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THE GREAT STREETS INITIATIVE 1 Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Mayor Vincent C. Gray Deputy Mayor Victor L. Hoskins.

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1 THE GREAT STREETS INITIATIVE 1 Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Mayor Vincent C. Gray Deputy Mayor Victor L. Hoskins

2 Is a multi-year and multiple agency effort to: transform under-invested corridors into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers using public actions and resources as needed Improve transportation options and physical streetscape of corridors Improve and increase community-serving retail in underserved areas GREAT STREETS INITIATIVE 2

3 GREAT STREETS CORRIDORS 3 1. 7 TH St and Georgia Ave NW 2. Benning Road NE 3. MLK Jr. Avenue/South Capitol Street 4. Pennsylvania Ave 5. Minnesota Avenue SE 6. Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave NE 7. North Capitol Street 8. Rhode Island Ave NE 9. H Street NE

4 7 TH St and Georgia Ave 4 The Georgia Avenue and 7th Street, NW corridor is 5.6 miles in length. It extends from Mount Vernon Square to Eastern Avenue, NW. The corridor is one of the Districts longest and is bound by many neighborhoods and institutions. The Washington, DC, Convention Center anchors the southern end of this corridor; Howard University, its lower middle; and Walter Reed, its northern end.

5 Benning Road NE & SE 5 Benning Road, NE and SE is a 3.62 mile corridor which connects Bladensburg Road and H Street NE at the Starburst Intersection to the Maryland State border at Southern Avenue, SE. It is a major corridor that has been historically significant and continues to be a major backbone of transportation infrastructure in the District. It supports both commuters as well as residents in the neighborhoods that straddle the Anacostia River.

6 MLK Jr. Avenue/South Capitol Street 6 This corridor is experiencing a commercial renaissance from retail and office developments in Historic Anacostia, to the new 22,000 square foot Washington Highlands Neighborhood Library in Bellevue. Between these two nodes of activity is the redevelopment of the East and West sides of the former St. Elizabeths Hospital. The site is the future home of the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard on the West side and is slated to become a global center of commerce, innovation, technology, sustainability and research on the East side.

7 Pennsylvania Ave, SE 7 This corridor is a major commuter corridor that offers retail frontage and sees and influx of more than 44,000 vehicles daily. Neighboring communities such as Hillcrest and Summit Park offer consumers with average household incomes of $87,500 and $93,800, respectively.

8 Minnesota Avenue, NE and SE 8 This corridor is the home to the 227,000sq. ft. DC Department of Employment Services, and with two Metro Stations, it is the hub for a variety of financial institutions, grocery stores, and residential and retail developments.

9 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE 9 This corridor in the north end of the Districts Ward 7, is largely residential. Mixed use commercial development is planned at the corridors intersection with Division Avenue, NE as a part of both the Districts Great Streets Initiative and the New Communities program. Anticipating the surrounding communities concern about this important center, the District purchased the derelict Strand Theatre. The theatre is now slated for redevelopment.

10 North Capitol Street 10 The corridor offers stable neighborhoods, lined by blocks of historic row houses and has an increased demand for neighborhood serving restaurants and retail. It is also in close proximity to major employers such as Sirus XM Satellite Radio, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the US Department of Justice. There is also close proximity to downtown, and accessibility to the newest Metro Station in the City-NoMa/Gallaudet University/New York Avenue.

11 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 11 This is an important corridor that is well-positioned to gain in its importance and prominence to the District. One of Pierre LEnfantss original streets, Rhode Island Avenue, NE now serves as a major commuter corridor linking many District neighborhoods. New construction such as Rhode Island Row offers 70,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and the corridor is also Metrorail and Metro Bus accessible with the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station.

12 H Street, NE 12 It is a place where creative ideas for new businesses are being greeted by significant opportunity and a welcoming community. Many businesses and new developments have already found a place on this one and one-half mile commercial district just north of the US Capitol. This historic corridor, which reaches from Union Station to 17th Street, NE, is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Once a somber symbol of the 1968 riots that followed Dr. Kings assassination, its now a burgeoning business community.


14 Howard Theater 14 Howard Theatre – Before Howard Theatre - After

15 Howard Theater 15 Howard Theatre – After Howard Theatre - After

16 THANK YOU 16 Phone: (202) 727-6365

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