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Making content count. By content we mean... Video content. Video is the richest, most emotive, immersive and visible storytelling medium we have at our.

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1 Making content count

2 By content we mean... Video content. Video is the richest, most emotive, immersive and visible storytelling medium we have at our disposal.

3 Why we are here We believe that nearly all content could be more powerful, immersive and effective than it is now. We think it should be delivered in more compelling and engaging ways, so that everyone benefits, whether you are a brand, publisher, media owner or agency. It is our mission to try and make that happen and pioneer a whole new content media movement.

4 rockabox create and distribute video content using our own unique technology to help build brands. If you already have content, we have the products to make that content more effective. If you need content, we can help you plan, create, produce and distribute it from scratch. What we do

5 We create and distribute content using our own unique technology to help grow brands.We have a very experienced, passionate and eclectic team, who come from the digital, creative, tech, TV and advertising worlds. We are constantly looking to push boundaries and make things work better for everyone.If awards are your thing, weve won lots - from Baftas to BIMAs. But what is most important to us, is our mission to make content count for everyone. What we do

6 How we are different We use our own patented technology to serve and distribute video content on any digital device and in new and innovative ways. We distribute across the highest quality premium environments and offer our clients full transparency. We have an experienced and award winning team of in-house developers, writers and content producers. We can offer you a full-service solution if you need it, helping you plan, concept, create, produce and distribute content-based campaigns.

7 Our products FramesTimepointRockabox Distribution Rich, content media format Quick to launch channel creator for YouTube Shutters Strategic framework for episodic content success Unique content distribution network

8 Shutters Our Shutters technology is a bespoke content media format, that allows brands to synchronise their video content with brand messaging and interactive features.

9 Ability to add in extra layers of content, social feeds and commerce. Responsive Interactivity - everything can be triggered at selected points in the video. Unlike most players, Shutters built in HTML5 so they work on every platform from PCs and tablets to mobile platforms, apps, and web apps. without the need for any manual reconfiguration. Overall experience having a rich, responsive and microsite all on one page.Tailored to the individual viewer without interrupting them. Content can be shared on any social network even after media campaign is over. Easy to use toolkit So anyone can create their own Shutters.

10 Frames FRAMES is our quick-to-launch channel creator for YouTube; it allows you to build and maintain a customised brand channel quickly, easily and economically.

11 1. Design your channel structure, or choose from a selection of fantastic preloaded templates. 2. Add powerful interactive, social, video, image and information widgets to your pages with one click. 3. Then simply publish your design to your YouTube channel through a single action.

12 Rockabox Distribution We understand the value of premium environments for brands. Quality content and great technology needs an environment that is worthy of it. rockabox distribution is a platform like no other, using only premium publisher sites to make sure your content is seen by high value, engaged audiences.

13 Our network is growing every day but check out who is part of it already:

14 At rockabox At Rockabox we passionately believe that at the core of every great content based campaign should be a killer creative concept, but it is how this concept is manipulated that can mean the difference between a lifeless idea and a groundbreaking success.

15 rockabox distribution diagram


17 Timepoint Timepoint is our tactical delivery system for episodic content. It ensures that you find the right audience for your content, keeping them engaged and returning to it in ever greater numbers. Timepoint uses purpose-built technology that predicts the nature of reach and frequency, for your content, controlling the staging: it is tactical, and it works. Having the right publisher partner is crucial. We specialise in finding the right partner for you.


19 Creative conceptsCampaign Planning Video, film, digital asset production Finding and growing the right audience Our services

20 Creative concepts We are very lucky to have a superb Creative department.They dont like to blow their own trumpets, so well do it for them If you want a brilliant concept for your content, theyll deliver it.

21 Campaign planning Where, when and how should your content be distributed? How do we track it and make sure it is working as hard as it possibly can? How do we keep growing an audience for it?Whats the meaning of life? All questions that our Content Strategy team can help you with.(Maybe not the last one)

22 We have an hugely experienced TV / digital film production department who have worked on everything from major TV shows like Pop Idol and Graham Norton to feature films and numerous high profile advertising campaigns. With years of experience, our Digital Creative Studio is skilled in producing top quality, online digital display, widgets and apps at speed and always with their sense of humour intact. Video, film, digital asset production

23 Finding and growing the right audiences We have spent time carefully understanding the formulas that make content work online. Content Media needs to be around other similar content to work. We are forensic in our search for a quality environment for your content (right people, right place, right time) and our Content Strategy team have the tools for turning visitors to billions of web pages into distinct audiences.

24 Thank you +44 (0)20 7637 1602

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