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Popular sports and games

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1 Popular sports and games

2 and better disciplined in their daily activities.
All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games. Sport not only helps people to become strong but also makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activities. It makes a healthy mind in a healthy body. Sports help people to keep in good health.

3 Summer sports and games
The most popular summer sports are swimming, boating, yachting, cycling and many others sports. Among outdoor games football takes place in public interests; this game is played in all the countries of the world. The other games in different countries are cricket, volley-ball, basket-ball, and so on. Badminton is also popular both with young and old.

4 Winter sports ad games The most popular winter sports are shooting, hunting, hockey and in the countries where the weather is frosty and snowy - skating, skiing.

5 Golf Golf began to develop in Scotland and now it is widely spread all over Britain

6 Football has been played in one form or another for hundreds of years
Football has been played in one form or another for hundreds of years. At first it was a very rude and hard game. There were no rules. But since 1863 it has been played with proper rules. Nowadays, nearly every country has its own football team. One of the main competitions of the football season is the FA Cup.

7 Rugby There is another game called rugby football, so called because it originated at Rugby, a well-known English public school. In this game the players may carry the ball. Rugby football is played with an egg-shaped ball, which may be carried and thrown .The ball is passed from hand to hand rather than from foot to foot. If a player is carrying the ball he may be 'tackled' and made to fall down. Each team has fifteen players, who spend a lot of time lying in the mud or on top of each other and become very dirty, but they do not need to wear such heavily protective clothing as players of American football.

8 Fishing is popular among all social classes
Fishing is popular among all social classes. In fact, this is the most popular sport of all in Britain. Between four and five million people go fishing regularly. When fishing is done competitively, it is called ‘angling’. The most popular of all outdoor sports is fishing, from the banks of lakes or rivers or in the sea, from rocks or beaches. Some British lakes and rivers are famous for their trout or salmon, and attract enthusiasts from all over the world.

9 Tennis Tennis was first played in Britain in 1872 and the first championship at Wimbledon was in 1877

10 Cricket Cricket is sometimes called an English national game. People played cricket as early as Cricket is a very long and slow game.

11 What sports were invented in Britain?
Look at the pictures and say: What are the most popular sports in Britain? What sports were invented in Britain?


13 What are the most popular Russian sports and games?
Which of them are summer / winter sports?

14 Are you fond of sport? What sports and games do you go in for?
Do you like your physical training lessons? Do you do your morning exercises regularly? Speak about your favourite sports and games.

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