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The world is connected by ENERGY, FINANCE, INFORMATION Exploration Offshore Rotary Coil Information Finance Opportunity.

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1 The world is connected by ENERGY, FINANCE, INFORMATION Exploration Offshore Rotary Coil Information Finance Opportunity




5 Tullii LLC


7 Create Single iClub Entity for you We take groups of 10, 20 or more people who want an iClub and we partner with them. iClub We create iClub Trading Accounts We Handle Payment We offer tech support Example: CrOblet iClub LLC Example: Ameritrade #1235467 Example: member fees Example: 1-800-Croblet

8 Membership Platform Payment Systems Summarize Industry Projects, Activity Information iClub, Brokerage, Accounting, Tax, Online, Technologies We pull together the puzzle. For one yearly fee. Access Functions Services Data First hand Knowledge, Access to Opportunity

9 Q-trade Investment Club Account Data on Asia CASH Asian Data Trade in Canada Trade in USA Investment Club Account Goodwill Account Branded iClubs Online Payment Platform WHAT DO WE OFFER MEMBERS FUTURE 3% Interest Tullii LLC

10 Buy a Single Share

11 Members pay online iClub Members Earn upto 3% on CASH iClub Members have account in Canada iClub Members have account in USA Members get login to 2 sites Members share in investment club account assets. Members can vote. 3 Online Meetings per year. Add/Withdraw anytime of year.

12 Tullii Capital Partnership. An LLC in USA, and LTD Company in Canada. PRIVATE Has Interest Bearing Accounts in 4 Countries. Has Trading Accounts in 2 Countries. Has current connections in Iraq, Dubai that is going to be a big deal in next 3 years. Has Security Agreements over Intellectual Capital in USA/Canada. Trademarks and other goodwill.

13 Tullii Capital Partnership We exchange cash [or] a class of shares for certain knowledge from [experts] that we use to make informed decisions to acquire things of value which we expect to offer nice returns. We aim to keep this at 6-10% of class E shares We reduce risk by using a Model for basing all decisions or appraisals before we enter into market. We sift the opportunities and identify the problems and opportunities using the model.

14 SHARES Tullii Capital Partnership. SHARES Tullii Ltd, Canada Tullii LLC, USA owns 50% of Tulli Ltd, Canada Tullii Ltd, Canada owns 50 of Tullii LLC, USA Tullii LLC, USA Q-trade Account 3% Kiwi Account 3% Westpac Account TD Ameritrade Non-Equity Tangibles, Coins, Books, Art, Wine High Stakes Grub Stakes Syndicate Example: $1 Tullii Share gets you: Private Access to: Accounts of 2% Interest A Stake in our Grubstakes A Stake in our new Model A network of people Interesting Information A stake in some; Rare Books Rare Coins Rare Stamps Rare Wine Rare Horses Rare Artwork Opportunities from around the globe. USA Canada

15 Ian Fleming

16 USA Invests 15% Overseas to earn Higher Interest, uses this interest to offset the risk taken in the high risk Grubstakes Syndicate Model back in Canada. Canada 20% Non-Liquid Equity in Inventory WHAT IS TULLII?, WHAT DO THEY DO WITH $1? Invests 10% in select securities via a low cost method in USA Invests 15% in Mining and Resource plays that are too risky for one time purchasers, get a bundle of great prospects for one price. Acquires select rare coins for long term 5-10 year resale using proven methods. Acquires rare books, stamps, wine and or Tangible assets that are not tied to the stock market in any way but store Value. Invests 2% in perpetual loans to KIVA to be repaid within 6 months. Do this to help others. Invests 15% in Oil Technology Invests 6% in Canada GICs Hold around 6% in Cash Reserve

17 Rare Stamps Only Highly Liquid Only Graded Ones Rare Books First Editions Low print runs Famous Signatures Rare Wines Mature Recognizable Brand

18 We only buy highly sought after, easy to sell, rare coins. Graded. Well known. Easy to sell. We buy some artifacts, if they fit the decision matrix and if the price is no brainer. BOOKS that are rare in print That are easily re-saleable Arrowheads or Artifacts that are graded, museum saleable Silver Coins Famous Mints

19 LOW RISK 2% Held 6 Months LOW RISK 15% Held 1 Year MODERATE 10%-20% MODERATE 10%-20% MODERATE 20% Holder Inventory RISK 5% HIGH RISK 15% Traded Kiva LoansKiwiBank 3%Common Sense NasdaqNon-Equity Tangibles NasdaqGrubstakes Syndicate RepaidWestpac 3%SelectedDividendsRare CoinsVSE, TSXVolatile GoodwillCurrency 1%TurnoverNo DebtRare BooksBrandsWarrants LANC,PNRACTSH,CARare WineHNZ,MCDQuick Move FAST,SRCLJNJ,KORare HorsesKO, AREVATARSF Rare Stamp Expected Gain = (Potential Reward) x (Risk Taken) – (Cost of Risk Taken) Low or No Risk (Green) Moderate Risk (Black) Highest Risk Taken (Red) We try to reduce the (cost of risk taken) by balancing % with the Low or No Risk side. Easy, No thinking. More challenge more intelligence Hard, Costly, Takes Time. No decisions More thinking, More planning, Most Fun, Most Work

20 Grubstakes Syndicate Seeks 100-300% The No Debts Dividends The Easy to Understand Seeks 8% Requires a Decision HOW DO WE SIFT AN OPPORTUNITY Requires Explaining GRUB PNRA LANC CTSH FAST SRCL HNZ KO JNJ MCD STMP SIFT Right Timing in Right Exit out Easy Difficult Gain= Reward x Risk taken Minus Cost of Risk High Potential Resource Plays 20% into Educated gamble With Huge Payoff Returned if Correct We Match This 20 % in High Risk With 20% in Guaranteed 3% Interest To Offset Risk

21 Small Move Creates Big Change Big Move Creates Little Change Leverage Less Risk More Risk 15% into Grubstakes 15% match into safe 3% interest account 15% into Grubstakes High Risk 15% into Safety making 3% Interest = Reward on 15% Put in pool - Expected Gain = 15% ($ into grubstake pool) less 3% guaranteed. Risk within Expected Gain is reduced by 3% using this model. Break even at 12% reward in grubs pool. Make money at 13%+ reward. Lose 1% money at 11% or less. Most Risk

22 What is a Grubstakes Syndicate ? $ $ $ MININGRARE METALOILGOLD SelectedBig NeedsOnly Proven Zones Geologically Sound Areas Prices from $0.25 to $2 $1B or bigger project High Probable Returns Near existing Discovery SHARESLynas, DNNBakkenOPTIONS WARRANTSMoly It is a Pool of Capital $ $ $ Warrants Options Stocks Cash Reserve $ Put into high potential prospect in mining, oil, resources We Take 15% of our Pooled Capital LEVERAGE Warrants/Options Uranium, Moly, or High $ per lb. industrial use 1-3 Years Timeframe Seeking 100- 300% +

23 100% 15% 9.9% Tarsis Almaden Kinross TCC Stocks KGC StockWarrant AAU Stock TCC AAU KGC 2013 KGC Warrant 2014 KGC Warrant MODEL OF TARSIS GRUBSTAKES IF TCC hits silver, gold on its 5 claims its value increases sharply plus AAU owns 15% of TCC, Plus KGC owns 9.9% of TCC, Plus KGC WARRANTS allow us to add KGC in 2013, 2014. 15% 9.9%

24 Tarsis Resources TCC TARSF 9.9% Tarsis Resources is owned By Kinross Gold KGC

25 Getting Started How we plan to get from here now, to the future. Credit CapitalValue Incoming $ from Shares $ from not paying full price, getting value Stored value, Vs. Market value We can pay you in class E Shares in exchange for 1 st hand knowledge of what you know and can prove that fits our business model. If you have what we need. We make an offer. You can redeem E Shares for inventory or wait to sell on certain dates. Specialized Skills Hard Fought Data Intellectual ideas Real World Applied Who you know When you know it Money Ability to jump on a deal or opportunity 24/7 Sometimes paid by Shares Maximum Dilution In Agreement

26 Tullii So what do you know? We pay you in class E Shares. Redeem shares as CASH or as TANGIBLES from INVENTORY Within 1 to 3 years


28 We place 50% in What the world cannot do without We place 25% in CASH We place 25% in RISK Waste Disposal FedEx, UPS Tax Preparation 3% High Interest Cash Account High Potential Stocks 1-3 year to exit Mining Infrastructure Oil Technology Power Generation Agriculture Inputs Land Trusts Sea Land Transport The Basic Model

29 High Risk Low to No Risk 8 Point Model Balanced Risk Using Decision Matrix Below %, $ in Low Risk matches High Risk SAFESTABILITYSUITABILITYLIQUIDITYTANGIBLELEVERAGEDIVERSITYPROFIT 12345678 %, $ amount Earns 3% Interest In Cash Account %, $ amount In Leveraged Risk is 3% Less Due to Interest Expected gain or EG Model. Our High Risk is 3% less risky due to Guaranteed Interest match in Low Risk 3% interest 25% 50% Stocks (Less than $100MM) Certain Warrants Selected Options Resource Plays Seasonal Plays Leveraged Trades Earns 3% Cash in $ Safe Cash Accounts Low to No Risk High Risk Blue Sector $1Billion Market Cap StocksThat fit into each of the 8 points below

30 We have ability to place the cash % in a 3% Interest Generator Model. Westpac NZ Private Agreement KiwiBank NZ Agreement Earns 3% Our Agreement Between Parties Private Inland Revenue Account# Private Agreement #1 Private Agreement #2 Earns 3.15% We earn 3% on our CASH Overseas through 2 Banks right now.

31 Specific Model Examples SAFESTABILITYSUITABILITYLIQUIDITYTANGIBLELEVERAGEDIVERSITYPROFIT 12345678 3% High Risk Prospects SLW DNN CCJ CORN POT AGU CNQ,SU CVE,HSE IMO,NXY CPG,COS PWT TCC,DVV,AAU KGC,TARSF,NZERF SRCL IFF JHTX HRB CASH + Kiva PNRA LANC AAPL HNZ JNJ KO AREVA LYNAS DRYS Seeking 100-300% in 1-3 years Seeking 7-10% in 1 year, some with 3%+ in cash dividends 3% Cash earned Offsets Risk

32 We plan to invest 10% in what every major usa/canada business needs or has to spend $ on. Through a corporate account in the USA/Canada. HEAVY HITTERS $8 Billion or greater SRCL Waste Disposal TAXES JHTX, HRB ACCOUNTING TRANSPORT FDX,UPS, GBX,CP, DRYS Common Sense Model BANKING WFC.PRJ CNQ,SU CVE,HSE IMO,NXY CPG,COS PWT WHAT MODERN WORLD CANNOT DO WITHOUT AREVA CAT POT AGU CORN CCJ GOOG

33 When you buy anything, what is Stored is the Market Value that you paid. When you sell anything, what is obtained is Market Value you are in at exact time it is sold. This is rather subjective yet = market value + instrinsic value (abstract). This is the scale we use to make our buy/sell decisions. We buy intel from people who have knowledge in selected areas using this model. We partner with experienced folks who know what they are doing. We are a PRIVATE company. We can only do what we do because we are PRIVATE. SAFETYLIQUIDITYSTABILITYTANGIBILITY Or TANGIBLES PROFIT ABILITY LEVERAGEDIVERSITYSUITABILITY CASHGOLDCORNRARE BOOKSValueCOPPERKiwibankEffective GICSILVERPOTASHRARE WINELANDURANIUMWestPacRisk Model BONDCASHFERT.RARE COINSILVERIraqTiming in 1909 S VDBOPTIONSSwiss Fr.Exiting out RARE STAMPWARRANT 2-10%15-18%15%+20%Future15% Developing TULLII SCALE FOR MAKING DECISIONS

34 What experts do we use for our so called Tangibles? Coins, Calgary Coin, V-Coins, CNG, Deamoneta Rome Auctions, Private Acquisitions Rare Books, Manuscripts, Rare Wines, Accilent Capital Management Inc. Rare Stamps, Not until 2013-14, still under review

35 AUSTRALIA Gas Oil Electricity Pipeline Otway Basin - Surat / Bowen - Cooper Basin – Bass basin

36 New Zealand Gas Oil Electricity Pipelines

37 Canada Gas,Oil, Services, Electricity, Pipelines Manufacturing Western Canada Horn River Montney Bakken

38 USA Green River Barnett Bakken

39 Technology Oil Services Equipment Trading

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