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Julie Pluemer- Tech Prep Specialist Greg Quam- CTE Coordinator Darla Burton-Educational Consultant.

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1 Julie Pluemer- Tech Prep Specialist Greg Quam- CTE Coordinator Darla Burton-Educational Consultant

2 Located in the Southwest Corner of Wisconsin Cover 5 Counties (80 X 100 miles) Population 122,000 people 147, 000 hogs & pigs 429,000 cattle and calves 131,000 milk cows Does not include white tail deer, wild turkey, chicken and sheep Average 6 animals to every person 7 School Districts Largest: Platteville High School = 476 students Smallest: Argyle High School = 116 students

3 Largest Metropolitan Area: Platteville (9,989) Prairie du Chien (6,022) Richland Center (5,165) Stoplights Take a guess….

4 Project Lead the Way(PLTW®) A 501c(3)- is a not for profit corporation.

5 PLTWs® curriculum makes math and science relevant for students. By engaging in hands-on, real-world projects, students understand how the skills they are learning in the classroom can be applied in everyday life. This approach is referred to as activities-based learning, project-based learning, and/or problem-based learning.

6 Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Grades 1-5 (EiE is NOT part of PLTW, but it is endorsed by PLTW).

7 EiE is working with educational organizations across the U.S. to introduce engineering to children and educators in their local regions.

8 EiE Research based Standards based Classroom tested curriculum 20 units listed at:

9 Each Engineering is Elementary unit engages students in an exciting design challenge. The Units connect to math, language arts and social studies lessons

10 EiE Units Each unit includes a storybook where a child character engineers a solution to a problem using math and science. Different countries are featured in the stories and incorporates social studies.

11 EiE Units Lesson Plans come with detailed instructions. Photocopy ready handouts for students. Background information and resources for Teachers. Assessment sheets and rubrics.

12 EiE Units Simple Machines Air & Weather Insects & Plants Landforms & Erosion Solids and Liquids Electricity (more at

13 EiE Professional Development available- Stephanie Bernander, Greg Quam, Darla Burton Curriculum is $45/binder. Binders may be copied Books cost about $7 each

14 Gateway to Technology GTT Grades 6-8 Six independent nine week courses

15 Gateway to Technology GTT Design and Modeling The Magic of Electrons The Science of Technology Automation and Robotics Flight and Space Energy and the Environment (new)

16 Pathway to Engineering PLTW 9-12 Eight courses offered in a three tiered approach

17 Pathway to Engineering PLTW 9-12 Tier One Foundation Introduction to Engineering Principles of Engineering Digital Electronics

18 Pathway to Engineering PLTW 9-12 Tier Two Specialization Courses Aerospace Engineering Biotechnical Engineering Civil Engineering and Architecture Computer Integrated Manufacturing

19 Pathway to Engineering PLTW 9-12 Tier Three Capstone Course Engineering Design and Development (EDD)

20 Pathway to Engineering PLTW 9-16 Tier Three Capstone Course Offered through the newly developed Southwest Academy for 21st Century Excellence

21 Academy Must have taken at least 2 PLTW courses Follows the Youth Apprenticeship model-- meets on Wednesdays after school from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

22 Academy EDD Instructor is Scott Swan Students apply to attend Laptops are provided (WIRED grant and Kern Family Foundation) Students have a mentor--engineer from the community Research course

23 To understand the scientific process and application of technology To use mathematics to solve real problems To increase rigor and relevance Brains on and hands on education Dean Isaacson Our education failure is the largest contributing factor to the decline of American workers global competitiveness, particularly at the middle and bottom range. Thomas L Friedman

24 What are your road blocks? What are your assets?

25 DEVELOP A LEADER Select area school who could implement the program Instructors ability to implement the program Administration support Present facilities and equipment Geographic location

26 Introduction Meetings Instructors Discussed the curriculums Implementation plan School visits Grant opportunities and funding Instructors/Administration What would PLTW add to your school Grant opportunities and funding Sustainability

27 Yearly plan Goals Outcomes Funding Person Responsible Monthly plan Process Date Participants Funding Results

28 ProcessDateParticipantsFundingResults August September October November December January February March April May June July GoalsOutcomeFundingPerson Responsible Year One Year Two Year Three Yearly and Monthly Plan

29 Each school could implement 2 classes IED POE We need to add classes by integration into classes currently offered Initially we need to share equipment Release of liability Communication was a key component

30 Advisory Committees Instructors Meet four times per year Location????? Agenda Sets two goals per year Discussion on PLTW issues at the state and national level Instructor discussion Entire Committee Instructors Post secondary instructors Business and community members Student Parent

31 Funding and sustainability Kern Family Foundation Department of Workforce Development Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board WIRED Carl Perkins 10% Grants Small School Grant Local funding

32 What are your road blocks? How would you address your road blocks? What are your assets? How can you increase your assets? Can you answer the question? Can you fit in???

33 Ask yourself the question: what is next? How do we offer more classes in each school? Creative scheduling How can we offer Engineering Design and Development? Create a partnership with Southwest Technical College

34 What is working for us STEMposium PLTW Scholarship Business partnership Why STEM Summer Gateway Academy Engineering is Elementary Newsletter PACE Program Business and Education Summit Legislative Day Website

35 Develop an evaluation process Annually Fall of the year Review yearly goals Review monthly goals Set goals for the next year

36 Copy of the presentation Copy of the Southwest Wisconsin Small School Consortium Newsletter Yearly and monthly chart Southwest Academy for 21 st Century Excellence brochure

37 Darla Burton 608-822-3276 x231 Mary Johannesen 608-822-3276 X215 Julie Pluemer 608-822-2369 Greg Quam 608-342-4024

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