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Barbeque University Train The Trainer Day. INTRODUCTION.

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1 Barbeque University Train The Trainer Day


3 Why do we need Barbeque University? The company is changing. We are implementing new strategies – marketing, product, financing, organization. Training supports our growth. Barbeque University is a comprehensive training strategy which will develop all associates and eventually management. Without developing our people we cant succeed.

4 Training Lubricates the Engine of the Company

5 Goals Learn about Barbeque University Understand the concepts in the new training Be ready to coach your associates Get ready to take the company to the next level Have fun

6 HAVE FUN Prizes Activities Tips Real life Free money

7 THANKS DANKE ARRIGATO MERCI GRACIAS Everyone who has helped with this training: Ignition Team Managers in first focus group in Carlsbad Daves team of managers in Dallas Paul Durphey – West LA All of the team in Carlsbad Everyone in the organization who contributed


9 Barbeque University Overview LevelPositionTimingNotes AssociatesEntry-levelWithin 30 daysGraduation Required BachelorsAssociateWithin 90 daysGraduation Required GRILLMASTER MastersAssociateWithin 1 – 3 yearsRequired for promotion to Assistant Manager PhDAssistant ManagerNo time limitRequired for promotion to Manager

10 Barbeque University – Hows It Work Associates and BA 75% of training is self-directed by associates 25% of training is coaching by managers Associates: 8 modules – each module has 1-10 topics BA: 8 modules – each module has 10 – 20 topics All training is assessed and tested

11 Assessment Four Level Assessment Associate takes online (or paper) assessment test - Note not all topics have assessments Sales manager signs off completion - Detailed in your materials Store manager signs off completion - Detailed instructions in your materials Regional director gives final assessment and signs off - Assessment could be role play etc.

12 PRIZES GALORE First store in country with all Associate and BA training complete, the manager GETS $1000. First store in region with all Associate and BA training complete, the manager GETS $500.



15 Coaching Practice Work in groups of three: coach, coachee, observer The coachee has no prior knowledge of how to do what you are going to explain Explain how to do one of the following: Tie a necktie Use a cell phone Complete a to-do list effectively Use chopsticks Any other task that you choose Take five minutes for each coach then switch Get feedback from the observer


17 ACE activity Puzzle during lunch. The words that make up the five concepts of ACE are on cards but mixed up. Each table gets to put together the five phrases. First group wins prize. Take 15 minutes.

18 ACE Creating an experience not just making a sale Making our customers more successful Enjoying outdoor cooking Quality products Experts not just sales people


20 GREAT - Greet Phase

21 Greet Energizer Effectively greet as many customers as possible. Everyone stands. Half the group are customers and half associates. Customers identify themselves by RED DOTS on tags. After five minutes you will switch roles. Each customer picks up a pack of cards. When the activity starts the associate should greet as many customers as possible. If the greeting was effective i.e. warm and genuine and includes the associates name and asks for the customers name he/she should give the associate ONE card. IF NOT – LOSE ONE CARD! Customers switch and place their cards at their seat. The person with the most cards wins!

22 GREAT - Rapport Get to know the customer. Create a relationship where they know you too. Offer to help – dont sell. Dont give them information until they want it. Be open. Dont make assumptions. Use Open questions to open the conversation. what, when, how Use Closed questions to close the conversation. Yes/No, Either/Or

23 DEAD? ALIVE? ANIMATED? Work in your groups. Ask the facilitator yes/no questions to find out the character that the facilitator thought of. Now use open questions to find out the new character the facilitator thought of.

24 Types of Customer Browser Chef Cook Grill novice Grill geek Researcher

25 Talking to Customers Work in groups. Use the handout. Brainstorm ideas for what to say to each type of customer. Take ten minutes. Be ready to share your ideas with the whole group.

26 Probing Questions Ask an open question to get more information and build the relationship. E.g. Tell me more about the grill you have right now? How long ago did you buy the Turbo? What have you liked about it?

27 Probing Activity Work in your groups. One person should be a customer. The rest of the group are associates. Go around the group clockwise. Each person has five seconds to ask a question. If the person doesnt ask a question OR uses a closed question they are eliminated. Switch customers once one person is eliminated. Take ten minutes.


29 Product Activity Your group will be divided into smaller groups. Each group gets a product. List the Features & Benefits. Present to your group. Be ready for questions. Take ten minutes to prepare. Take fifteen minutes to present each product. Facilitator gives feedback. Best presentation wins.

30 GREAT - Enlighten

31 Enlighten – NFBSQ Need I want to cook prime rib. Feature Hood seals tight. Function Keeps heat in. Benefit Indirect heat. Sizzle You get that perfect juicy prime rib every time. Follow Up Q Do you want me to explain your financing options?

32 Practice Enlighten Work with a partner at your table. Use the handout given to you. List the NFBS for the products. Be ready to give your answers. TAKE 15 minutes.

33 Accessories

34 Energizer - Accessories Half the group has a food. Half the group has a marinade, rub, or sauce. Find somebody with a match for your food or accessory. First ten people win a prize.

35 Walk the Walls Recipe Activity Work in groups of 3. Follow the handout. Pick your favorite recipe. Select items for: Prepare Cook Plate Share with the group. Best recipe wins.

36 GREAT - ask

37 Ask – ways of closing and overcoming objections activity Work with your group Closing Write ten dos and donts of closing. Take 15 minutes. Overcoming Objections Brainstorm ways of overcoming these objections: Customer says they dont have time today. Customer says its too expensive. Customer says he has to ask his spouse. Customer does not want any extras. Customer wants to spend less on the grill. Take 15 minutes.

38 GREAT – thank you

39 Energizer Work in groups of 3. Come up with different ways of saying thank you. Write your answer on a flipchart. The group with the most answers wins! Be ready to share your responses.

40 Barbeque University - logistics Walkthrough materials Prep, cook, plate the training. Prep materials – review, prepare personal examples. Cook – coach and monitor progress. Plate – do small servings with both vegetables and dessert sometimes (feedback for improvement and positive reinforcement). Assessments Online/paper tests. Manager sign offs. Regional director sign off.

41 Closing

42 CLOSING - cooking your dinner

43 FINAL EXAM Work in group of three. Role play customer situation. Associate, customer, observer. Customer plays one of customers in role play handout. Observer checks progress and gives feedback. Take 15 minutes for each role play. Switch after each practice.

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