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Effective Facebook Marketing

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1 Effective Facebook Marketing
Facebook ABC’s Effective Facebook Marketing

2 Introduction Why do you want to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook? Simple, it’s the biggest, not only in numbers of users, but more importantly to you, in the length of time Facebook members spend on the website. True, Facebook was designed mostly as a way to interact with your friends; however it has developed into something much bigger over time. Over time you now have a number of great opportunities to tap into new markets and new prospects around the globe.

3 Vision: I’d like to take a few moments and share with you some of the vision of where I see Facebook going and the impact it has had on my life. I was one of those people who came to Facebook not real excited about getting into the whole Social Media craze. It did not take me long to become a “True Fan” of Facebook and see the potential it has. I was a small business owner who spent much of my time at various networking events around Las Vegas and that once I came to Facebook I found that my life became easier as I found that I now had a tool that made interacting with a good number of my business contacts, from different groups, all in one place. As time went by and I received some coaching from one of my mentors I started seeing part of the vision for my future, the desire to get in a RV and start traveling the country. It was from that vision of my future that I made the decision to really begin to focus in on internet marketing as a profession, not just a hobby.

4 Focus: Internet marketing as a whole is a pretty big subject and it was not until I really started to get focused on just the Facebook side of things that I started seeing some real positive results. As it is for any area of life the more scattered we get the harder it is to get the results we are looking for. Let me ask you a question…What are you hoping to achieve through your online marketing?

5 Commitment: Once we know what we are looking to achieve, be it more exposure or more sales then we can devise a strategy to make it happen. Now here is the reality of online marketing...You are going to have to make a real commitment if you want to get your results. That commitment can come in the form of knowledge and training on how to be effective, such as what you are doing today. It can come in the form of a time commitment in performing the daily task of Social Media. It can also come in the form of a financial commitment, to pay for the tools and help necessary to achieve your goals. Most likely it will be a combination of all of the above.

6 No Guarantees Let me ask you this…If I could guarantee you that your sales would go up by at least $25,000 over the next year if you would just invest 5 hours a week and $1,000 a month towards your online marketing? I hope you said yes, as you would have made a 26% return on that investment  NOW, can I really give you that guarantee? No, I can’t, however it is more than possible that you could make even more than that with that same investment in time and money. Like any business decision you are going to have to look at the risks and the rewards before you commit your resources to any major marketing plan, which is really what your social Media Marketing really is, it’s a part of your plan for your business success!

7 Ask yourself this Question?
What you are really going to have to ask yourself before you go much further with your online marketing is: Are you committed to getting the results (goals) you desire over the long haul and are willing to do what it will take to achieve those goals. The results are more than available, however unless you are going to be willing to make them happen, they won’t!

8 Facebook Personal Profile

9 For most people your Personal Facebook profile is where you are going to spend the most of your time on Facebook. I like to look at your Personal profile on Facebook as where you can let your people go to get the chance to know you. It is for developing relationships and keeping your face in front of people. . How many times have you had a prospect you have been working on for some amount of time and never closed a deal with them, until you found out you had something in common with them and then the relationship changed; which allowed you to close the deal with them? That is part of the power of Facebook; it lets you share your interest with others until they are comfortable with you before they are going to be willing to approach you about your business. Did you get that last point? They Approach you about your business!!! That’s what we are all looking to achieve!

10 It Works! Here is something that just happened to me recently. I was part of a networking group with someone for about a year and then I left the group and started working on my internet marketing business. We were still friends on Facebook so she saw what I was posting regularly in regards to Marketing and Social Media. As her business changed and she saw the value of how Social Media could help them expand their business she reached out to me to show her what I could do to start implementing a Social Media Marketing plan for their business. This is what we are looking for, a potential client that has a need that we can fulfill for them. To her I was now the Social Media Expert that she was turning to solve her problem about not knowing what to do or how to do it.

11 Keep Personal Profile Personal!
A personal profile on Facebook is a personal page first and business resources second, keep it that way. How many of you have had “Facebook Friends” involved in a MLM that constantly are sharing links and inviting you to their next presentation…EVERY WEEK or MORE? It gets annoying YES? Or the business that wants you as a friend for “Preferred Public Relations” and you do not even know WHO the person is and they never share anything personal? “Unfriending” is a good thing in these instances. Granted, most of the time they are doing it out of ignorance, they don’t know what they are doing, but not always. Sometimes it is just pure laziness.

12 Accept this and Enjoy! The first thing you want to accept is that some of your “Facebook Friends” are just that, Friends who will NEVER use your products or services. However asked in the right way they can still be a tremendous source of referrals to you, so treat them right, because you never know who they know.

13 Using Your Personal Profile for Business Purposes
So how can you effectively use your personal page to share what you do professionally? And how can you do it in an acceptable way? The first place you want to start is in your Profile. You want to take advantage of the number of ways you can self promote yourself through your profile. I know that when I get friend requests I will typically look over the person’s profile before accepting the request if they are not someone I know closely. I have links to my Fan Page 4 at least times in my work history. The most important place in the profile being the “Employer” field of your work history. Too many people have never taken the time to update this field to link direct to their Fan Page and instead it goes to a Facebook created page with no content about your business.

14 Set Up Tasks Task # 1 Edit your profile to bring it current and add in more details. From the Profile Tab, click on Edit Profile Button and then you can edit the 10 tabs on the left hand side of the Page. Take your time; you do not need to do them all at once.

15 Adding your Fan Page to Your Personal Profile Work History
This is one of the most Critical Steps you will take to improving your Personal Profile. Linking to Your Company’s Facebook Page: If you find that the link to your employer or business that Facebook is displaying on your profile is going to a generic page rather than to your company’s own Facebook page, simply click “Edit Profile” to the right of your name, then “Education and Work” from the menu to the left. Delete your current company by clicking the “x” to the right of its name. Then in the Employer box, type in the name of your company exactly as it appears as the name of your company’s Facebook page. Click “Add [company name]” in the dropdown, and you should find that the name is now a link to your company’s page. Complete the rest of the information and save.

16 Task # 2 Edit your notifications settings
Click on the Account Tab on the upper right corner of your Profile. Click on the Account Setting from the drop down that appears. Click the Notification Tab that appears. From here you can go through the list and make changes to how and when you will receive the various notifications from Facebook; both through and text messages.

17 Friend Lists A good thing to do is to take the time to sort your Friends into Lists. Separating your Friends into different lists will make it easier to know who your Friends are and which of them are also business connections that you are going to want top work on to move them to your Page.

18 Task # 3 Create at least two Friend Lists (Personal & Business contacts) or more and segment them into different categories of “Friends” Click on the Profile Tab Click on the Friends Tab Click on the Edit Friends Button Select Create a List Enter the Name for the Friend List Begin selecting Friends to add to your new List

19 Asking your Friends for Support
Ask for Support! What I have found to be successful in getting people from my personal profile to my Fan Page is to ask them for a few minutes of their time in a direct Facebook message. Take the time to write up a nice message asking them for their support on visiting your new Page (or old one) and to share the Page with their Friends. You are going to want to include the URL so that it is easy for them to just click on the link that will appear to take them directly to your Page.

20 Task # 4 Create an “Asking for Support Letter” (save in Word or other text editor for future use) and send it out to at least 10 friends (max 20 at a time.) Send out the letter. You are going to want to do this process regularly. Please see the next slide for an example of a letter I send out.

21 Sample “Asking for Support Message”
I am looking for your support and would like about 5 minutes of your time (I am sending them to watch a video on my Page) to help me let people know about my new Facebook Business Page. If you could please visit my Page I would appreciate it very much. When you follow the link below you will be directed to “Like” the Page at the Top of the Page. Can you please watch the Video that you see as it will explain what my Business is about. After watch the video would you please Share my Page with your Friends. There is a “Share” button on the bottom right side below the video. You can use this share feature to let your Friends know what my Page is about. This will be a big help to me in growing my business in the future. Please do me this favor and let me know if you’d like me to do this for you also. *Be sure to use the attach Link before you send the message as it will allow you to send the link with the profile picture from your Page making it easier for people to visit your Page.

22 Content is King The content you share is going to determine how much people pay attention to your posts. Mix it up as much as possible, especially on your personal profile. I love receiving inspirational quotes throughout the day, however if that is ALL I ever get from someone, eventually I will tune out to that person. I prefer to know the person behind the post. I share a number of articles from some of the different blogs I am subscribed to that are related to internet marketing. It allows me to share high quality information while at the same time it still lets people know about what I do, without having to be self serving by only promoting my own products and services all the time.

23 More about Content . I find I will get more interactions when sharing picture and video content, versus text alone. I find the more varied your content is the more you allow people to get to know you and what you are about. The more people know you, the more likely they will be to interact with your content, both as an individual and as your business. Take time to have fun with your Friends online and show them you are not all about business. I recently went to a fun event here in Las Vegas and took plenty of pictures and videos of the event and shared them with the people who participated and received a lot of attention. That type of exposure was something I had not done often, so I feel it went a long way towards self promoting me in a way that talking about myself would not have been nearly as effective.

24 Task # 5 Join at least 10 blog feeds that will be sent to your Personal and Business Page (Networked Blogs Application on FB) so that sharing content is easy for you. (just share as good posts come to your feed)

25 Task # 6 Upload new Picture and Videos Content to both your Personal and Business Profiles on a regular basis and TAG your Friends to let them know about it. Learn how to TAG and Highlight (with links) to Friends and Pages. (they will typically receive Notification Messages that they have been Tagged)

26 Facebook as a Follow Up tool
Another great way that I have begun using Facebook for is as my new “Follow Up Tool.” Now when I go to networking events or meet new people the first place that I go to start my follow up process is on Facebook. I will add the new person as a new Friend request with a quick personal message about the event. I find this highly effective as a way to keep my name and my business in front of these contacts in ways I could never have done in the past.

27 Task # 7 Go through your business cards (or phone contacts) and send out friend requests those people.

28 Task # 8 (recurring often)
Send out at least 2 personal messages to your business contacts and share the link to your Page with them. This is going to be a recurring task you will be doing on a regular basis.

29 Sending Personal Messages
Sending personal message via Facebook is another way that you can get Friends to covert to your Fan Page. I know that personally I will interact with a message sent to me in more detail than a wall post. In addition I am more likely to see the message that comes to my inbox than to my wall. Plus when you send a message you can go into more depth on the subject while at the same time you can add links, pictures and videos to really showcase what you are sharing with them. This is similar to the “asking for support” messages, although you can add this in your replies to messages that are sent to you.

30 Task # 9 Contact at least 5 friends on FB and personally invite them to visit and share your Fan Page (use link for ease). This can be a more informal message than the “Ask for Support” messages. This will be a regular recurring Task!

31 Groups Creating a group can be another way you can deepen relations between your Friends and use the group as a way to convert group members into Fans for your Page. The first thing I will say about groups is be careful who you add (as you are able to add people to your group without their permission) so that you do not come across as spamming them when they get entered in the group and they start receiving not only your messages, but messages from others in the group also, especially if it is a very active group.

32 Task # 10 Request to join 3 groups related to your business or other social group you belong to. You can do searches that will show some of the groups related to most any topic. If your put “Group” in the search you will find the groups you can join easier.

33 Task # 11 Post messages with link to your Page in the groups you join.
Get involved with the groups you join and when you post; include the link to your Page. You do not want to do this more than once a week (or less) so that you are not being seen as a spammer. This is still a way to get the link to your Page seen by a larger number of people.

34 Task # 12 Create and Manage your own group for Personal or Business.
You may want to consider creating your own group that will attract people that may be willing to use your product or services. I created the group Social Media Network recently as a way that others interested in Social Media on Facebook would have a place to be able to support each other in growing their Social Media. Please feel free to ask to join the group.

35 Using the Chat Function
I like to use the chat function as a way to get to know others I may not have met in person or even those I know better. As a means of getting in front of people chat is a good way. It is personal and very direct. You can send links to your Page through the chat function make it easy for your Friend to just click to view your Page. Being they are live with you there is a better chance that they will actually go to your Page and “Like” it than through other means.

36 Task # 13 Initiate chat request with 2 “Friends” that you do not know personally and establish a connection with them. This is another recurring task you will want to do on a regular basis. It is a good way to develop stronger online relations with people and it is easier to invite them to check out your Page when chatting with them (you can send the link in your messages with them)

37 Question & Answer Session
Do you have any questions you would like to ask me over what we have covered so far under this first section covering your Facebook Personal Profile?

38 Facebook Business Pages

39 Facebook Page - Goal Before you even begin to create your Facebook you are going to want to decide what your goal is going to be of your Page. For most small business owners I think we are all looking at how to use our online marketing and Facebook to generate new income streams into our business. Personally I know that by increasing my income it will allow me to have the FREEDOM! I desire for my life. This FREEDOM! will in turn let me pursue more of my life’s desires and let me be able to contribute more to my communities in ways that I may not have been able to in the past.

40 Creating a New Page There are two quick ways to create a Facebook Page. The first if you go to the bottom of your personal profile you will see a link to Advertising. From there it will take you through the process of creating your Page. The other way you can get started creating a Page is when you visit someone else’s Page on the left sidebar at the bottom there is also a link that you can use to Create your Page.

41 Facebook is the Hub for ALL your Social Media
To me, Facebook is the hub of all your Social Media activities and as such, your Fan Page is going to be the centerpiece for everything you do online. That is not to say that your website is going to be obsolete in the future, although it may. I feel that your website is going to be a storehouse for all your content and where you will send people so that they will be able to purchase your products and services. What Facebook will do for you is to have a great place for you to interact with people interested in what you do and to give them a place to go in order to get to know your business.

42 Facebook Page - Social Media
To me, Facebook is going to be the hub of all your Social Media activities and as such, your Fan Page is going to be the centerpiece of everything you do online. That is not to say that your website is going to be obsolete in the future, although it may. I feel that your website is going to be a storehouse for all your content and where you send people to be able to purchase your products and services. What Facebook will do for you is have a great place for you to interact with people interested in what you do and to give them a place to get to know your business.

43 Facebook Page - Applications
There are a number of ways you can really start taking advantage of all that can be done with Facebook Pages. It used to be you had only one Page to really get out all your content through and your Page Wall. Now you can add as many new tabs as you want. There have been a number of recent changes that have converted the format for these Pages. What I’m real excited about once I found them are the Facebook Page Applications. Now you can add Applications for most anything you want to your Page. You can bring all your other Social Media accounts (Twitter/YouTube/Blog/LinkedIn) right to your Page.

44 More on Applications You can also use Applications to give away things as a way to get people to Like your Page. Have a Power Point Presentation you want to share, you can do that. Let’s not forget, how about a Store! Many people have been looking for ways to convert their Facebook Pages into cash. Now it can be done. My suggestion here is not to try and sell big products, just look to get people from Fans to paying clients and you can do this with Applications. Please feel free to ask me about how to use these applications to drive traffic and generate cash.

45 Facebook Page – Custom Profile Image
Creating a custom Facebook Profile Image is one of the first places you can go to start creating a Fan Page Experience that is unique to you. You can add an image 180X540 pixels which in itself will make you stand out from most other Pages. In this case, size counts; take advantage of the entire space Facebook allows you.

46 Facebook Page – Info Tab
One of the first places I turn to when I visit a Fan page is the info tab. This is where visitors will go in order to get information about your Page. You are going to want to share information about your business here…in great detail. You do not have to go into great length to get your point across about what you do, however you can share the most important details, including links to your website or other important locations (such as a sales landing page) that will lead people to other places you want direct them to.

47 Link your Personal Profile to your Page
I spoke about it earlier, however I wanted to remind you to be sure that your personal profile is linked directly to your Fan Page. This is a great way to get your Friends to come visit your Page. I know I click on these links many times a day and it’s a wonder of how many of them go to the generic Facebook created Page.

48 Facebook Page – Vanity URL
One of your first goals for your Page is to get 25 Fans. When you reach this 25 Fans goal on your Page you are then able to create your vanity URL for your Page. This is a web address for example is the vanity URL for my Page. This is important as you are going to want to use this URL to help promote your Page. It is much shorter than the original URL Facebook creates for you, especially if you have a long Page name.

49 Task # 14 Create you basic Fan page if you haven’t already.
When you go to your profile, at the very bottom is a Link for Advertising, click on that link to begin the process of creating your Page. From the deepen your Relationship box, click on the Facebook Page Link. Next, click on the green Create Page Button. Click on one of the 6 Choice for type of Page and then complete the form that will come up. Choose Category, Company Name and agree to Facebook Terms and then the Get Started Button.

50 Task # 15 After you reach 25 Fans you will want to create your Vanity URL. Go to your Page and click on the Edit Page Button. Look for the link create a username for this page? Link and click on it. Select the Page you want to change the username for. A box will appear for you to type the desired name Page name into. Type in the name you would like. *Warning* Be very careful of spelling and that you have exactly what you want as you cannot change the name once it is created without deleting the Page and starting over.

51 Task # 16 Edit your Info Tab
From your Page, click on the Edit Page Tab (Upper Right Corner) The Default Landing Tab is where you get to direct first time visitors to your Page to. You will want to set this to a tab where you have content Specific to your business with custom graphics directing people to “Like” your Page. If you have applications installed on your Page, you can direct your visitors to a specific Application (Tab) of your choosing. You do not want the Wall to be your default landing tab as your chance of getting people to like your Page will decrease.

52 Task # 17 Upload photos and videos
Add a number of Photographs (at least 5) direct from your Computer. These images will appear at the top of your Page. You will want to carefully select these Photos as they are going to be what is seen by your Fans when they visit your Page. You may also want to upload at least one video that can be viewed from your Page. This will be a video you have control over, not one that is on youTube.

53 Task # 18 Add Applications to your Page for added Functionality and a better Experience for your Fans. There are a number of Applications you can add to your Page to add functionality to it. There are Free and Paid Applications you can add. I would be happy to show you some of the ones I can add to your Page. Just contact me and I will walk you through some of them on my Page.

54 Task # 19 “Like” a number of related Business Pages/Personal Development/Business Development as your Fan Page. (These will give you content or ideas for your own content that you can use later) and at the same time provide fresh content to your Page that your Fans can view.

55 Task # 20 Add a Facebook Like button to your website to allow visitors to your Website to Like your Page directly from your Website. Click on the Edit Page Button. Click on Marketing Tab. Click Add a Like button to your Website. Click the Get Code Button (you can use default settings) Copy the Code to your Website (see your web developer if you do not know how to do this.)

56 Task # 21 Suggest to Friends
This is the feature that allows you to share your Page with your Friends on Facebook. I suggest not using this feature until you have your Page built out and ready for visitors. You can use this by clicking on the suggest to friends link on the upper right side (under admins.) You can only suggest to friends you have not used this on before. Just select the friends you want to send the invitation to from the pictures that come up.

57 Task # 22 Updates to Fans (acts like a message)
Similar to Messages you send out through your Personal Profile, Updates can be sent to your Fans. Go to Edit Page Button. Click on the Marketing Tab on the left side. Click on Updates from the screen that comes up. Send message as you normally would, including Subject, Message and Link (insert the link to your Page or other destination) if needed.

58 Task # 23 Set up your Email signature file with the link to your Page.
You are going to want to attach the link to your Page in ALL your programs. Signature files go at the bottom of all s you send out. This is a great way to be able to share your Page. Call attention to it so it is not missed.

59 Task # 24 Set up auto-posting from your blog to Facebook, both personal and profile (Hootsuite or other Blog Plug Ins) There are a number of ways that you can set it up so that when ever you create a blog post on your Blog that it automatically is sent to your Page. This is one of the ways that you will now be able to connect your Page and your Blog together. The way it works with the application I use is only the first part of the new Blog Post shows up on my Page. This means if they want to read the entire article they must go back to my blog to read it.

60 Facebook Page – Welcome Tab
Your Welcome Tab is probably the most critical piece of your entire Fan Page. It all comes down to first impressions. You want to make sure that whatever you are using for your landing page is going to give people a feel for what your Business (and Page) is about. The first thing you want to make sure that your Page contains is that it has at least one call to action asking people to “Like” your Page. This is where I love the applications that I use, so that your Page doesn’t try and do too many things at once. With applications, you are only trying do one task with each Application. You are going to want to take time with creating this image as it is such a big key to the success of your Page.

61 Task # 25 Create your Custom Welcome Tab
You are able to create a custom Profile Image for your Page of up to 180 X 540 Pixels. This is a fairly large picture that you can use to give more information about your Page. It will help set yourself apart from most other Pages that only have a stand sized image. You are going to want to have this professionally designed for you to give it the best appearance possible.

62 Promoting your Page There are a number of ways you can go about promoting your Page once you have it created. I covered most of these earlier; however there are some specific ways you can promote your page. The first is going to be asking for support from the people on your personal profile. On your Page there is a Suggest to Friends link that will let you target specific friends from a drop down list. This will then send a recommendation to everyone you selected asking them to Like your Page. The system will only let you suggest your Page one time to each person; it will block you from resending the invite out multiple times.

63 Task # 26 Ask for support (Use the letter from Task #4 above)

64 Task # 27 Suggest to Friends, this will be an ongoing process as you add new friends. This is the same as #21 Above. You are just going to do this regularly as you add more Friends.

65 Task # 28 Share Messages/Photos/Video Content
This is where you are going to be interacting with your Fans on a regular basis. You are going to want to share a different type of content so you are not always sharing the same thing. I know I get bored if I only get information in one form. Mix it up as much as possible. Share the messages you get to your Friends and Fans.

66 Task # 29 Have Friends/Page Owners share your Page Link with a message to their Friends and Fans and even lists if possible. This is a very important Task, as this is how you will get exposure to the people you do not already know. Who are you Friends that have large numbers of Friends on their Personal and Business Profiles? Ask them for support in sharing your Page.

67 Task # 30 Create a Poll, to get feedback
There are various applications you can add to your Personal or Business Pages that let you ask questions of your Friends and Fans. These are helpful in generating interaction and gain information about what they would like to see on your Page.

68 Task # 31 Use your other Social Media Accounts to Promote your Facebook Page Share the Link to your Page from all your other Social Media Accounts. This will allow you to increase your Fan Base from the other networks you engage on. You will also want to use your Facebook Friends and Fans to grow your other Networks also.

69 Task # 32 Create a Facebook Ad to drive traffic to your Page.
I am not going to go into detail how to set up your Facebook Ad at this point. I will cover this area in a later training. I did want to cover the basics here. That ads can be very selective in who sees them (demographics.) You can set up a daily or monthly cap on how much you are willing to spend on your Ads.

70 Task # 33 Add your Facebook Page information on your Offline Marketing Materials You are going to want to add your Page link to any new offline marketing materials you create letting people know about your Page.

71 Task # 34 Create Offers and Promotions for your Facebook Fans that are not available to non-Fans as an incentive for People becoming your Fans.

72 Facebook Pages - Conclusion
Creating regular and informative content to share to your Facebook community is going to be an ongoing and important aspect of your marketing plan. Engagement with your Friends and Fans on Facebook can be used to drive up brand recognition and sales for your business. It will take a commitment of your resources, both time and money to be effective. The long term results you can achieve will set you apart from your competition and allow you to expand your markets into a global online business, even for what may be traditionally a small local business.

73 Facebook Pages – Q & A This wraps up this section on Facebook Fan Pages. Does anyone have any specific questions on the information we have covered here so far?

74 Social Media Calendar The tasks that I have covered here are going to be used in conjunction with the Social Media Calendar that I have been working on. This Calendar will give you a daily list of tasks that you can do to keep up on your Various Social Media Activities throughout the week/month.

75 Facebook XYZ’s to come

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