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@mequoda 1 Forecasting the Future Master the Art of Proxy Metric Modeling.

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1 @mequoda 1 Forecasting the Future Master the Art of Proxy Metric Modeling

2 @mequoda 2 Why Do We Need Business Plans? Exploration Documentation Capitalization

3 @mequoda 3 Exploration

4 @mequoda 4 Documentation

5 @mequoda 5 Capitalization

6 @mequoda 6 Digital Strategy Model 5.0 Beta

7 @mequoda 7 Executive Summary

8 @mequoda 8 Online Summary

9 @mequoda 9 Magazine Summary

10 @mequoda 10 Digital Retail Summary

11 @mequoda 11 Overhead Summary

12 @mequoda 12 Executive Summary

13 Strategic Business Plan Management Team Audience Profile Revenue Mix Marketing Strategy Website Design Infrastructure Plan Five-Year Forecast

14 Management Team

15 Organizational Structure Staff Biographies Job Descriptions

16 Organizational Strategy

17 CEO & Founder Rose Harper – CEO & Founder Created Hidden Gardens in 1995 Created Gardens Daily in 2001 Lifelong master gardener Author of 12 best-selling gardening books Experienced publishing executive

18 Chief Content Officer John Ashby – CCO Editor of Hidden Gardens in 2005 Experienced book editor Former Director American Horticultural Society Award-winning gardener MBA/JD Harvard University

19 Chief Marketing Officer Robert Caswell – CMO Responsible for all print and online marketing Hired in 2011 Former Group Publisher with Readers Digest Award-winning gardener MBA/JD Harvard University

20 Chief Financial Officer Trevor Wells – CFO Responsible for all finance, operations and production Hired in 2010 Former group controller with Meredith Corporation Award-winning amateur photographer MBA Wharton

21 Chief Technology Officer Jane Doe – CTO Pending hire 2012 Currently CTO for successful special-interest publisher Experienced online system manager Deep network of freelance and vendor resources Avid amateur gardener MBA Wharton

22 Audience Profile

23 Market Size Demographics Spending Power

24 Americas #1 Hobby

25 Target Reader Profile –55 and older –college graduate –married –$75,000 household income –living in the South –no children at home [Source: w&id=2989] w&id=2989

26 Population is Aging In 2020, 45-84 year old adults will number 131M Up 41% Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2004

27 Trends Gardening is Americas #1 hobby [Source:] $28 billion in retail sales in 2010 $363 per household spent in 2010 on do-it- yourself lawn and garden activities [Source:]

28 Revenue Mix

29 User Revenue Sponsor Revenue

30 Product Sales Mix Legacy Product = Magazine Expansion Products = Books, Videos, Digital Magazine & Live Events

31 Sponsorship Strategy

32 Year 5 Revenue Mix

33 Marketing Strategy

34 Branding Traffic Engagement

35 Gardens Daily Brand Wheel

36 Gardens Daily Media Pyramid PREMIUM CONTENT EMAIL & SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE 305K 743K 8.4M

37 Gardens Daily Market Clusters

38 Affinity Content Calendar

39 Year 5 Website Visitor Mix

40 Magazine Circulation Mix

41 Website Design

42 Open Content User Community Product Sales Subscription Sales Event Sales

43 Gardens Daily Blog

44 Gardens Daily Community

45 Gardens Daily Shop

46 Gardens Daily Magazine

47 Gardens Daily Events

48 Infrastructure Plan

49 Software Hardware ASP Partners Affinity Partners Newsstand Partners

50 Software Open Source 100% GPL Code WP Compatible Fully Portable

51 Hardware 24/7 Data Center Management Cloud Hosting On-Demand Scaling Predictable Costs

52 ASP Partners

53 Affinity Partners

54 Newsstand Partners

55 Five-Year Forecast

56 Audience Growth Revenue Growth Profit Growth

57 Audience Growth

58 Revenue Growth

59 Profit Growth

60 Investment Opportunity

61 Cash Requirements Terminal Value Funding Sources

62 Cash Requirements $1 Million

63 Terminal Value

64 Funding Sources Operating Cash Flow Debt Financing Enterprise Equity

65 @mequoda 65 Don Nicholas Chief Executive Officer Mequoda Group, LLC (508) 358-9689 Kim Mateus Chief Content Officer Mequoda Group, LLC (571) 313-8779 Thank You

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