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Local SEO & Google Places Twitter: MakePageOne 512-761-7525.

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1 Local SEO & Google Places Twitter: MakePageOne 512-761-7525

2 Why Are You Here? You Want More Business… Right?

3 When you think Web Marketing You have to think in the same way as you do ANY other marketing!

4 So… Your Site Needs To SELL You & Your Stuff. Does your website SELL? Or is it more of a digital company brochure?

5 This is why SEO and Marketing go hand in hand… BECAUSE…

6 In order for your site to sell anything, it has to get found first! So heres some Stupid Simple Stuff To help you do that.

7 Some Quick Organic SEO Basics Finding the right keywords (Traffic, Relevance, Competition) 75% of SEO is Off Page Optimization (25% on page) Building Links is everything

8 Example of ONPAGE Optimization Title Tag, Meta Keywords & Meta Description

9 Microsoft says 53% of Mobile Searches on Bing have a Local Intent Heres What Off Page Optimization is for:

10 SEO isnt going away, its just changing and we have to adapt If They Arent Finding You, Who Do They Find?

11 Organic = Links Local = Citations (local links)

12 Local Listing Set Up

13 Google Places

14 1. Click on Add Business

15 2. Enter your business & fill out everything

16 Choose relevant Categories (ones you want to rank for)

17 Add Photos, Videos, & Coupon (fill out completely)

18 Verify Business So important to do this Can verify via Phone or Postcard (Phone is instant)

19 Optimize Your Local Listing = On Page

20 Search Engines need to get information from trusted sources

21 Here are places to get Free Local Listings aspx * * *

22 Things to remember

23 Citations!! The more you have the more you will DOMINATE Eg.

24 The ONLY thing done was LOCAL Listings

25 Make sure you target the right categories

26 Get customer reviews (do it right)

27 Make sure you have FULL address

28 Address at the center of the city

29 What has a Negative impact on Local Listings?

30 Negative Ranking Factors Multiple local business listings (duplicates) Use of a PO Box Use of 800 #


32 Action Steps Set up & Claim Local listing (Google Places) Submit to local business directories (citations) Ask for Reviews (on Google & Yelp) - Make sure theyre honest reviews

33 Q & A

34 The Ranking Triad The core of Googles algorithm is made up of three primary variables. They are:

35 1. Content (keywords, domain name, tags, etc.) SEO Basic Principles – simply understanding key factors and then doing them well.

36 2. Links (inbound, outbound, authority, etc.) Linking Strategies - I'll show you how to do it properly.

37 3. Activity (traffic, RSS subscriptions, comments, updates, etc.)

38 The Root Of All SEO… ?


40 The KEY to getting the right kind of traffic is finding the RIGHT keywords

41 Pick Your Keywords

42 Targeted Keywords (specific)

43 Focus

44 Advantage

45 Tools

46 Google Search Bar

47 Check for Competition

48 This seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through for rankings. Is it worth it?

49 Natural is better than PPC

50 Even way down the page

51 Assignment Check out what people are looking for in your niche Check out the competition for those keywords Go to to learn some more before the next Meetup

52 Special Offer Google Places Setup & Optimization Local Business Directory Mass Submission _______ $750

53 Special Offer (option 2) Google Places Setup & Optimization Local Business Directory Mass Submission Organic SEO Pro Package _______ $1500

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