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FaceBook Pics More Important Than You May Realize!

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1 FaceBook Pics More Important Than You May Realize!

2 Your Picture Tells Your Story So pick a photo you want to keep for a while Remember, you are BRANDING yourself

3 If you had broccoli in your teeth… Would you want to know????

4 Which Ones You? Lesson #1 – One person per picture

5 Get A Room….. Lesson #2 – Keep your personal life personal

6 Binoculars please… Lesson #3 – Make your face visible (you want to be recognized!)

7 Arent You A Little Young…. Lesson #4 – Use your own photo, not your kids or grandkids!

8 Live in the now! Lesson #5 – Recent photos please….

9 Let Me Guess, You Are A Ghost.. Lesson #6 – Put a picture in! This shows your arent serious!

10 Amazing Cat Sells Real Estate…. Lesson #7 – Pets are for home…Unless they answer the phone

11 You or Mother Nature? Lesson #8 – Your trip to Holland may have been great, but will I know you when I see you?

12 Ummmm, well, oh Nevermind…. Lesson #9 – Keep religion, politics, and controversial activities to yourself (unless you WANT a small crowd)

13 No Billboards! Lesson #10 – Dont do this!! This is WAYYYY to busy and WAYYYY to salesy and just uncool

14 Not Too Much Makeup Lesson #11 – Please dont scare the children! (or the adults for that matter)

15 Put Your Clothes On Lesson #12 – If you want to be a bathing suit model, call Tyra Banks

16 Im All In, But My Wife…. Lesson #13 – Dont confuse people with what youre selling or offend their spouses

17 No Lopping Off Friends Lesson #14 – If youre in love with your picture, make sure you do a great job cropping! (sorry Rick)

18 Glamour Shots are just OK Lesson #15 – They just dont set you apart…Lots of people have them with the same background

19 Good Lighting Is Critical Lesson #16 – Make sure it is you, not your background that is showcased

20 The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul…. Lesson #17 – Who is that behind those Foster Grants? Dont let people think you are hiding something…

21 Be Happy Lesson #18 – Nobody likes to work with a grouch. Nice job Barb

22 Instant Celebrity Lesson #19 – In most peoples minds, looking like a star makes you a star

23 Angles… Thinking Outside The Box Lesson #20 – Cool angles make your picture recognizable (follow the other rules though)

24 Black and White Lesson #21 – Black and White photos really stand out

25 Nothing But You - No Distractions!

26 This is your first impression Let your personality shine This is about you being you Wear what you normally wear Pick the right photo, youre gonna have it a while

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