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Winning the global war for talent Robert Guest Business Editor The Economist.

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1 Winning the global war for talent Robert Guest Business Editor The Economist

2 3 reasons why we no longer live in caves Technology Trade Mobility

3 Imagine a world without disruption A place where you dont have to worry about the unsettling effect of new ideas


5 A tale of two migrants Surojit Sarkar Virologist? Sounds like terrorist Mohamed Alborno Entrepreneur? No, thanks

6 Come to Canada to work

7 Canada-a magnet for talent Canadas foreign-born population has risen from 4.5m (16%) in 1990 to 7.2m (21%) in 2010 Half of immigrants have degrees; only 21% of native-born Canadians have 85% of immigrants become citizens

8 Alberta-an electromagnet for talent Not only Canadas energy capital Also a mini-United Nations 2 fastest-growing metro areas in Canada are Calgary and Edmonton

9 Not everyone approves Alberta has joined a global underground railway trading in human misery... Were becoming the Dubai or Saudi Arabia of the north, not only because we have oil, but because were abandoning real immigration in favour of using an exploitative guest worker program to fill our most menial and undesirable jobs. Gil McGowan, president, Alberta Federation of Labour

10 Canucks, meet CNOOC Canada fears foreign control of strategic assets CNOOC/Nexen Petronas/Progress Energy BHP/Potash

11 But protectionism has costs Mexico bars foreign investors from the oil business Its national oil firm, Pemex is horribly run- according to its own director Starved of capital, between 2006 and 2011 Pemex drilled 18 wells in deep waters; Brazils Petrobras drilled 101.

12 The flight of the renminbi

13 Not all networks are digital Immigrants bring connections Why does this matter?

14 Emerging markets are where the growth is China and India offer Western firms glittering opportunities: –To sell goods to the new middle class –To use Chinese imported parts and Indian services to make Western products more competitive


16 Members of the new middle class want to buy Western products Chinese consumers admire Western brands Tiger mothers trust Western food safety (In China, you pray that your breakfast milk has cows urine in it, because every other adulterant is worse.)

17 But emerging markets are tough to crack Why does it take 4 days to move a truckload of beer 500km in West Africa?

18 The key to doing business in emerging markets Hire immigrants Chinese and Indians who have studied or worked in North America act as bridges They know the customs They know whom to trust


20 A mobile world is a smarter world Mobile people spread ideas across borders Those ideas are mixed up and recombined in millions of hyperconnected brains Which generates more innovation

21 Conclusion An aging society is good-it means were not dying young In the future, a nations influence will depend on whether people want to live there Canada is rather cool. Can it stay that way?


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