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CognitiveGenesis Academic Performance

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1 CognitiveGenesis Academic Performance
The Impact of Adventist Education on Academic Performance LaSierra University School of Education Dr. Elissa Kido, Dr. Robert Cruise Presented by Larry Blackmer, Associate Director of Education North American Division Office of Education

2 The AdventistAdvantage
What is it?

3 Adventist Advantage ValueGenesis Next Step CognitiveGenesis

4 SchoolEnrollment Dropped 18%

5 ChurchMembership Grew by 17%

6 ResearchQuestion What impact does Adventist Education have on the academic performance of its students?

7 Speculation and uncertainty still lurks in the minds of parents
MentalComponent Local efforts by conferences in the past have looked at some of the academic performance variables BUT . . . Speculation and uncertainty still lurks in the minds of parents

8 MentalComponent orAcademicPerformance
They question the academic viability of Adventist Education because they lack empirical data demonstrating that Adventist Education successfully promotes students’ intellectual development.

9 Researching the Academic Strength of AdventistEducation
It will produce one of two outcomes, either of which will be beneficial to Adventist education and ultimately to the church.

10 Two Possible Outcomes:
Validate the success of Adventist Education in terms of students’ measurable academic performance And/Or Show areas that need improvement.

11 Benefits Of CognitiveGenesis
Reliable data showing how Adventist Education (AE) compares to other private and public education Correlation with J2E Additional in-service and mentoring in standardized testing and the implementation of the results in the classroom Improved ability to market the positives of AE The ability to take the results and build on the areas we see as concerns Correlation and integration with ValueGenesis

12 Journey to Excellence Goal of J2E is school improvement
J2E is the filter through which NAD evaluates everything in education 10 Preferred Practices One PP is Student Assessment CG would fit nicely in J2E

13 How will this study be different?
Current (Up-to-date) Comprehensive (Population) Objective (Valid) Control variables to remove bias (Explore Causality)

14 Students non-Adventist
Population DemographicComposition Adventist Students Adventist Schools Adventist Students non-Adventist Schools Non-Adventist Students non-Adventist Schools Non-Adventist Students Adventist Schools

15 Variables Measuring AcademicPerformance
--Achievement Scores --SAT or ACT Scores --Percent Taking SAT Scores --Percent Going on to College --Percent graduating from College --Percent graduating from High School

16 ControlVariables Socio-Economic Status (SES) Prior Achievement Gender
Race English as first language Years in Adventist Schools Cognitive Ability

17 Results from one conference

18 TotalAchievement (355 students)

19 PublicSchools (70 students)

20 AdventistSchools (44 students)

21 ITBS Comparison Public Adventist

22 Frequently Asked Questions?

23 How long will it take? 2005-06 Pilot Study
First year of data collection Second year of data collection Third year of data collection Final Report Phase

24 Variables associated with achievement
Prior achievement Minority status Educational level of the mother Father’s occupation Family Income Number of siblings Students in need of special services English is first language at home Custodial condition of parents Participation in music (band, choir)

25 How is this different from what we have done in the past with the ITBS/ITED?
Some additional questions are being asked of the students, parents, and teachers

26 What kind of confidentially will be provided?
Approval from our Internal Review Board has been given Parent surveys will go to third party for tabulation

27 Are there other questions you would like to ask?

28 Who are the other players in this research?
Conferences Teachers, Parents, Students in Schools Unions NAD Other Colleges and Universities

29 “We have nothing to hide & everything to learn.”
-- Kelly Bock, 2005

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