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An Overview of the PureComfort® System In this presentation, you will learn about the PureComfort® system, a microturbine based combined cooling, heating, and power or CCHP solution for commercial and industrial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, datacenters, supermarkets and educational institutions. It is designed, manufactured, and marketed by UTC Power.

2 CCHP* Versus the Grid Value Proposition – Summary
PureComfort® Solution (Model 400M) Electric Grid High energy costs and low efficiency (~ 30%) Energy savings and attractive ROI - high efficiency (Up to 90%) Grid outages – vulnerable Costly back-up Power redundancy Increased uptime 24/7 reliability Growing energy consumption is a global problem. According to the US Department of Energy, global energy use will jump by 65 percent in 2030 from its level in That’s why clean, reliable, and affordable energy technologies are so important. One of these technologies is combined cooling, heating and power or CCHP. The PureComfort® microturbine system is a CCHP system that reduces energy costs, increases operational reliability and contributes to a cleaner environment. There are 4 major benefits that this clean energy solution offers you whether you are an owner, operator, or a consulting or design engineer responsible for a commercial or industrial facility. First, the superior efficiency of on-site energy translates into attractive annual energy savings. The conventional method of delivering energy is only about 30% efficient with most of the energy lost, either as waste heat at the central power plant, or during transmission and distribution losses, this “on-site” fuel cell solution can yield efficiencies as high as 90% when both and power and byproduct heat are used to meet the power, cooling, and heating needs of your building. Second, as we’ve seen many times, utility power outages can occur and place your operation at risk. The PureComfort® solution operates with or without the grid, so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your business will not be affected if the grid fails. Third, what if you could enjoy the savings and improved uptime while reducing your environmental footprint ? Well you can. We’ll show you how the PureComfort® solution improves air quality by reducing carbon and pollutants. And while our power grid also requires lots of water to make power, the PureComfort® solution doesn’t and this translates to water conservation. And if you are planning a green building, then bear in mind that the PureComfort® solution can contribute LEED points under the United States Green Building Council’s green building rating system. Also, if the facility is in the United States, generous federal and state incentives are available to foster the deployment of microturbine systems and they greatly reduce your up front capital cost and greatly enhance your investment. Dirty – pollution Carbon and GHG’s Consumes water Clean, Quiet Carbon reduction LEED® Points** *CCHP = Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power ** Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (United States Green Building Council’s rating system)

3 Microturbine Based Solutions
Power + Cooling + Heating Solutions PureThermal® Solution (65/200 kW prime mover) PureComfort® Solution (65 kW prime mover) PureComfort® Solution (200 kW prime mover) The 2 microturbine based products that deliver combined cooling, heating and power are the PureThermal® and PureComfort® Solutions. The microturbines are fielded in building blocks of 65 kilowatts or 200 kilowatts. They are fuel flexible and can be powered by natural gas, propane, diesel, bio-diesel, or biogas such as anaerobic digester gas. The PureThermal® system is a power and heating solution. The PureComfort® also offers cooling in addition to heating and power by incorporating an absorption chiller unit that converts the microturbine exhaust heat into cooling energy. These high efficiency systems are well-suited for applications requiring anywhere from 200 kilowatts to roughly 5 megawatts of baseload power. Both systems work well in conjunction with the utility grid, or without it, if the grid experiences an outage. We call this feature “dual mode”. The systems can also be equipped to operate totally off-grid in “stand-alone” or grid-independent mode. Microturbines for heating and power Microturbines & absorption chiller for cooling, heating, and power Fuel flexibility: Natural gas, Propane, Diesel, Bio-diesel, or a biogas like Anaerobic Digester Gas

4 PureThermal® Solutions
65 / 200 kW-Based CHP Solutions; Scalable, Flexible, and Efficient Low-cost installation High overall efficiency Dual mode operation Low emissions Water conservation Modular New York City MEA* compliant CARB 2007 compliant** Output Heating Capacity (kW) (MBH) (kW) 195 1, 390 2, 400 1, The PureThermal® microturbine solutions come based on either the 65 kW or 200 kW unit. This clean energy solution easily meets the most stringent emissions requirements in the world and comes with several advantages such as high overall efficiency, low emissions, fuel flexibility, and water conservation. * Materials and Equipment Acceptance ** California Air Resources Board Emissions Standard All data at ISO Conditions (59°F / 15°C, 5 psia, 60% RH)

5 PureComfort® Solutions
65 / 200 kW-Based CCHP Solutions; Scalable, Flexible, and Efficient Output Chiller Capacity Heating Capacity Output Chiller Capacity Heating Capacity (kW) (RT) (MBH) (kW) , , , (kW) (RT) (MBH) (kW) , The PureComfort® microturbine solutions are also based on either the 65 kW or 200 kW unit. In addition to heating and power, this can also meet the cooling needs of your building by the addition of an absorption chiller. Similar to the PureThermal® solution, it easily meets the most stringent emissions requirements in the world, is fuel flexible, and can operate in conjunction with the utility grid or independent of it. All data at ISO Conditions (59°F / 15°C, 5 psia, 60% RH)

6 Generator Cooling Fins
What is a Microturbine? How Does It Work? To absorption chiller Generator Cooling Fins Exhaust Combustion Chamber Recuperator Air Flow So what exactly is a microturbine? It is a type of combustion turbine that produces both electricity and heat on a relatively small scale. The combustion chamber combusts the fuel-air mixture which is expanded through the turbine-generator system to generate the electricity. The exhaust heat can be harnessed and used for space heating or domestic hot water or can be converted to cooling via an absorption chiller – maximizing the utilization of this thermal energy can result in overall efficiencies up to 90%. Microturbines offer several potential advantages compared to other technologies for small-scale power generation, including: a small number of moving parts, compact size, lightweight, lower emissions, lower electricity costs, fuel flexibility, higher uptime, and simpler maintenance. UTC Power uses Capstone microturbines for lower operating and maintenance costs and reliability. These high-efficiency, recuperated microturbines have one moving part (the rotor-generator) and utilize air bearings, so there is no lubricating oil or cooling requirements. Power Fuel Input Air Bearings Generator Turbine Compressor

7 Educational Institutions
PureComfort® & PureThermal® Solutions Key Market Sectors Data Centers Supermarkets Hospitals Hotels Educational Institutions Energy intensive Power, heating, cooling Benefits On-site energy/security Sustainability/Green/LEED®* These solutions work best when the building can baseload nearly all of the power and thermal energy. They are naturally electrically “load-following” which is an added benefit. Typical market sectors fitting this profile include Data Centers, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Hotels, and Educational Institutions. These sectors are generally energy-intensive, have power, heating and cooling needs and/or value the clean energy and reliable power attributes of these solutions. They also benefit from the increased power assurance due to the on-site generation of electricity. The fact that the PureComfort® solution is a clean energy solution can contribute to sustainability or green goals your company may have and contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental or LEED points. * Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (United States Green Building Council’s Rating System)

8 PureComfort® & PureThermal® Solutions
Microturbine Fleet Experience > 1.8 million operating hours achieved* ~ 60,000 hrs accumulated monthly* ~ 100 million kWhrs achieved* 143 microturbines in fleet 29 PureComfort® and 22 PureThermal® 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring System provides real-time data Over 30 sites in operation UTC Power’s first microturbines entered service in 2003 at A&P’s Fresh Market in Mt. Kisco, NY. UTC Power’s PureComfort® and PureThermal® fleet has achieved over 1.8 million operating hours in the field at over 30 installations. It has demonstrated high availabilities in the field and the 24/7/365 remote monitoring system is key to identifying and initiating corrective action as soon as a potential issue is identified. The Reagan Library is UTC Power’s largest PureComfort® system installation (16 microturbines). * Includes both PureComfort® and PureThermal® solution installations. (as of Nov 30, 2008)

9 PureComfort® System Performance
Proven Reliability, Multi-Unit Flexibility, and Grid-Independent Functionality > 95% average fleet availability* last 3 yrs Multi-unit prime movers High system availability maintained N+1 reliability > 12,000 hour microturbine MTBF Automatic transition to grid-independent operation during utility grid failures Load following in grid-independent mode Open/Closed/Delayed Transition < 10 second transition time standard Inverter-based system Verizon, California 95% availability† Wal-mart Supercenter, Colorado 96% availability† The PureComfort® solution has demonstrated high operational reliability and leads the industry with greater than 12,000 hours mean time in between failures for the microturbines. It’s grid-independent functionality and multi-unit flexibility makes the PureComfort® solution a very versatile and dependable combined cooling, heating, and power solution. East Hartford High School 97% availability† † last 12 months * Availability based on planned & unplanned outages

10 Environmental Benefits
Example Hospital – Boston, MA Average annual reductions† with PureComfort® Model 400M microturbine system CO2 NOx H2O LEED®** 1052 metric tons* 243 acres In this example, we’ve reviewed the energy data for a large full service hotel in Boston and prepared an environmental scorecard for the PureComfort® solution. As you can see from the numbers, this clean solution contributes to significant annual reductions in carbon, oxides of nitrogen and water. We can equate these savings to acres of forest preserved, cars removed from our roads and gallons of water conserved. The environmental footprint of the PureThermal® solution is even more impressive in terms of reduced carbon emissions as it is displacing heating and power, which has a greater carbon reduction benefit compared to cooling, heating, and power or just cooling and power solutions. In addition, if you are interested in greening your facilities and obtaining certification from the US Green Building Council, this solution can contribute as many as 4-6 LEED points. All of this adds up to an excellent clean and sustainable story for the PureComfort® and PureThermal® solutions. 6 metric tons* 354 cars 213,000 gallons (806,200 liters) 4-6 LEED®** points † Based on Natural Gas fuel and operation of the unit in the Boston area. Typical heating and cooling utilizations for a hospital are 55% and 40% respectively. * Or 2.3 million lbs CO2 / 13,200 lbs NOx. Calculated using guidance from EPA’s Combined Heat & Power office. Using the World Resources Institute Corporate Protocol, the CO2 and NOx tons savings are -25 and 3, respectively ** Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (United States Green Building Council’s rating system)

11 Environmental Benefits
Lower Carbon Emissions than the Cleanest US Electric Grids Utilizing the system’s power and thermal energy means carbon emissions can be lower than the cleanest electric grids in the US. And as more of the microturbine’s waste heat energy is used for heating and / or cooling, the lower the emissions will be. CO2 Emissions Rate = CO2 generated / (Electricity Generated + Avoided Heating Fuel + Avoided Cooling Electric Demand) Utility Emissions Rate based on eGRID* 2007 data for average fossil-fueled generation in the sub-region * The Emissions and Generations Integrated Database from the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

12 Incentives Drive Growth
Key States: NY, NJ, CT and MA Federal Incentive Tax Credit (FITC) in all states $200/kW or 10% whichever is less* CT There are generous incentives for microturbines in several US States, particularly New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Microturbine installations are also eligible for the Federal Incentive Tax Credit or FITC. MA NJ NJ Capital incentives Operational incentives For complete listing see * Or 10% for a CHP installation if overall efficiency is at least 60%

13 On-Site Power Full Range of Services
Turnkey project development and management* Attractive UTC Finance options ($0 up-front costs)* Comprehensive maintenance, extended warranty, and 24/7/365 remote monitoring services Local, trained service technicians* UTC Power offers compelling services to support our clean CCHP systems We provide turnkey project development and management so our customers do not have to worry about the details of installation and commissioning. We offer an attractive lease program where you can obtain a CCHP solution with UTC backed financing which means ZERO up front capital costs. The lease payment can be paid off monthly by the revenue stream that is generated by this equipment as it displaces grid electric costs as well as boiler or chiller costs. This means positive cash flow from day one. UTC Power’s network operations center staffed by our technical support group continuously monitors the performance of the unit 24/7 helps ensure high equipment uptime. Lastly, having local trained service technicians means that if a repair is needed, it will be completed in a timely manner * Currently available in the US only

14 Project Screening Criteria*
5 Steps 1. Is the building located in California or the Northeast? YES 2. Is it served by pipeline natural gas? YES 3. Is the average year-round power demand at least: 65 kW (PureThermal® solution) and 195 kW (PureComfort® solution)? YES 4. Is the difference between electric and natural gas cost at least 2? Ex:13¢/kWh – $10/MMBtu Gas = 3 YES If you have a facility that you would like to evaluate, simply go through this 30 second self-assessment questionnaire. And, if you answered “yes” to all 5 questions, your facility could potentially benefit from UTC Power’s products and services. Please contact us at for further evaluation. Thanks. 5. Is there sufficient space? (~30 ft x 40 ft or ~ 9 m x 12 m required) YES Your facility may benefit from our CCHP Solutions. Please contact us at * US Market

15 Summary The PureComfort® and PureThermal® Combined Cooling, Heating and Power solutions are ready today to deliver: Energy Savings Reliable Power Carbon, Water and Pollution Reductions Sustainable Attributes (LEED®) These solutions are a great fit for Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Supermarkets UTC Power offers a full range of services including $0 down project financing Visit to learn more To summarize, the PureComfort® and PureThermal® systems are microturbine-based Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Solutions with a compelling value proposition. They can help you optimize the energy and environmental performance of your buildings, whether it is a data center, hospital, hotel, educational institution, supermarket, or other industrial or commercial building. Combining the product advantages with the $0 down project financing option, UTC Power’s microturbine solutions are an ideal way for you to move forward into the energy future with confidence.

16 THANK YOU ! Thank you for listening.
Please visit us at for additional information or to contact us.


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