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The Intelligent Choice

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1 The Intelligent Choice

2 Former state owned Hungarian company
Thakral Group from Singapore Takes over Orion Former state owned Hungarian company Significant financial, technological and management inputs Orion Electronics Ltd Budapest, Hungary Manufacturing Division Marketing and Distribution (M&D) Division Electronics Manufacturing Services M&D of Sourced Products Orion Electronics Ltd

3 Introduction to Orion Founded in 1913 - one of the oldest
electronics companies in Europe Decades of experience in electronics manufacturing Large producer of radios in 1920s and 30s Started TV production in 1956, Colour TV Production in 1975 Orion Electronics Ltd

4 Introduction to Orion telecommunication equipment to USSR,
Supplied sophisticated microwave telecommunication equipment to USSR, Europe, Asia, Africa & S America ISO 9000 in 1995, ISO in 2002 QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 in 2001 ISO in 2002 ISO TS in Jan 2004 ISO in Feb 2011 Taken over and managed by the Singapore-based THAKRAL group since 1997 Contract manufacturing a variety of products for a number of reputed customers Orion Electronics Ltd Orion Electronics Ltd

5 Thakral 1905 : Group founded in Thailand
1936 : Overseas branch in Japan 1952 : Singapore office opened 1975 : Diversified into electronics trading 1984 : China office set up 1988 : Took up textile manufacturing 1989 : Presence established in East Europe 1991 : Manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China in collaboration with Matsushita Orion Electronics Ltd

6 Thakral Company of Singapore Award. the Year.
1994 : Becomes Australia’s largest hotel chain owner 1995 : JV with Hugo Boss in India 1996 : Received The Most Enterprising Company of Singapore Award. Chairman selected as Businessman of the Year. (Selection done by The Business Times & Business Development Board of Singapore) 1997 : Foray into Software Development 1997 : Investment in Orion Electronics Ltd : Extensive expansion in many Asian countries Orion Electronics Ltd

7 Thakral Presence in 30 Countries Over 8,000 employees
Turnover – US$ 2.5 b Business Lines: Manufacturing Trading Property & Financial Services Hotels Software Orion Electronics Ltd

8 Thakral Presence in Central-East Europe Orion Electronics Ltd Russia
Ukraine Hungary Romania Orion Electronics Ltd

9 Orion Electronics Ltd Business Profiles
Electronics Manufacturing Services Marketing & Distribution Warehousing & Logistics

10 Contract Electronics Manufacturing
Printed Circuit Board Assembly Wire Harnessing/Cable Assembly Box Build/BTO Support Services - Logistics, Circuit Design, Certifications/Approvals, Repairs/Alterations/RMA Orion Electronics Ltd

11 Major Customers Arrow Electronics General Electric
CTP Wipac (Ford, VW, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini) Gills - Suprajit (GM, Suzuki) Smarteq (VW, Audi, Bentley) Framatome (DC, VW/Audi, Rover) Nualight Daikin Kenwood Logitech Eltek Hosiden Besson Delta Dore SIIX/Sakata Inx Thealec Group Orion Electronics Ltd

12 Printed Circuit Board Assembly
SMT and Through-hole Automatic/Manual ICT, AOI, X-Ray capabilities Orion Electronics Ltd

13 Wire Harnessing/Cable Assembly
Automatic/Semi-automatic/ Manual Large/Medium Volume Testing Capabilities Good experience on tooling and machine maintenance Orion Electronics Ltd

14 Box Build Geared to handle large and medium volumes
Flexible, target oriented working Custom designed lines for optimum operation Sourcing of electronic components, plastics and packaging etc RMA activities Orion Electronics Ltd

15 Marketing & Distribution
Sourced products Strong existing infrastructure Own warehouses (bonded and otherwise) Own delivery structure Banking/financing Quality control Design control Significant position in Hungary Distributor for other brands Looking for more lines to add Plan to introduce new products Plan to expand into new markets Orion Electronics Ltd

16 Marketing & Distribution
Warehousing and Logistics Orion Branded Televisions Active Speaker Systems GPS Navigation Systems Audio Systems Cordless Telephones Microwave Ovens Washing Machines Cooking Ranges Vacuum Cleaners Fans Oil Radiators Blenders Hand Blenders Irons Kettles Multifunction Cookers DVD Players Home Theatre Systems MP3/MP4 Players Portable DVD Players TV-DVD Combis Airconditioners Computer Monitors Refrigerators Dishwashers Air Coolers Car Cool Boxes Fan Heaters Mini Mixers Sandwich Makers Coffee Makers Toasters Philips Business Communications Telephone Exchanges Networking Products Orion Electronics Ltd

17 Company Data Manpower Total employees - 250 Area Turnover
Land area - 22,700 m² Built area ,000 m² Mfg area ,000 m² Warehouse - 15,000 m² Rented ,000 m² Turnover Orion Electronics Ltd

18 Quality ISO 9000 in 1995 QS 9000 in 2001 ISO 9000-2000 in 2002
IS in 2002 ISO TS in Jan 2004 ISO in 2011 Orion Electronics Ltd

19 What we offer………… Fast take off Flexible working
Possibility to upgrade processes and facilities as per customer requirement Trained teams to take on new projects Ready space and infrastructure Experience in low-cost regions Unique combination of manufacturing and Marketing/Distribution Orion Electronics Ltd

20 Our Future Plans…….. Consolidate and grow operations in Hungary and around Move higher up the value added chain Focus on high complexity, high value add products Offer a combined model of manufacturing and logistics Look for more customers and partners to work with Continue to be customer focussed Orion Electronics Ltd

21 New Logistics Centre - Location
Soskut Orion Electronics Ltd

22 New Logistics Centre - Location
Orion Electronics Ltd

23 New Logistics Centre Modern New Building Located in Soskut
5000 sq m built-up area Orion Electronics Ltd

24 New Logistics Centre Construction completed Nov 2007
Started operation in Jan 2008 Orion Electronics Ltd

25 Your reliable cost-effective partner
Orion Electronics Ltd 29, Jaszberenyi ut, Budapest 1106, HUNGARY Telephone : (36 1) , Fax : (36 1) ,

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