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Wisconsin Insurance Alliance

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1 Wisconsin Insurance Alliance
Annual Meeting Secretary Reggie Newson Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Wisconsin: The Workforce of Choice February 1, 2012 Madison Club

2 Wisconsin Is Open for Business
“We are turning things around. We are headed in the right direction.” Governor Walker’s Strategies Working Recent State Address Shows Results: Unemployment rate down, lowest since 2008 Added 13,500 private sector jobs last year vs. 150,000 loss previous three years 94% of job creators say Wisconsin’s on right track Majority of employers surveyed plan to expand, hire workers

3 Wisconsin Is Open for Business
“We are turning things around. We are headed in the right direction.” “Wisconsin Working” Builds on Successful Strategies First day in office, declared Wisconsin open for business Affirmed job creation goal, called special sessions to spur growth Won approval of tax credits to help create jobs Achieved regulatory reform Created new economic development agency Working with employers to find quality employees Moving Wisconsin forward

4 Property & Casualty Insurance, Key WI Industry
Economic impact – 2010 payroll topped $1.22 Billion Nearly 500 firms, 18,870 direct employees Average annual salary, nearly $65,100 vs. $40,000 average overall Among leading private sector employers in communities American Family, Madison QBE, Sun Prairie Sentry, Stevens Point ACUITY, Sheboygan

5 Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation
First in Nation WC Program Advisory Council with equal membership 5 labor, 5 management Competing interests committed to consensus Latest example, AB-499, subject of public hearing today Raises permanent partial disability benefit At $312 per week, still among lowest Iowa, highest, at $1,300 per week Industry has key role in successful process Sentry, Liberty Mutual & QBE are non-voting Advisory Council members

6 Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation
Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Rates Among Lowest

7 Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation
Wisconsin Average Cost per WC Case Among Nation’s Lowest Wisconsin ranks 39th among 45 states with comparable plans Average cost of $8,120 = 7th lowest nationally Illinois ranks 4th highest at $19,805 average cost per case Minnesota ranks 15th highest at $12,853 Iowa ranks 28th highest at $10,290 Michigan ranks 38th at $8,313

8 Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation
Wisconsin Gets High Marks in National Studies Workers back on job faster → 1st among 11 study states Study states include Calif., Tex., Mich., Penn., Fla. Worker satisfaction → 1st among 11 states in HC study States include Calif., Tex., Mich., Penn., Fla. Time loss ranking →lowest of 16 study states Temporary disability average 4 weeks shorter than median Study states include Calif., Tex., & Midwest states Source: Workers Compensation Research Institute

9 Rising Healthcare Costs Among Challenges
WC has strong safety focus, employer partnerships Single “Wrap Up” Coverage of major construction projects Multiple contractors, one policy, one safety plan Site visits, inspections, pro-active approach to prevent accidents Examples: Marquette Interchange, UW-Madison Discovery Center Wisconsin Corporate Safety Awards Highlights successful safety programs as examples for others Funded in part by DWD

10 Special Cabinet on Economic and Workforce Investment Plan
Wisconsin Working Special Cabinet on Economic and Workforce Investment Plan “For over a year we have been building a better job creation environment in Wisconsin. These new initiatives will continue our efforts to create jobs for Wisconsin families.” Governor Walker.

11 Wisconsin Working – DWD Role
Plan helps address skills gap, promote private sector job creation Double the number of job fairs held in 2012 Hire 14 additional staff to assist in re-employment services Partner with WEDC to identify employers’ labor needs and supply interested workers to fill openings Work with the Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs to assist veterans in finding meaningful employment Create College and Workforce Readiness Council to recommend improvements that will result in immediate job creation Support “Wisconsin Wins” legislation to help unemployed workers gain skills

12 Workforce Challenge: Skills Gap
When we entered office, we were surprised by the skills gap: 120,000 people on unemployment, yet employers telling us, “I can’t find welders.” What are we doing to match workers to jobs? Sending targeted job recruitments to over 77,000 jobseekers Organizing almost 200 job fairs serving 1,400 employers and 24,000 jobseekers Unemployment Insurance claimants must now register with Job Center of Wisconsin and complete a resume

13 Four-year College Degree, or more
Workforce Challenge High School Drop Out Many occupations require at least technical degree 65.8% lack technical degree Four-year College Degree, or more 11% 25.4% High School Grad Associates Degree 34.3% 8.8% Some College (no degree) 20.5% Wisconsin workers -- Age 26 & older Source: U.S. Census, American Community Survey

14 = opportunities
Job openings exceeding 32,000 Top 10 job openings statewide on Transportation / Moving Computer & Math Architecture & Engineering Military Personal Care & Service Production / Manufacturing Office and Administrative Support Healthcare Practitioners (RNs/LPNs) Management Sales

15 DWD Strategic Goals Connect job seekers to jobs (250,000 jobs)
Support development of highly skilled labor force Achieve unemployment insurance solvency and increase program integrity Deliver DWD services more efficiently and support increased transparency and accountability

16 Wisconsin: The Workforce of Choice
DWD Strategic Goals Connecting job seekers to jobs Promote Job Center of Wisconsin, job services DWD & partners provide Connect unemployment insurance claimants to employment & training services Empower individuals with barriers to employment to become economically self sufficient

17 Wisconsin: The Workforce of Choice
DWD Strategic Goals Support development of highly skilled labor force Engage Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment Coordinate, align workforce development programs with public & private sector partners Focus resources on key sectors with high growth, strong demand for workers

18 Wisconsin: The Workforce of Choice
DWD Strategic Goals Achieve UI solvency, increase program integrity Engage Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council Increase UI program efficiency and cost effectiveness

19 Wisconsin: The Workforce of Choice
DWD Strategic Goals Deliver DWD Services More Efficiently and Support Increased Transparency and Accountability Continuously identify and implement strategies to deliver programs and services more efficiently Improve funding and efficiency of the Equal Rights and Worker’s Compensation programs Measure results to allow for informed decision making on resource allocations Enhance efficiencies by implementing high-priority IT projects

20 Thank You! Questions? Secretary Reggie Newson
Department of Workforce Development 201 East Washington Avenue P.O. Box 7946 Madison, WI Telephone: (608)

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