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Lucas Place II “BAQ” Permanent Supportive Housing for

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1 Lucas Place II “BAQ” Permanent Supportive Housing for
Homeless Veterans with Disabilities Evansville, IN I will be using an American flag with the Lucas Place II in the starts and the rest in the stripes

2 Lucas Place II Project Overview
This is a title slide and will have some graphics

3 The Need ►One out of every three homeless individuals is a veteran
► Veterans are twice as likely as other Americans to become chronically homeless ► Veterans are particularly at risk of falling into homelessness ► Lack of affordable housing is the biggest driver of homelessness ► Lack of supportive housing for veterans in Evansville, IN

4 The Solution: Project Vision
► ECHO Housing Corporation and partners will establish Lucas Place II, a supportive housing apartment complex for disabled homeless veterans in Evansville, IN. ► Clients will live in comfortable one bedroom apartments and have access to a menu of supportive services that is defined by the residents’ needs with resident input and evaluation.

5 Project Partners Owner, Property Manager, Fiscal Agent, Service
► ECHO Housing Corporation Owner, Property Manager, Fiscal Agent, Service Provider ► ECHO Housing Corporation currently operates: Lucas Place Transitional Housing - for Homeless Families New Start – Permanent Supportive Housing for Homeless Individuals with Disabilities Property acquisition, rehab and rental management - for low to moderate income families

6 Project Partners (Con’t)
City of Evansville Gayl Killough, Community Development Specialist Vet Center of Evansville, IN Jack Weber, MSW and veteran Additional service provider and referrals VPS Architecture Mike Shoulders CEO, AIA, AICP, LEED, AP Project architect

7 Project Concept This is a title slide

8 Families and couples can be served through other ECHO programs.
Target Population ► Homeless Veterans – Individuals, both male and female ► History – Physical and mental health disabilities, chronic illness, chemical dependency Families and couples can be served through other ECHO programs.

9 Provided Services ► Tenant involvement in planning, design, implementation and evaluation of supportive services ► On site case manager with background as a service provider for veterans or with military experience Participation in services is voluntary and not a condition of tenancy.

10 Community Benefit ► Address critical community need
► Enhanced community development ► Located in Jacobsville Community, designated a “redevelopment area” by the City of Evansville. ► Contribute to neighborhood stability (36% of neighborhood residents and 52% of children are below poverty level) ► Meet the goals of Destination Home – Evansville’s 10 year plan to end homelessness

11 Composition ► New Construction ► Three story apartment complex
► 27 – one bedroom units ► On site case manager ► Laundry room ► Exercise Area ► Meeting/community room with computer access ► Outside garden area for Lucas Place II and area residents

12 Lucas Place II BAQ Proposed Lucas Place II Perspective

13 Lucas Place II “BAQ” 1st Floor Plan 2nd Floor Plan

14 Geographic Location / Site Plan
Proposed Lucas Place II 114 W. Michigan Will have map

15 Location Rationale ► Across the street from Lucas Place and ECHO Housing Corporation offices ► Site Secure ► Access to bus line and public transportation ► Close to community college

16 Location Rationale (Con’t)
Walking distance to: ► Restaurants ► Hospital ► Community Health Clinic ► Pharmacy ► Grocery Store ► Government services including post office ► Library ► Churches ► Day Care

17 Development Title slide

18 Development Budget Total $2,800,000 ► Pre-Development $ 50,000
► Construction Costs ,500,000 ► Professional Fees ,000 ► Developer Fee ,000 Total $2,800,000

19 Community Partners ► Corporation for Supportive Housing
► Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority ► City of Evansville ► Vet Center of Evansville ► VA Medical Center ► VPS Architecture

20 Facility Management ► Office Procedures ► Client Selection Process
► Waiting List Management ► Rent assessment and collection (30 % of earned income) ► Eviction prevention procedure

21 Facility Maintenance ► Property Manager – ECHO Housing Corporation
► Scheduling of service technicians based on a recorded work order system ► Maintenance and grounds keeping schedule ► Preventative Maintenance ► Routine Housekeeping Inspections ► Use of tenants for jobs where possible Use slide of tenant working

22 Social Service Delivery
► Voluntary ► Consumer driven ► Harm reduction ► Research/Evidence based ► Case management with experience as veteran service provider or previous military experience

23 Menu of Supportive Services
► Finance ► Housing ► Support Services ► Counseling ► Brokering Services ► Food & Clothing Bank ► Medical / Psych Services ► Transportation ► 12-Step Support Groups ► Daily Living Skills ► Lost Document Retrieval

24 Project Budgeting and Funding
Title slide

25 Total Budget Summary ► Pre-Development $ 50,000
► Project Development 2,750,000 ► Operations ,400 ► Supportive Services ,500

26 Potential Funding Sources
► Capital ● IHCDA – HOME $ 1,000,000 ● IHCDA – CDBGD ,000,000 ● FHLBI/AHP ,000 ● City of Evansville/HOME ,000 (funding secured) 10/09 Total Available $ 2,925,000

27 Potential Funding Sources
► Operating, Supportive Service, Administration Funding Sources: ● IHCDA – HUD – SHP ● IHCDA – HUD – VASH ● IHCDA –NAP Tax Credits $31,600 ● City of Evansville/CHDO $13,000 secured ● Department of Veteran Affairs ● Foundations / Corporations

28 Project Timetable June-October 2009
- Corporation for Supportive Housing Institute December 2009 - Presentation to potential funding sources - Application for pre-development loan from CSH January – March 2010 - EPA remediation of property January – June 2010 - Funding and application process

29 Project Timetable (Con’t)
► Construction to begin when capital funding is in place ► Two – three months prior to completion ● Hire program staff ● Establish MOU’s with other service providers ● Begin referral and application process ● Rent up to be 100% complete within 120 days of units being ready for occupancy

30 Goals and Outcomes

31 Client Success ► Improved access to and coordination of services
► Stable, affordable housing ► Life skills attainment ► Educational attainment ► Improved mental and physical health ► Improved odds for self-sufficiency with need for fewer services ► Harm reduction

32 Community Impact ► Reduced number of homeless veterans in Evansville
► Neighborhood improvement ► Community pride ► Encouraging community partnerships ► Reduced use of shelters and emergency services

33 Questions & Comments?

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