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NEXT BACK HOPE ENGLISH Unit four Feelings NEXT BACK I. Listening and Practice II. Background Information III. Reading Activity Pre-reading Activity Detailed.

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2 NEXT BACK HOPE ENGLISH Unit four Feelings

3 NEXT BACK I. Listening and Practice II. Background Information III. Reading Activity Pre-reading Activity Detailed Reading Post-reading Activity IV. Practical Writing Contents

4 NEXT BACK Listening activity Listen to the News and answer the following questions 1.What is it about? 2.How many hours do we need to sleep well? 3.Do you have sleep problems?

5 NEXT BACK script A new report says an estimated fifty million to seventy million Americans have sleep problems. It says many more are suffering from lack of sleep. A group of sleep research organizations asked the Institute of Medicine to study the problem. The institute is part of Americas National Academy of Sciences. The study examined why we need sleep, the effects of sleep loss and other sleep disorders. A fourteen-member committee carried out the study. The Institute of Medicine reported their findings earlier this month.

6 NEXT BACK script Harvey Colten of Columbia University in New York City led the study. He says sleep disorders are not recognized enough by the general public and the medical community. The report says too few researchers are studying sleep disorders. It also says too few health care workers are trained to identify and treat the problem. The report says American businesses lose more than one hundred thousand million dollars a year because of tired workers. Some employees are too tired to report for work. They have accidents or are less productive at work. Other costs included increased visits to doctors.

7 NEXT BACK script The study found that twenty percent of injuries caused by serious car accidents are linked to sleepy drivers. Alcoholic drinks were not linked to the accidents. Other studies have linked poor sleep to an increased risk of health problems like heart disease, depression and unhealthy amounts of body fat. Researchers say the reason for this link is unclear. Many experts say a good amount of sleep is as important to health as diet and exercise. They say most people need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Less than that can interfere with mental and physical abilities. It can lead to more serious problems, including severe sleeplessness. It also can lead to sleep apnea. People with this condition temporarily stop breathing while they sleep.

8 NEXT BACK script Researchers involved in the study are suggesting a number of steps to help prevent sleep disorders. They suggest a campaign to inform the public about the problem. They want increased education and training among health care workers. And they are calling for new technology to identify and cure sleep problems. This VOA Special English Health Report was written by Lawan Davis. Read and listen to our reports at I'm Shep O'Neal. E-mail this article

9 NEXT BACK Doctors say that a healthy being is made up of a sound body and a sound mind. How do you view this question? Nowsadays with the pace of life becoming faster and faster, many people have more or less psychological problems, although we never make any fuss about it, but it does not mean that the problem is not there. Today we are going to talk about feeling. Background Information

10 NEXT BACK Speaking activity 1.Talk to your partner if you have any problems in your feelings recently? 2. What are they, how do you cope with them?

11 NEXT BACK 1.Do you have too many courses to take and what about the exams? 2. Do you find it hard to find a good friend in college? 3. Do you worry about money in college? Pre-reading Activity

12 NEXT BACK Detailed Reading Words to know Analysis of Reading A

13 NEXT BACK words to know abuse 1. Abuse (verb): Williams abused his power of Mayor to take bribes. 2. Abuse (noun): drug abuse; alcohol abuse; 3. Abusive(adj): abusive language;

14 NEXT BACK anticipate 1. Anticipate(verb): meaning expect,. Eg, they are expecting (anticipating) a large crowd at the carnival. It is anticipated that the interest rate will fall. He is anticipating her arrival. 2. Anticipation(noun): His failure in the exam was totally out of his anticipation. words to know

15 NEXT BACK anxiety Anxiety(noun): People nowadays have more and more anxieties about their job security. Anxious(adj): Feeling scared, Joe? no, just a little anxious. He was quite anxious to know the result of the exam.( words to know

16 NEXT BACK words to know assist 1. Assist(verb): meaning help; I was employed to assist the manager with his work. 2. Assistance( noun) Can I be of any assistance? I completed the job without any assistance. 3.assistant(noun) : assistant manager; shop assistant; words to know

17 NEXT BACK words to know attune Be attuned to be familiar with; British companies are not attuned to the need of the Japanese market. words to know

18 NEXT BACK words to know avenue Anenue lane The fifth avenue; road; highway/freeway/express way; street; sidewalk words to know

19 NEXT BACK words to know 1.Concern(noun): chairman Jiang expressed his conern over(about; for) the laid-off workers. 2. Sbs concern /not sbs concern / his concern is making money; helping others is not my concern. 3. concern(verb): His selfishness really concerns his parents. The story concerns a man who was mistreated by his two daughters. 4. Concerned(adj): be concerned with/about ; as far as I am concerned; 5. Concerning( : concerning the murder, no one knows who did it. words to know

20 NEXT BACK confusion 1. Confusion(noun) : He has some confusion over/about the question. 2. Confuse(verb) This problem really confuses him. 3. Confused(adj ) sb is confused about sth. 4. Confusing(adj ) sth is confusing to sb. 5. Confuse confound. words to know

21 NEXT BACK cope Cope with a difficult problem; do with now I have to cope with the problem of feeding the family with my limited salary. words to know

22 NEXT BACK destructive 1. Destructive(adj) destructive weapons; 2. Destruct(verb) destruct the building; 3. Destruction(noun) neuclear weapons can lead to the destruction of the whole world. 4. construct; words to know

23 NEXT BACK discern 1. Discern(verb) : perceive; It was difficult to discern which of them was telling the truth. 2. Discerning(adj) :Luxun was a very discerning writer.( 3. Discernment(noun): I hope she can show more taste and discernment in choosing a husband. words to know

24 NEXT BACK engage Engage(verb): engage in ( the politician busily engaged in various political activities. Engaged (adj): Rose and Jack have got engaged. The phone is engaged. Engagement(noun): break the engagement words to know

25 NEXT BACK experience Experience(verb): Have you ever experienced this kind of feeling? Experience(noun): This job does not require any experience at all./ practical experience./unforgettable experience. Experienced(adj): an experienced pilot. words to know

26 NEXT BACK financial 1. Financial(adj): financial crisis. 2. Finance(noun): the universitys finance committee. 3. Finance(verb): The English Association is financed by the English department. fund. words to know

27 NEXT BACK flunk 1. Flunk(verb): He flunked English last semester. fail. 2. Ben messed out and flunked out of college. words to know

28 NEXT BACK graduate 1. Graduate(verb): next year, I will be graduating from this college. 2. Graduate(noun) postgraduate). 3. Graduation(noun) graduation ceremony. words to know

29 NEXT BACK implication 1. Implication(n): I refuse to be in the implication of this quarrel. (involvement) 2. the well-known implication of by some girls is in fact the reverse(. Words to know

30 NEXT BACK intent Intent(v): He intents to rob the bank to pay off the debt. Intent(n): His intent to marry her is just for her money rather than for love. Intention(n): What is your intention of marrying her? Words to know

31 NEXT BACK overwhelming 1. Overwhelm(v) I was completely overwhelmed by the grief. I was overwhelmed by the success. 2. Overwhelming(adj) a overwhelming majority. 3. ly. Words to know

32 NEXT BACK perspective Perspective(n) : to study history from the perspective of Marxism. prospective. Words to know

33 NEXT BACK Stake 1. At stake=in danger. If I fail in this fight, my countmens life will be at stake. 2.stake(v): He staked all his fortune on this race. Words to know

34 NEXT BACK tension 1. Tense(adj): He often feels tense and nervious when he speaks in front of the public. 2. Tension(n): If you have great tension after your work, enjoy some music when you come home. 3. Tense(n) the present tense;the future tense; the past tense. Words to know

35 NEXT BACK para2 It is important to understand that even though such strategies are unltimately destructive, the individual utilizing them is rightfully concerned with trying to effectively manage his or her world as he or she experiences it at the moment. it is important that; utilizing individual; as when; Analysis of Reading A

36 NEXT BACK para2 However, learning more effective ways to cope with anxiety may be called for if what one is doing is not working, or is only working in the short run. if what one is doing; Analysis of Reading A

37 NEXT BACK para3 Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, considered anxiety to be a signal that a person was experiencing something that in some way could be considered a threat to his or her sense of well-being. signal that something that something Could be considered Analysis of Reading A

38 NEXT BACK para3 He further believed that this feeling acted as a catalyst for the person to anticipate a sense of helplessness setting in. (Setting in helplessness.) Analysis of Reading A

39 NEXT BACK para3 Thus, the notion of anxiety as feedback is an important one and has implications for what can be done to help with this feeling. Analysis of Reading A

40 NEXT BACK para3 In effect, if one could give voice to the anxiety being experienced, it might be saying, pay attention! There is something important going on here. Analysis of Reading A

41 NEXT BACK para3 Counselors are professonals who are attuned to the language of anxiety and may be able to assist you in your efforts to manage your life more effectively. Analysis of Reading A

42 NEXT BACK para3 Gaining understanding of the meaning of anxiety is a critical first step in developing effective coping responses that can make a significant difference in your life, both now and in the future. responses that that Analysis of Reading A

43 NEXT BACK para3 These coping responses can involve developing new behaviors, new ways of understanding and experiencing emotions, and new ways of thinking about ones way of being in the world. Analysis of Reading A

44 NEXT BACK Post reading avtivity 1. What causes anxiety? 2. Can you list some other solutions to deal with your anxiety? 3. How should people look on anxiety?

45 NEXT BACK Practical Writing Task: Today we have learned how to make an order for a certain product, try to make an order for something you really like to the foreign company by using what we have learned.

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