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2010 Census Lookout 2010 Census USS CTPP Slides available at

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1 2010 Census Lookout 2010 Census USS CTPP Slides available at

2 Ed Christopher Resource Center Planning Team Federal Highway Administration 19900 Governors Drive Olympia Fields, IL 60461 708-283-3534 2010 Census ACS and CTPP

3 Census 2010 Its Only a Short Form Questionnaire 7 Questions Name Sex Age Relationship Hispanic Origin Race Owner/Renter

4 Not a bad website

5 2010 and more



8 2010 Timeline Department of Administration Demographic Services Center 101 E. Wilson St., 10th Floor, PO Box 8944 Madison, WI 53708-8944 Mr. Philip Wells (608) 266-1927

9 Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) School District Review Program (SDRP) Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) Tribal Statistical Areas Program (TSAP) UZA Definitions Geography Programs

10 Appeal Time

11 MAF/TIGER Partnership Software


13 PSAP Draft Schedule as of March 2008 Gail A. Krmenec, Geographic Coordinator U.S. Census Bureau 500 West Madison Street, Suite 1600 Chicago, Illinois 60661-4555 Voice: (312) 454-2714 FAX : (312) 488-1510 Email:

14 Urbanized Area Definitions http:// 2000 density based, automated process, identified urban clusters (2,500 pop), ignored place boundaries 2010 still in internal discussions Investigating use of place of work data Reviewing land use covers and digital elevation maps Thinking about household densities Look for criteria for defining urbanized areas and clusters in Spring 2009 in Federal Register


16 The Transportation Side Long Form to ACS 1960 OMB Journey-to-Work Tables 1970 and 1980 Urban Transportation Planning Package (UTPP) 1990 and 2000 Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) At ResidenceAt Workplace Flows between Home and Work

17 Do we all know what the ACS is? Remember The Long Form is Dead Nada, History, Kaput!

18 C ensus T ransportation P lanning P roducts The CTPP embodies a collection of Census Data used for Transportation Planning. With changing data needs and the ACS, there will be a variety of different products useful for transportation planning emanating from Census Data. There will be Special Tabulations, Standard Tables and even Value Added-products. The CTPP captures all of these. Think of CTPP as a place to look for Census Data products to help with your Transportation needs Enter the ACS era…

19 Journey to Work Data What were the sizes of the JTW data products and who paid for them? Buyers/UsersDirect CostTables 1960OMB??? 1970112$0.6 M43 1980152$2.0 M82 1990$2.5 M120 2000$3.0 M203 2005 + AASHTO Consolidated Purchase $5.9 Million All States and MPOs

20 $5,920,003TOTAL $465,000Oversight Activities $2,980,000Data Products $920,000Research $625,000Training $930,000 On-Demand Technical Assistance AASHTO Led Oversight Board Five Year period ~ 2011 Consolidated (ACS era) CTPP Purchase Federal Technical Advisory Group TRB Subcommittee -- List Serve (700 strong) Quarterly Newsletter -- Outreach Several Websites

21 AASHTO Oversight Board States Mel Adams, VT (Region I) Nathan Erlbaum, NY (Region I) Hui Wei Shen, FL (Region II) Mike Thomas, GA (Region II) Phillip Mescher, IA (Region III) Ahmad Jaber, UT (Region IV) Ayalew Adamu, CA (Region IV MPOs Kuo-Ann Chiao, NYMTC Jerry Duke, RTC Vegas Steven Gayle, BMTS Mell Henderson MARC Arash Mirzaei, NCTCOG Guy Rousseau, ARC Ex Officio Members Ed Christopher, FHWA Alison Fields, Census Bureau DeLania Hardy, AMPO Elaine Murakami, FHWA Robert Padgette, APTA Alan Pisarski, Consultant Steven Polzin, USF. CUTR Nanda Srinivasan, TRB Chair: Kent Cooper, NV (Region IV) Vice Chair: Jonette Kreideweis, MN (Region III) AASHTO Liaison: Ronald McCready 17 voting members: 9 states and 8 MPOs Consensus Decision Making

22 AASHTO Oversight Board First meeting August 5-6, 2008 Approved Work Program Program Management--Hire Person Census Data Tabulations 3- and 5-year data products TAZ creation Training and Technical Assistance Research Approved FHWA-CB IAA for $1.19 million

23 Census Data Tabulations 3- and 5-year data products TAZ creation X

24 3-year Product Hits Snag Disclosure Review Board All Tables rounded like 2000 No thresholds on Univariate Mode tables Cell thresholds on all Mode by X tables Tables with failing cells will be suppressed Includes all Resident and Workplace tables Worker flows by Total Workers and Flows by Mode [7] no thresholds

25 So what does all this mean? Feb 5: Submitted 3-year CTTP Data request Feb. 14: Staff email suggests new DBR rules Mar. 12: New DRB rules received March-April: Discussed with community May 2: Sent response to DRB May 12: Met with full DRB June 2: AASHTO files appeal August 5: FHWA sends support letter Appeal set for August 28, 2008

26 DRB Says… Too many cross-tabulations by Means of Transportation (Mode) Age Class of Worker Disability status Earnings Household Income Poverty status Industry Occupation Length of U.S. residence Minority Status (Y/N) Time Leaving Home Time Arriving (Part 2) Travel Time Vehicle Availability Workers in Household Age of Youngest Child …makes for micro data record

27 Are the rules necessary? We say NO * DRB Says yes *..and so does the Committee on National Statistics as well as Westat, a national survey firm The Census Bureau should undertake research to develop confidentiality protection rules and procedures for tabulations from the ACS that recognize the protection afforded to respondents by pooling the data over many months. ---CNSTAT, 2007

28 The data is already protected Administratively: Swapping, Imputation, complex weighting Methodologically: Period estimate not point in time, very large weights and small sample sizes, MOEs at 90% confidence and addressed based sampling Statistically: Estimated values change over time, data is cohorted, income and age adjustments

29 Census Data Tabulations 3- and 5-year data products TAZ creation What we were planning a year ago

30 The TAZ story gets involved To be paid out of IAA Business Rules set Cost estimate in Last minute cost increase (50%) Considering options

31 TAZ Issues, Questions and Options Work Though contract with the CB Geography to developed TAZs in 2009, have them put into TIGER and yield to yet another last minute CB cost increase Develop a block to TAZ equivalency process after 2010 blocks are defined that is independent of CB Geography at a potentially reduced cost Will there be TAZs? What size will they be? What will the process be? When will it start?

32 5-year data product Hinges on DRB posture and appeal to Data Stewardship Executive Policy Committee Likely to be all synthetic Needs some key research to be done What else can be said? X

33 Geography The 3-year Product dream MSA – EACH Principal City Metropolitan Statistical Area State-POW PUMA State-PUMA State-Place State-County-MCD State-County Nation (US Total) Product Structure 3-Parts Part 1- Place of Residence Part 2- Place of Work Part 3- Flows between Home and Work (Extraction Software) State Stay Tuned


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