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This year we will be a TRC Classroom!

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1 This year we will be a TRC Classroom!
Teacher Name Grade Level School Technology-Rich Classroom Project A MODEL FOR REDESIGNING KANSAS CLASSROOMS

2 The TRC Vision….A Reality
~A Classroom Focus~ TRC is a grant designed by the Kansas Department of Education to assist schools with student and teacher empowerment to infuse technology into an engaging and active environment that enables the learner to become a technologist, problem solver, researcher and creator of learning opportunities.

3 Goals of TRC Enhancing student knowledge of reading, math, and/or science through 21 Century Context and the use of 21st Century Learning Tools. Improving teacher technology skills and using those improved skills to enrich standards-based instruction, engage students and encourage higher order thinking. Supporting grantees movement toward a self-sustaining technology rich learning environment. Engaging school leaders in support of TRC Classrooms, TRC Schools and the TRC Program.

4 21st Century Skills “In order to provide both flexibility and security in an era characterized by constant change, 21st century students need ‘knowing how to learn’ skills that enable them to acquire new knowledge and skills, connect new information to existing knowledge, analyze, develop habits of learning, and work with others to use information . . .” ICT Literacy: Equipping Students to Succeed in an Information-Rich, Technology-Based Society (Linda Tyler)

“It is like in the past I was a caveman teaching with twigs and rocks and now we have developed the wheel.” --TRC Teacher

6 Classroom Equipment This year, your students will be using…
2:1 Student to Computer Ratio (laptops or desktops) Interactive White board Media Projector Digital Still Camera Printer Scanner Internet access Software to support instruction and curriculum projects Desktop WebCam & Headset/microphone USB Flash Drive Document Camera (Elmo, Ken-A-Vision Viewer, etc.) Digital Video Camera & Tripod

7 Student Centered Learning
Students use the Intel Visual Ranking Tool to justify their position in a 7th grade math class.

8 Problem Solvers 6th Grade students use the Internet to research information for a plant reproduction project.

9 Creators 7th Grade students create a multimedia project to summarize the “Extreme Shoebox Makeover” project that applied math equations to remodel a room.

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