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Happy at work. What is happiness at work? Why should I care?

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1 Happy at work

2 What is happiness at work? Why should I care?

3 Alfred Josefsen It's all about people

4 Happiness at work is IMPORTANT and SIMPLE

5 This guy?Or this guy? Karl MarxLenin

6 Soichoro Honda Founder of Honda 1906 - 1991

7 Happiness at work is: A feeling of happiness derived from work.

8 Not job satisfaction or employee satisfaction = booooooring

9 Happiness at work is NOT: Just fun and games Eternal Being ecstatic

10 Happiness at work IS: Different for everyone Contagious A choice

11 Makes you happy: Nice colleagues and boss Reasonable working hours Making a difference

12 Does NOT make you happy: High salary Titles and promotions Large office and other power symbols

13 Why does happiness at work matter? For people... For businesses...

14 Importance of work Time Identity Success

15 Businesses want: innovation, trust, productivity, drive, quality, customer service, rapid change, creativity, initiative, motivation, energy, determination, communication cost effectiveness, clear thinking, good sales, strategies, courage, customer relations, good leadership, low costs, new ideas, conflict resolution, good dialogue, good work relations, good supplier relations, sense of humour, willingness to go that extra mile, ideas, and much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more

16 Who will deliver?

17 absenteeism, low sales, bad customer service, low quality, conflict, inefficient communication, high employee turnover, increased training costs, low motivation, stress, no creativity, complaining, low productivity, burnout, low repeat business, bad word of mouth, Unhappy companies burn money

18 Profits or happiness? FALSE QUESTION

19 Happiness at work Profits Profits AND happiness

20 The happy companies will beat the unhappy ones

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