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The Dubin Group 2 Penn Center, Suite 1303 1500 JFK Boulevard

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1 The Dubin Group 2 Penn Center, Suite 1303 1500 JFK Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19102 Four Falls Corporate Center, Building 100, Suite 103 Conshohocken, PA 19428 Your Personal Dubin Consultant: Can be assigned to you based on your area of expertise

2 About The Dubin Group The Dubin Group, formed in 1998 is a boutique staffing and executive search firm specializing in temporary and direct hire placement of finance and accounting, human resources, administrative/office support, IT, legal and Executive Search. The industries we serve are wide-ranging. Areas of notable successful placements include: Manufacturing, Private Equity/Venture Capital, Financial Services & Banking, Real Estate, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Insurance, Legal Firms, Accounting Firms and Marketing/Media. The Dubin Group also offers customized Outplacement Services Packages and Candidate Employment Screening/ Software Testing, even if the candidates are found through the client’s own efforts. In addition to live seminars/ workshops, The Dubin Group also provides webinars, virtual seminars/workshops, online resources, video resumes and video conferencing. My Story and Role at The Dubin Group

3 Philosophy for Executing Job Search
1- Become a recruiter. 2- And/ or work with an exceptional agency and recruiter. Strategy should include traditional job search avenues as well as creative approaches and current technological methods, more specifically: SOCIAL MEDIA

4 What is Social Media? Online technologies and practices through which people connect, share ideas, information and experience, build relationships and offer perspective.

5 Social Media Networking/ Job Search
Build your own Social Media profile and marketing/ advertising campaign 1-Determine your target market 2-Locate yourself 3-Brand/ re-brand yourself 4-Leverage the information you find 5-Develop your own CRM 6-Measure results

6 1-Determine Your Target Market
Research companies LinkedIn Google Twitter Job Boards- look at any posting for a position whether or not in your area. It may give you clues about the growth of the company, the contacts, nuances, etc. Research contacts FaceBook Plaxo

7 2-Locate Yourself Find out how your rank
See how it easy it is to find yourself Determine possible perception of you Enlist a mentor, coach, friend to give perspective and advice on how you come across over social media

8 3-Brand/ Re-brand Yourself
Visual/ Video Resume Social Networking Websites (LinkedIn, FaceBook, Plaxo, Ecademy, Ning) Real Time Social Messaging (Twitter, plurk,, yammer) Personal Websites Group or Personal Blogs Video Conferencing Advertise your Social Media Presence Add your URL to signature and business card Improve your Google rank by driving traffic to social media streams (Sites are being indexed) Be real and transparent Understand it is a longer term relationship building experience Make it easy for people to “talk about you”

9 Social Media/ Technological Resumes
Visual Resumes Click here to see a sample of a visual resume: Audio, Video/ Podcasts- YouTube, Flicker Embedded charts and documents, PowerPoint presentations Upload writing samples, recommendations, etc. Hyperlinks to FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. Video Resumes Click here to see the sample: Can be an interview style or a slate

10 Social Networking Websites
Personal Networking Sites (Professional): Linked In Build Profile Education, Work Experience, References/ Recommendations Presentations/ Articles/ Business Plans Podcasts, Video Clips, Hyperlinks to personal website/ blogs, etc. Groups, Discussions, Q & A- lists experts on topics, questions can be sent to up to 200 people Points of Interest (Amazon application for books), Status Updates Build Connections Search and add your own contacts & view contacts’ connections Introduce yourself, Ask for introductions, Make introductions for others View Job Postings Job post section as well as Discussion areas used to notify users of positions Explore Events and Other Networking Opportunities Attend others’ and/ or create your own Group Networking Sites: Ning- create your own group or join someone else’s

11 Real Time Social Messaging
Twitter,, Yammer (Internal Twitter) Search companies and contacts Tweetdeck, Twhirl, Twitterfox Follow companies and contacts Set alarms/ Tweetbeeps Attract your own followers Tweet Advertise (add links to books, etc.) Become privy to breaking news Share humorous stories Have a value proposition

12 Personal Websites Set up a free site with resume and keywords about you/ for what you are looking current top domain hoster: you can also use MySpace, Google, etc. HOW TO:  Visit a domain-name registrar online to see whether or not your domain name is available.  Select a host company to keep your domain name. You can ask your Internet service provider, which may provide this service for a fee, or you can search the Internet for Web site hosting companies. The host company or provider will create your Web or address with the appropriate routing information. Buy your domain name by registering it either through your host or with a domain name registrar. Provide your credit card number and any technical information - available from your Web host - as needed. Wait a day or so for the new domain name to be processed, then give it to your Web host to attach to your Web page Build your Web page -focus on strengths, achievements and value you bring to potential employer

13 Group or Personal Blogs
What is a Blog? Website displaying entries in reverse chronological order with the most recently written at the top. Text, Images, Videos, Links, Method for viewers to respond All you need to start blogging is an address and something to say. Also, Miniblogs and Videoblogs (Flickr, YouTube) Step 1: Define Your Niche/ Audience Use a blog for people in your profession who may share your viewpoint, struggle, goals, etc. Anything goes, but if this blog is for your job search, monitor its content. Step 2: Name Your Blog Should be memorable, short, easy to spell and related to subject matter. Possibly match blog name and URL; host name will also appear if you use a hosting service. If you only want your blog name to show, purchase a registered domain name. Step 3: Choose a Blog Host (, Blogger, Typepad and Vox) Step 4: Create Your Blog Hosts will walk you through process. Standard format = header, sidebar and body (posts).

14 Video Conferencing Employers love the ability to video conference candidates for an interview Be sure to have the capability at home or a strategy to execute a video conference on short notice. Learn how to Skype

15 4-Leverage Information
Align yourself with organization via social media marketing tools Make connections with individuals via social media Literally “connect” Find commonalities!! Increase Mindshare- status updates, posts, uploaded articles, discussions, groups, etc. Become active in their social media space Discussions, Blogs, Groups, Events, Charity

16 5-Develop CRM Typical online job boards Jibber Jobber What is it?
Online tool designed by Jason Alba during his personal job search out of a frustration for job seekers to manage their job search via an online method. What can it do? See resumes sent See connections (networking component) Schedule/ log interview times and activities Save thank you notes, other correspondence MAKE NOTES - How can I learn more? Listen to a podcast interview (about 40 minutes) with Jason, by Peter Clayton. Peter is the leader in podcast interviews in the employment space. Read a blog post by Dave Mendoza, expert recruiter and consultant. Read (and subscribe to) Jason's blog, found at:

17 6-Measure Results Use Google Alerts & Analytics
Alerts updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic and timeframe. Example: monitor news about a company or keep current on a competitor or industry. Analytics runs reports on traffic (dashboard, new vs. return view)      RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) An RSS document ("feed", "web feed" or "channel") includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship. Use RSS/ feed readers (Google reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo), which can be web, desktop or mobile device-based. Offer a way to get timely updates from favored websites or to aggregate feeds from many sites into one place. Protect privacy by not entering personal information online. Place RSS icons at end of your posts. Increase your number of RSS subscribers. Use a message such as “Like this article?” Reminds visitors that to stay updated, they should follow your feed. Other: AW stats, Sitemeter, Webalizer, Tweetbeep

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