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Assignment Two Bag of Rainbows

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1 Assignment Two Bag of Rainbows
Emma Christian

2 Contents Page Emma Christian Page 4 -- What is an Ordering System
Page 5 -- The new System Skeleton Page 6 -- Part 2 Page 7 -- Costs Page 8 -- Fitting in with Existing Systems Page 9 -- Inputs from the Company Page Part 2 Page Outputs Page Staff Training Page Google Rankings Page Technology Involved Page Risks and Problems Page Google Checkout Page Paypal Page Security Page Bag of Rainbows is a Business Page Shops are now limiting Page Google is trustworthy and Online Checkouts make the best workers Page Ease of Use Page Communication Page Security Page Risks and Costs Emma Christian

3 The Fully Justifiable Proposal
Emma Christian

4 What is an Ordering System
System controls when anyone buys anything online Lots of different ones Like flow charts Easily links with other systems Brilliant for organisation Closely related to CRM It is the system that controls what happens when somebody tries to order (buy) something online. Some are more complicated than others, and some are less secure. This happens every time someone's buys something, and could be compared to a working flow chart. IE “” happens after “” but If “” happens then “” will happen instead. You could say that this method of doing things is doing using event based programming programs. The system should be well connected with the other systems in the companies hands. For example it should be linked with stock so that when a successful payment comes through the stock should automatically decrease by one (although it is still there, the stock could put a ‘ghost’ number in too along with the actual stock to calculated how many things are being shipped and to easily be able to add them back on if they are cancelled). Could also work closely with the CRM for working with the customers (for example if someone rings up in a panic because they are worried their order only took the money and didn’t dispatch the product. If they were all linked they could contact the other department of shipping and because the ordering system would have linked them, then they would be able to give them a status update on the order right away) and with the finance to update the profit spreadsheets. Emma Christian

5 The new system skeleton PART ONE
Find items they wish to buy Log in Or register, depending ( will need to validate) Get a sub total Gives another check at order Gives total plus VAT Chance to move forward with sale and input details Offers Lloyds Validation or similar, just in case Checks card in working and has funds If not order is suspended until they get it right The customer finds things that they wish to buy on the company website, they then log into the secure site if they hadn’t done already and puts items in the basket (updating itself to give them a sub total). When they have chosen what they wish they put it through checkout which checks the stock availability again, and gives them several options for shipping. When they have decided on that they get a final total, and a chance to move forward with the sale and input their details (of course since the site is secure their credit cards are safe). The system then makes sure that the card is in working order, acceptable and has the correct funds in the account, if it does not the order is suspended until the person re inputs a working credit card number in. Emma Christian

6 PART TWO Confirm Details and order Money automatically taken
Order completely confirmed Predicted Arrival and shipping dates Other systems notified Can track packaging Credit Card details Locked Follow up marketing Could be tied to app Feedback on selling process If the card is accepted the person will be given a potential receipt and asked to confirm details, they will also be able to completely confirm the order When they confirm the money will automatically be taken from their accounts and they may have to wait a few mins for this to happen. At the same time the person is told their item is shipped, or transfers or whatever and they are given an predicted arrival rate. Then the finance system and the stock systems will automatically be notified. If the stocks are attached to the warehouse so will they. Over the time until the person gets the order they can access package tracking at any time, and may cancel until the order is finished processing. When they have finished ordering the credit card details are locked away, and can only be access by password. Several of them. All irrelevant information should be scrapped just in case and the order is pushed off into the completed order category. Potentially this is great for marketing because now we have their we can advertise for products just like or with a sales correlation to the one that they just brought. This could also be done by phone, or door to door. In theory this could be tied to an app so that whenever someone buys something it updates it on someone's cell phone. Like showing how much profit, or who the customer is. Emma Christian

7 Costs Server for hosting the website £100-500 a month
Shopping Basket – Around £70 a month Supporting software – depends on the software Encryption software - £10-50 Attached advertising – Anything. Employee training – Depends, possibly £70 per employee Technicians and Support - £ Updating all other Systems along with this one – Consultant charge New computers (if the customized ones will not bow to connectivity) – Around £ Perhaps they also need a little group team building so that they can work together more. Hire an external consultant – Depends on what they do. All variable Emma Christian

8 Fitting in with Existing Systems
Shouldn’t be a problem Depends on whether or not they replace the computers Bag of Rainbows computers are already completely isolated They have also gone feral Systems need to all fit together Need to be easily navigated If one database is updated, they all need to be. Linked It should fit in fairly well depending on the type of supporting programs they use, and the type of computers that the company uses. It would also depend on if they are used correctly or if they are put in badly and ‘fight’ for the other programs for space/priority. It would also depend on how bespoke and isolated the computers are, remember that the systems in bag of rainbows are completely isolated, almost feral in how bespoke and customised they are that the Company should consider putting them down and getting newer tamer computers and severs. It really needs to fit in with the systems for marketing, customer service, stock and finance. The customer details, and the details of what products they buy for the customer service and the marketing. What the ordered and how many for the stock and for the finance how much they paid for all of it. If one of the computers is updated, then they all need to be. Emma Christian

9 Inputs from the company
The company will need to spend both time and money on this They will need to be prepared for any bugs or problems They will need to buy new software They will need to update previous systems and hardware Staff will need to be taught how to use the new system Communication between the departments has to be improved as at the moment they are just not playing for a team, but sitting in separate corners playing patience. They might need to pay more for their website if it has a shopping basket. About £70! A month more Emma Christian

10 Part Two Since the site will be even more important that ever they will need to update that to fit standards too They may need to employ or dismiss some staff. Security Important - handling numbers now Need to work together like dragons While they are at it they could buy some new equipment for actually making the sweets too. Security will be much more important now they are handling customers credit cards online. Encryption, improved anti virus and better care of the system are all musts. The customers must be secure while they are paying for their goods, it is the companies fault if they get virtually mugged because they brought some sweets. They also need to learn how to work together for the good of the company, they cannot work in isolation as separate departments and expect to stay afloat. The different aspects of the company need to work together as a well fed dragon. Emma Christian

11 Outputs Dramatically improved efficiency
Quicker or Slower sales (at the customers leisure) Customer will probably spend more if they see all the sweets just lining up on the page while they browse. Much more likely to buy off the internet than travel “” miles to a sweet shop. Increased communication – Less problems Don’t need cashiers. Automatic ordering Convenience Larger Profit to Costs ratio – much less costs Not bound by store closes because of time, holidays or illness of shop workers Increased response time to changing markets Improved customer service – especially response times Spot new trends quicker Emma Christian

12 Staff Training Staff must know how systems work
Might have to be some redundancies Temp IT staff More effective staff at end Teamwork courses Staff training will be a must as the employees need to know how all the new systems will work. If they cannot understand there might have to be some redundancies. Temporary contractors for IT also, because the company does not have enough need for full time IT employees but may need help in special circumstances such as malicious bugs and updating security. If this all goes through too, they will need to be trained on how to get along, and be as effective as possible. No more customized isolated systems, no more delays or communication issues. Emma Christian

13 Google Rankings While they improve their online ordering and website they will grow further into the online international market. It would be well worth their while to improve their Google page ranking while they are at it. So when someone types in sweets, they are returned with the result ‘Bag of Rainbows’. I would also advise photoshoped images of sweets for the websites, some pretty families advertising and a catchy tune done on music maker. Perhaps some novice online advertisements on youtube, and then upload them to their website. Keywords, Lots of them. Emma Christian

14 Technology Involved Servers
Internet connections and all that entails (routers, hubs, cables, wireless, protection software, monitoring devices, notifications, support software, back ups) Computers Shopping cart software and others Memory Sticks Encryption software Monitors Mice Keyboards Touch screens Applications Laser beams Electro magnetic safes Emma Christian

15 Risks and Problems No additional Profit Something could go wrong
Might mess up website Might make website ineffective May be sued if they cause identity theft There is a small risk that they might not make any additional money from the online shopping if they are not noticed enough. They really need to get the word out and climb up the rankings. Another risk is that they might do something wrong, and totally mess up the entire system. For example if they decided that they wanted to install a server on a computer that didn’t want it, then deleted the wrong thing trying to fix it. Or if they put it in the wrong place, or if they broke the graphics on the website, or if they made the cart unusable. They would have to hire IT staff to work it out, which would be expensive. They might spend all the money and still end up looking like nothing compared to the super cheap and super sparkly sites on the internet (like the ones that advertise surveys for candy, and flash around while you are trying to watch a movie, making silly noises.) Someone might get their credit card details stolen or identity theft and trace it back to them. Then they will be prosecuted and sued for lots more than what happened, which will cause them to go bankrupt or have trading restrictions. Emma Christian

16 Google Checkout Transaction System Fraud protection
Free Package Tracking Not earning, not paying Straightforward Easy to use Google Checkout improves the transaction system too because it has total fraud protection, free package tracking and if you aren’t earning then you aren’t paying. It works a little like paypal but at the business end rather than the customer. Works like every other checkout but instead of costing hundreds.. Well. Note that it cannot be used with paypal or ‘Ebay’ will get angry. Should work well for a company with not much clue what they are doing in regards to technology as Google makes everything straightforward and provides massive amounts of help. More technological companies may choose to make their own. It is a new technology and a recent development in online sales. Emma Christian

17 Paypal Paypal would improve everything because it just makes everything so much safer. Instead of having to trust the company you just have to trust paypal, which you always can. It is also easier to just type in a password and rather than entering card details, address and so on. It is brilliant for companies because customers are less hesitant to buy, and it really reduces the chance to break the data protection act if you don’t have any important data! This is new too. Emma Christian

18 Security Smarter than a Hacker Encryption Certificated website
Random Number Locks Access Levels SSL Data Validation Secured networks Another massive thing is security. The customers wish to be safe while they are shopping and therefore the website had to be smarter than any hacker. Which means encryption. It is used to prevent third parties from recovering original information. Can be free or really, really expensive. When they are certificated they come with a lock in the corner so people can see they are safe. Random number locks are often the most effective. A small USB like program is given which summons up a number. This number is then typed in and used as a password. The number is often summoned up randomly in set loops, so a number cannot be written down and used repeatedly for It would probably not be its set (99% chanceish). Passwords can be cracked, so can numbers, but with the trillions of number possibilities the number thing is more reliable. Especially when used with as password, SSL, data validation and secured network/Workstations. Of course this all means that some technicians will need to be brought in. Emma Christian

19 Justification of Proposal
Emma Christian

20 Bag of Rainbows is a buisness Profit is priority
Limited sales with Shop Floor Small competitor Web = Access to global Market Unlimited Potential, must be nurtured and encouraged Customised Ordering System Bag of Rainbows is a business, and not a not-for-profit or cause orientated business, it may be a family business but its main priority is to make profit, and its main goal is to make even more profit this month than the month before. At the moment its sales is pitifully limited to a shop floor, and will only be a small competitor in a tiny market until eventually it just can't keep up any longer and either goes bankrupt or sells out. At the moment it would never be a global competitor or a serious earner if it carries on the way it is, but it has unlimited potential and that needs to be nurtured and encouraged by new technology. Sales and profit is all in the selling, and the easiest way to effortlessly breach the global market is to sell online using a customised online ordering system. There are so many options that it may be difficult to decide what to do, but that is where my marvellous proposal comes in. Emma Christian

21 Shops are so limiting Shops are limited Limited Stock solved
Travel distance problems solved No heavy lifting to home Money straight from bank No interaction with people Massive Orders = Massive potential Unmarked sweet boxes Shops are limited, if they run out of stock no more can be given till they get more in from their warehouse, and that is the end of that. With online ordering that problem is dramatically reduced. If their is a sudden rush for the jelly tarts then that demand can be met straight from the warehouse and shipped directly from their to the address. If someone in India wants to buy some sweets from a shop in England then they will simply have to fly over, or they will just have to not buy the sweets (probably the most common option). But with online ordering then anyone in the world can order from the shop online! and it will get to them much faster than they could travel over to said shop. Shops also make you carry heavy things home, and you can only carry so much. If you are having a party of 400 children for example, there is no way that the tiny backward shop will have enough, or that they will be able to carry it all home and they will be out of luck, and you will be out of profit. But with my online ordering system, anyone can buy as much as they want, and then get it delivered straight to their door, say hello to massive orders which equal massive profit, and potential!. Also, some people may feel embarrassed about buying sweets, or might not feel like going out that week, in which case they can get them delivered in the comfort of their own home, easily and conveniently in unmarked, unassuming boxes packaged by your non judgmental staff, and only have a short walk to the door. Emma Christian

22 Google is Trustworthy, and Online Checkouts make the best workers
Google is good, can be trusted Unlike Cashiers Detailed Reports Mail Tracking Works all day and night No holidays or illnesses Can be duplicated Reliable Does not care about countries and vanishing Never Complains or drinks coffee Who can you trust if you can't trust a Google program? The cashiers are potentially either incompetent or trying to steal all the companies money whereas this impartial completely safe, works for tiny wage (and you won't have to pay any cashiers) and knows exactly what its doing with free troubleshooting and back up is completely infallible. It also does much more, and makes detailed reports of any sales so that trends can be noticed incredibly quickly and used to best advantage by the marketing team. It can also work all day and all night, and is not effected by such things as it being four in the morning, or on Christmas day, or if a random country vanishes, and therefore is much more reliable, gives much more use and gathers much for profit that anything else. It can also deal with more than one customer at once, never stops for breaks, and if its complaining then computers are taking over the world, and the shop is doomed anyway. They also can't get sick, and are easily backed up in duplicate in case of any small problems. Emma Christian

23 Ease of Use Easy to use No increased cost Streamlined Website
Easiest time possible Automated notification Automated Adverts Login Offers and points Customised lists Pick options such as day or message The entire system is so incredibly easy to use at no real increased cost, with a massive boom in profit. The website itself will be streamlined to perfection to give the users the easiest time possible and the entire system will be make easy to understand for any technologically challenged workers. Automated Notification can work so that it automatically notifies the warehouse what to ship, and where too, also what to restock. It can notify sales and profits to update the daily takings. It also makes it much easier and actually possible to follow up sales with advertising. The people who buy can leave their s and permission to offer adverts and new products, and then s can be sent out detailing offers and popular products. If the website does decide to make people login then they can store their details too for ease of buying items, and can be given customised lists based on what other customers brought with or after the things they did, and offer them too. Also accounts could be given special offers and extra incentives. Shipping options also give ease because the person can pick what day they want it, in what time frame, perhaps leave a message with the postal worker or chose the mailing company. It could also be sent in plain packaging. Emma Christian

24 Communication Vital part of the business Say happy birthday
Keep in touch with the customers FAQ Help submission form Complains and Ideas forms Customers want to be needed and heard Spend more with you Display drawings by kids Family business - Emphasise that No working in isolation Keeping workers satisfied Less chance of a raging ninja quit brainstorming Communication is a vital part of any business both to the staff and with the customers. The customers need to feel like they are being listened to and helped if they desire it, they also wish to be given the best deal. Online Ordering could greatly help with this using little things, like if they gave you a date of birth, send them a mail saying Happy Birthday, or at Christmas (remember to include some sneaky offers). It would also be much easier to answer any questions they have online (a FAQ and a help submission form) and it would also be easier for them to write and submit complaints or ideas. Customers love to complain and compliment, and they also love to be heard, especially when they believe that they have a good idea. And as every business knows, a happy customer will want to give something back, everyone does (this also works with free samples) and in their subconscious they will want to buy more. Connections to the customers is vital. Perhaps display drawings and stories sent in by kids, and put emphasis on the fact that the company is a family business. Communication with the workers is the same, and along with that is the vital communications with other departments. If they work in isolation then something could go dramatically wrong and the company could lose out horrible, and no none would ever know. Also, people can't effectively brainstorm along, and if they wish to be a family company you need to start acting like one. If you listen to the staff then perhaps they wont rage quit and take all the gold from the business bank one day. Emma Christian

25 Security Little lax in old firm Needs to keep out of trouble
Data protection Act Online Selling Standards Secure online site No advanced measures needed Reliable firewalls Google be secure as standard Encryptions Capatcha Biometrics Physical security RSA Messages Fibre optical cables and WEP Levels of access Username / password Security was a little lax in the old firm, but if the company wishes to keep out of trouble it needs to get its security above and beyond what the data protection act, and online selling standards require. It will be easy and cheap to secure the online site, no really advanced measures will need to be used as its a shop and not a high profile target for hackers, professional data collectors will be after targets with more potential for having trillions of rich clients. Sweet companies don't have that. Lots of people give out perfectly reliably working firewalls/other for free and Google checkout will be completely secure as standard, the website will just need encryptions and standard username/capatcha protection. The computers will be protected the same way, also will levels of access, physical security and biometrics could also be in use. The plan has lots more ideas on keeping things secure and I am certain that it is hacker proof. Emma Christian

26 Risks and Costs Risks worth it Profit > Risk Gains > Risks
Should be fireproof Website can look sparkly, childish and tacky Company is doomed without it Levels of access in place, no silly mistakes I believe that all the costs identified are fully worth it as all have been identified because of the need for them, and all of them will make a lot more money that they cost, and more. I also believe that in the long run they can save the company and that without them this company is doomed to be left in the dust of companies who can actually modify the way they sell with the times. Sure, there might be a few risks, and yes, a few things can go wrong, as no plans are totally nature proof. But I think that the gains will far outweigh any imagined risk that could possibly happen. That is what contingency plans are for, and as long as there are no terrible errors everything should happen in the end. It has been realised that if the company carries on the way it is then it will go bankrupt, a little risk is worth that, and a lot of profit is certainly worth that. As long as they market correctly, and create their website to climb straight up the Google rankings then they will have no problems with lack of customers, and with the levels of access in place and nobody who has no idea how to use a computer is given incorrect access then the system should be safe from any serious human error. The other risk is also dispelled, as I am sure the website can easily look as sparkly, childish and tacky as any other website on the web, given that they named it bad of rainbows in the first place. Emma Christian

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