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Clinica Medica Jose Lemus Lopez El Testerazo, Mexico

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1 Flying Samaritans @ UCI
Clinica Medica Jose Lemus Lopez El Testerazo, Mexico First General Meeting, Fall 2011

2 Let’s Meet our Board! President Vice-President
Jeanette Fong Nancy Lopez

3 Clinic Coordinators Diana Glovaci Edward Benavidez

4 Secretary Jennifer Mogi  Treasurer Josh Almodovar

5 Publicity Becky Nguyen Mitchell Pham

6 Public Health Chairs Angela Gutierrez Armaan Rowther

7 Dental Chair Tasneem Nabelsi Pharmacy Chair Candace Yau

8 Fundraising Chairs Juana Corado Rachel Schulz

9 Spanish Liasons Diana Fimbres Sabrina Gonzalez

10 Web Developer Nooreen Khan Historian Alex Aleshkevich

11 Community Relations Jessie Stambaugh Diabetes Project Jen Attias

12 A Day in the Life of a Sammer

13 How do I become a MEMBER? Josh Almodovar, Treasurer
-Fill out form online -Can pay with cash, check ( address to Flying UCI) or PayPal -Where does the $$$ go? Membership will last for the duration of the academic school year in which it was paid NOT for a year from its date of payment.

14 Roof Construction Update


16 How do I get on clinic trips?
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET INVOLVED (general meetings, committees, fundraising, and community events, check facebook and website!!!) & Make sure to pay the membership fee! *Also, we are always in need of drivers and translators.*

17 Point System! What is a point system? How do I get points?
Donations, fundraising events, meetings, committee events (pharmacy, publicity, dental, public health…) PARTICIPATION!

18 General Clinic Updates
Help out the clinic by asking your Dentist, Dental Hygienist, or Handyman if he or she would like to join us!!! We are in need of these people. Is your passport valid? In order to go on a trip, must have a valid US passport or passport card. Upcoming Trips November 19th, 2011 Third Sat. of every month!

19 Fundraising Committee
Contact Rachel Schulz or Juana Corado with any questions at Upcoming events After Event TODAY!!! At Cha for tea, make sure to bring your flier! Boba Sale October 26 (next general meeting) in front of Aldrich hall! Look out for spreadsheet on website to sign up to help KBBQ sale November 9th. Will be needing help to prepare food day before. Look for more info about cooking night the day before Spreadsheet for sale day will be up on the website.


21 Alzheimer’s WALK CHEER SQUAD!
Huntington Beach Saturday November 5th 9 am - 12 pm Sign up on facebook! Ask Jessie or Community Relations with any questions!

22 Friday November 18th 3:30p – 7:00p
Looking Forward… Thanksgiving Distribution Day! Friday November 18th :30p – 7:00p For more information contact Claudia Vasquez or visit

23 HIV/AIDS Presentation!
WHERE: University High School WHEN: November 29 and 30 WHY: to teach high school kids about HIV/AIDS *Please contact PH chairs: Armaan or Angela for more information *Keep your eyes peeled for a Facebook group to sign up for orientation and time slots!

24 Upcoming Events! Wed, October 26 Boba Sale Wed, November 4 KBBQ
Sat, Nov 5 Alzheimers Walk Fri, Nov 18 Thanksgiving distribution day Mon and Tues, Nov HIV/AIDS presentation Today! Cha for Tea FUNdraiser!

25 You can purchase them from Josh!
T-Shirts You can purchase them from Josh!

26 This information is all available via the Flying Sams FB Group.
How do I get involved? Publicity Committee- Becky Nguyen & Mitchell Pham Pharmacy Committee- Candace Yau Dental Committee- Tasneem Nabelsi Public Health Committee-Angela Gutierrez & Armaan Rowther Fundraising Committee- Rachel Schulz & Juana Corado Community Relations Committee- Jessie Stambaugh Spanish Liasons- Diana Fimbres & Sabrina Gonzalez This information is all available via the Flying Sams FB Group. Don’t worry.

27 Wrap Up GET INVOLVED! Upcoming Events: Next Clinic Trip: November 19
Oct 26 Boba Sale KBBQ Nov 5 Alzheimers Walk Nov 18 Thanksgiving distribution day Nov HIV/AIDS presentation Next Clinic Trip: November 19

28 Car Safety!

29 YES! NO!

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