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Wholesaler Orientation. 401K Generator Wholesaler Orientation The 401K Generator is an amazing one of a kind Risk Management Educational Tool. The platform.

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1 Wholesaler Orientation

2 401K Generator Wholesaler Orientation The 401K Generator is an amazing one of a kind Risk Management Educational Tool. The platform provides a complete business in a box and tremendous opportunity for Financial Professionals to growth their business with leads and a steady lucrative revenue flow.

3 American Wealth Investing Institute: AWII and Darrel Martin the founder, created the signal and provide the platform for the program. AWII also provides all technical support American Safe Retirements An alternative investment marketing company. ASR provides all marketing and customer support for the 401K Generator. AWII is a subsidiary company of ASR Corporate Talent Resources CTR provide full time wholesaler recruiting services for AWII

4 Go to Download Sign wholesaler Agreement and fax to AWII Complete the email and demo account set up Within 24 hrs. you will receive your confirmation of username, password and email From the 401K Generator website, login to your demo account from Member login Complete all 7 modules of Training Videos Set up Affiliate website account Create a lead list of prospect within the Target Market Cold call or send canned introductory emails to prospects Set up appointment

5 Pg. 4/par. 4 - Confidentiality Pg. 5/par. 6/Sen. 7 & 10 - Using Wholesaler Link Pg. 10/par. 27 - Agent/FP Orientation and Ramp Up Pg. 10/par. 27 - Handling Commission chargeback – Monthly buyers backing out Pgs. 11-14 - Compensation Plan – how and when? Our Wholesaler Agreement covers all aspects of your expectations. Here are some important excerpts you should take particular notice of:

6 Know the product inside/out (watch all 7 training modules) Dialing for dollars – 100% commission sales Minimum quota - 12 sales a quarter Cultivate relationships with FPs FP orientation – in person or online Recommend you purchase Goto Meeting 10 MFA sales in 30 days Train FPs on the system, 7 Training Modules Assist FPs with Banner and personalized website set up Handling expenses – recommend you create a 10% T and E budget

7 Home Page Sign in Home Page 401K Generator – Your Membership Information Your Subscription Links 401K Generator Back Office (click here) 7 Training Modules Private Label Set up Resources Advertising Files Articles Presentation Files Pre Appointment Files Appointment Files Post Appointment File Flyers and other marketing materials

8 Forum - See or post questions and responses from other users Blog - Access to updated info on the product and industry Add/Delete Users - Cancel or update alerts Analyze Program - Access to the Mutual Fund Analyzer My Account - Takes you back to Your Membership Info page

9 Over 22,000 mutual funds Over 21,000 Companies prebuilt – ability to add unlimited upon request Lines up more with limitations that are part of mutual fund entry/exit restrictions Actually have an exit/bear and enter/bull signal Not optimized to a single fund but all funds at same time on SPX Index Keeps it in education realm Education realm important for reselling if not licensed to give advice Uses Diagnostic trading It focuses on the one thing that moves the market, ORDERS!

10 Smart 401K 401K Optimizer Net Signal


12 Insurance Reps Annuity Reps Financial Planners CPAs Entrepreneurs Mortgage Brokers

13 Make Business Cards Create Canned Emails Create brochures/sales kits Introductory sales video Cold Calling Seminars Trade shows Website SEO & SEM

14 Attend Chamber of Commerce Meeting Get listed with the Better Business Bureau Tell good friends, family & Associates IMO/FMOs - How to get these on board

15 Establish Wholesaler Sales Pitch (Grab attention within 30 sec) The 2 questions that will get you in the door Do your clients know what Mutual Funds their 401K is invested in? Are you able to provide a risk management plan for your clients for the next market crash? Business in a box Minimum investment, huge revenue potential Breakeven/ROI for FP (only 7 sales) Lead Generation tool - Door Opener for new clients Leveraging each sale - Referral to other financial colleagues Conduct regular training webinars with FP Importance of private sub-domain website to grow your business

16 purchase (use your link always) No money back guarantee What does the FP see once he has bought Make simple Minimum investment, huge revenue potential Pricing Structure

17 Website Forum The best way to get answers to any technical or set up issues FAQs are also available on the back office site

18 Generator Set up Full ramp-up by wholesaler - Webinar Videos Written step by step directions from Darrell Leads from ASR and other sources Existing ASR agent pool Direct sales to website (hot leads given to top producers) How do wholesalers keep FPs engaged to ensure the renewal? Continual training – ongoing webinars Create trust and relationship Future Opportunities Rep other ASR products i.e. Life Settlements, etc. Q and A Wholesalers to provide ongoing feedback to update this document Review those already on the website and where to locate them

19 Wholesaler Orientation Thank You

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