                                    -James Harris, Nordstrom V.P. Shoe Sales

8 “I before E except after C...”

9 "Failure's only failure when you fail to learn by it.”
-John Morgan, George W. Bush Impersonator

10 John Ruskin on Value Value + Quality + Service Price
" Someone can always make something a little cheaper and a little worse. If you shop price alone, you're that man's lawful prey."    -John Ruskin, Value + Quality + Service Price “PRICE is WHAT you pay. VALUE is WHAT YOU GET for WHAT YOU PAY. Then below that: -John Ruskin,

11 David Master’s Trust Equation

12 One of two main business protagonists in atlas shrugged
“And if one gains the immediate purpose of the lie - the price one pays is the destruction for that which the game was intended to serve. The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on.” -Henry “Hank” Rearden, One of two main business protagonists in atlas shrugged Pg. 788

13 "The secret of my business was hiring nice people and
then allowing them to be as nice as they can be.” -Mary Kay Ash

14 EMPOWERMENT "Employees should never fail to act out of fear of losing their jobs.” -SATISFACTION, p "People like dealing with people in AUTHORITY.”  -SATISFACTION, p “There is no expiration date on a bad experience.“ -SATISFACTION, p. 131  (Check out the Ameri Suites Disaster on pp of SATISFACTION )

15 -Senior Executive, Anonymous Ford Supplier
"In my opinion, must send its people to HATE SCHOOL so they learn to hate suppliers. The are extremely confrontational. After dealing with Ford, I decided not to buy its product."  -Senior Executive, Anonymous Ford Supplier Trust Based Selling p. 185

16 "I'm not looking for great players
"I'm not looking for great players...I'm looking for players that make the TEAM great."    John Wooden

17 -President Harry Truman
”You can accomplish anything in life provided that you do not mind who gets the credit.” -President Harry Truman

18 "The BEST customer is THE ONE YOU ALREADY HAVE.”
-Dick Schaaf  Lifetime Value of loyal O'Malia Food Markets customer with 3 children from 1966 to 2006: 20 years X 50 weeks X $150/ week 20 years X 50 weeks X $100/ week SPENT $250,000 AND-- many were RAVING FANS/ ADVOCATES! Even more valuable than just the dollars!

19 Frederick F. Reicheld and
"Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% MORE of their customers.“ Frederick F. Reicheld and W. Earl Sasser,

20 The best way to eliminate an to turn him into a friend.”
-Abraham Lincoln  Handling complaints/making lemonade out of lemons Turning potential assassins into raving fans/advocates

21 Joe O Handling complaints: 1975 1
Joe O Handling complaints: 1975    1. Don't give the job to anyone not named O'Malia 2. Don't give job to anyone who can't handle the problem. 3. YOU keep the job as long as possible ( ) 4. Goal: 2 compliments to 1 complaint. Turned out to be 3 to 1! 5. Return all calls UNBELIEVABLY FAST! 6. Don't take it personally. 7. LISTEN! Let them vent. 8. Ask appropriate questions. 9. EMPATHIZE! 10. Follow up. ALL THE WAY! 11. Remember it's an OPPORTUNITY to make lemonade out of lemons!

22 A quote worth remembering and repeating: “Reputations are built by CUSTOMER ADVOCACY and advocates are created ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME!” -SATISFACTION, p. 48 

23 The customer Service Hall of Shame  Sprint 40% Bank of America  30% AT&T 29% Citibank 26% Wal Mart 24% Verizon 23% Wells Fargo 22% Direct TV 21%  30% Banks; 30% Cable TV; 30% Phones: 10% Retail

24 Top 5 Reasons behind Advocacy & Assassin Stories: Advocacy Story: 1
Top 5 Reasons behind Advocacy & Assassin Stories: Advocacy Story: 1. Above & Beyond Service 47% 2. Long term Act (short term loss) 27% 3. Courteous/ Empathetic 18% 4. Great Product/ Service/ Quality 11% 5. Low Price 9% Assassin Story: 1. Poor Product Quality 20% 2. Unwilling to Fix 19% 3. Disinterested Service 17% 4. Rude 16% 5. Short Term Thinking 11%

25 one of the business heroes
“…they know that there is no such thing as a lousy job - only lousy men who don’t care to do it.” -Ellis Wyatt, one of the business heroes Pg. 661

26 "Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”
-Reverend Martin Luther King

27 "I don't sit at cab stands any more. I BOOK APPOINTMENTS
"I don't sit at cab stands any more... I BOOK APPOINTMENTS!” -Dennis the Cabbie from RAVING FANS.

28 Customer Service Experience
The Danny O’Malia Customer Service Experience Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me! Phone: (317)

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