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Hello!!! My name’s Shrek!.

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1 Hello!!! My name’s Shrek!

2 Six things you need to know about Shrek
He is an ogre. He lives in a swamp. He is married to Fiona. He has three ogre babies. He eats slugs and rats. He has a special friend whose name is Donkey.

3 Present Simple (he, she, it)
I listen to rock. He listens to rock music. I play computer games. He plays computer games.

4 I do yoga. He does yoga. I go to the theatre. He goes to the theatre. I study English. He studies English.

5 I have a pet. He has a pet. I eat vegetables. He eats vegetables.

6 Negative form I don’t listen to sertanejo.
He doesn’t listen to sertanejo. He plays computer games. She doesn’t play computer games.

7 Now complete about Aaron Carter!
He’s American, from Florida. He’s very young, but he’s a famous pop singer. He comes from a big family. He two brothers and two sisters. (have)

8 He to school because he travels a lot, but he has a teacher on the road with him. (not go) He a lot and his favorite subject is math. (study) In his free time, Aaron basketball and surfing. (play, go) He Italian food very much and he lots of pizza and lasagne. (like, eat)

9 For fun


11 Shrek is a trademark of DreamWorks animation. All rights reserved.
Work by Graziela Peleteiro, visit work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Brazil License. Shrek is a trademark of DreamWorks animation. All rights reserved.

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