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WHEN IM MOBILE Mobile Website Optimization Services February 2009.

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1 WHEN IM MOBILE Mobile Website Optimization Services February 2009

2 YOU DECIDE: … This? …Or this?

3 INTRO WHEN IM MOBILE provides: Mobile formatting for band & label websites Rich offerings designed for immediate fan engagement via mobile web Info and content delivered direct to fans on their device of choice Custom versions optimized for specific categories of mobile & portable devices Ongoing site maintenance Overall online / mobile strategy

4 WHY GO MOBILE? Your fans are already there Social networking Reading e-mail Checking out their favorite activities No delayed gratification The info and content fans want when they want it Undivided attention on phone Extend your bands & brands across multiple platforms

5 MARKET BACKGROUND Very strong trend toward mobile web browsing and smartphones Smartphone sales to go from 130 MM (2008) – 530 MM (2013) WW mobile internet usage to grow 490 MM (2008) – 1.3 BB (2012) – average Y-O-Y growth 25% Mobile social networking projected average Y-O-Y growth 58% over same period Carrier plans promoting heavy data usage among US subscribers: US smartphone browsing 4.5 hours per month (2008), 2x UK average ABI Research, eMarketer, M:Metrics

6 DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Simple, clean design approach Rich & engaging user experience designed from fans perspective Provides easy access to key content & info Reflect design approach of main band site Ease of use for fan and client Device detector delivers fully mobile-standards- compliant versions optimized for each device category Simple, flexible back-end site update system to add news & content

7 KEY SITE ELEMENTS Menu / Main page Content elements determined by client in partnership with WIM to bring appropriate content, functionality and graphics to the mobile user experience iPhone version preserves character, personality and integrity of main site; WAP version also emulates main site within current browser limitations Menu items on WAP version are hotkey-linked - activated using the number pad on supported devices

8 KEY SITE ELEMENTS Artist Select Screen Quick access to multiple label artists or other content offerings Home / Main menu button facilitates easy access / navigation

9 KEY SITE ELEMENTS Artist Detail Page iPhone version exploits advanced navigation capabilities of device – horizontal top-nav button WAP version efficiently presents all offerings on one page News & press releases Latest news headlines / press releases – maintained manually or database-driven / RSS content Headlines page links to detailed items Pages cross-linked to other areas of mobile site

10 KEY SITE ELEMENTS Audio / Video streaming Audio presented via streaming mp3 or QT files (downloads available on WAP deck) Videos via the Youtube application (iPhone) or the YouTube Mobile website (WAP), or via client- hosted streams. Tour Dates Tourdate maintenance module – new dates (also news items, etc.) can be added remotely by authorized users. Module also works for news items & other dynamic info.

11 KEY SITE ELEMENTS Buy Links Affiliate link programs in place with iTunes and Amazon providing immediate revenue and gratification. Additional m-commerce opportunities (PayPal mobile, carrier- billed transactions) under discussion.

12 KEY SITE ELEMENTS Additional elements - to be reviewed based on client needs and tech capabilities: CRM/data capture Sponsorship offerings / strategic partnerships Ad-supported sites and elements Community elements: contests, polls, UGC, social network tie-ins, etc.

13 TRY IT YOURSELF. Please visit these sites from your favorite mobile device:

14 THANK YOU. Contact info: John Hammond (862)596-0722 Jonathan Thaler (347)831-4870

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