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Say Hello to your Pelvis

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1 Say Hello to your Pelvis
"The pelvis is the key to man's well-being, as wise men have taught from time immemorial ...." Dr. Ida Rolf

2 Pelvic Structure Sacrum Coccyx 3 hip bones Ilium Pubis Ischium
Note: (Ischial Tuberosities are the sit bones)

3 Your hips flex, extend, abduct, adduct and rotate, both medially and laterally.

4 Flexion

5 Extension

6 Abduction

7 Adduction

8 Rotation

9 Muscles of the Hip


11 Flexion

12 Extension


14 Abduction

15 Adduction

16 Rotation


18 Pelvic Importance The pelvis is the very foundation of the skeletal system. The pelvis and spine form one basic central structure. Any strain which occurs in this structure will peak in the weakest area - commonly the lower lumbar spine. Pelvic mis-alignment will cause both ascending and descending dysfunctions - upwards through the spinal column (causing strain on spinal vertebrae segments in the lower, middle and upper back, and also affecting neck, shoulders and arms), and downwards, through the l egs (affecting knees, ankles and feet).

Guru Ram Kaur .

19 Common Problems Sciatica Misaligned pelvis SI joint instability
Lower back pain Frozen SI joint Worn femur heads Hip immobility Groin pain

20 Sciatica

21 Remedies for Sciatica in yoga we attempt to stretch piriformus
and create space in joint through forward bending from hips w/sit bones on a blanket if necessary and bent knees AND strengthening lower back and bringing blood to muscles of hips 1. locust/shalabasana w/ dynamic leg widening 2. dynamic bridge w/hold at end 3. pigeon 4. ardha matsyendrasana (seated twist w/ leg straight)

22 Pelvic Misalignment Posterior and Anterior Tilts


24 Checking for Pelvic Misalignment: Visual

25 Checking for Pelvic Misalignment: Palpating

26 Assessment of and Remedies for Pelvic Misalignment
Pelvic Clocking Pelvic clocking is a great way to feel for imbalances. 1. lie on back w/bent knees 2. imagine a clock under your pelvis w/ navel and pubis 3. move pelvis clockwise, touching all numbers while holding legs stable. Marching From neutral pelvis (hip bones and pubis level) 1. bend knees, feet on floor 2. lift one foot and then the other 3. lift only as far as you can go w/o tilting pelvis

27 Additional Suggestions
Pilates and Somatics: can be used as warm-ups See Manual and Handouts for Somatics

28 Yoga Kapotasana/pigeon Paschimottanasana/seated forward bend
Gomukhasana/cow-faced pose Baddha Konasana/bound angle Janu Sirsasna/head to knee in general, balanced tractioning of the pelvis in any pose

29 Groin Pain/Tightness

30 Yoga Remedies/Prevention
Low Lunge/Anjeneyasana, Low Lunge Twist/ Parivrtta Anjeneyasana Side Angle/Parsvakonasana Bound Angle/ Baddha Konasana Wide Angle/ Prasarita Padottanasana Seated Wide Angle/ Uppavishta Konasana see

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