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From Disaster Management to Resilient Communities.

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1 From Disaster Management to Resilient Communities

2 Introductions Matthew Lieuallen – Senior Emergency Planner Amy DiCarlantonio – Senior Planner

3 Learning Objectives Define a working definition of Resilience Identify easy to understand metrics to measure community resilience Review steps you can take to increase your communitys resilience Share resources for continued growth

4 Northwest Resilience Planning Efforts Resilient Washington State: A Framework for Minimizing Loss and Improving Statewide Recovery after and Earthquake –Washington State Seismic Safety Committee Emergency Management Council The Oregon Resilience Plan –Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission

5 Defining Resilience Merriam Webster 1.The capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress. 2.An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

6 Defining Resilience FEMA National Preparedness Goal Mission Area: Mitigation Core Capability: Community Resilience Lead the integrated effort to recognize, understand, communicate, plan, and address risks so that the community can develop a set of actions to accomplish mitigation and improve resilience.

7 Defining Resilience Resilient Washington State Initiative A resilient state is one that maintains services and livelihoods after an earthquake. In the event that services and livelihoods are disrupted, recovery occurs rapidly, with minimal social disruption, and results in a new and better condition. In accordance with this definition, a number of values have been established for Washington State to achieve resilience.

8 Community Resilience ……a society that is flexible and able to adjust in the face of uncertainty and surprise is also able to capitalize on positive opportunities the future may bring. Berkes and Folke 1998; Barnett 2001

9 Elements of Resilience Longstaff, Patricia H. et al. Building Resilient Communities: A Preliminary Framework for Assessment. Homeland Security Affairs 6, issue 3 (September 2010)

10 Disaster Resilience

11 Moving Beyond Emergency Management

12 Regional Economic Capacity Income Equality Economic Diversity Regional Affordability Business Environment

13 Pathways to Community Resilience Educational Attainment Without Disability Out of Poverty Health Insured

14 Community Connectivity Capacity Civic Infrastructure Metropolitan Stability Home Ownership Voter Participation

15 Ecological Capacity Efficiency Transportation Buildings Land Water Materials Reuse Infrastructure Buildings Land Water Products Quality Air Water Nutrients Habitat

16 Pathways to Community Resilience 1.Play Together 2.Get Organized 3.Focus on the Whole Community 4.Think Outside of the Box

17 Play Together Regional Planning and Collaboration –Regional Problems require Regional Solutions –Systems dont stop at Political Boundaries –Efficiency through Economies of Scale Develop a Shared Vision & Plan –Envision a future that inspires –Identify barriers to overcome –Agree on and prioritize actions –Determine who needs to be involved

18 Get Organized Do Your Homework! –Game Over …. past trends are no longer reliable predictors –Know your baselines –Keep your eye on the ball Identify, Protect & Enhance Unique Assets –What makes you special? –Identify your differentiators –There are no Silver Bullets –Bigger is not always better –Trends fade over time

19 Focus on the Whole Community Engage & Empower Citizens –EVERYONE has something to contribute –Sometimes the process is more important than the outcome –People take care of what they are vested in Leverage Public Private Partnerships –Expand resources & benefits –Share risk –Look for new partners and structures

20 Think Outside the Box Encourage Creativity & Innovation –Incentivize going beyond the standard –Avoid prescriptive solutions –Understand the market & technology is changing faster than policy



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