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Why We Write: Write down your homework: Free Write Activity.

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1 Why We Write: Write down your homework: Free Write Activity

2 Todays Objective Students will write routinely over … shorter frame for a specific task or purpose.

3 Process: Take out your warm-up page. Turn it over to the back and answer the following questions: –How does the article we read today connect to this class? –Compare how you read the article, the website, and the policy handouts.

4 Writers Notebook Set-up Divide the spiral in half First half – Writing Rubric Back half – Vocabulary (well do this tomorrow!)

5 Writing Rubric Homework is collected and graded on Mondays. You are responsible for 1 Writing Response and 2 Vocabulary words. Each section may earn up to 4 points. Lets focus on the writing for today.

6 Blocks Take three post-it notes from the table. On each of the three, write ONE: –adverb or adjective –noun (this should be a common noun such as clown, box, painter, etc.) –verb

7 Posters Place your post-it on the appropriate chart. We will call you by table to choose your new three post-its. Once you are seated, you can start writing. Directions will be on your table.

8 NounVerbAdj/Adv

9 Directions Its time to think outside the box! Using the words on your post-it notes, write a descriptive paragraph below. Remember that you cannot be wrong! For example, if I choose: N: frogA: lazyV: played I could write about a lazy frog that played or a frog that played lazily

10 Homework Glue your BINGO board onto the back of the first page in your Writers Notebook. Choose one (OR more ) of these activities for tonight. Remember to include all elements – including that artistic component!

11 Closure: Index Cards Write your name on the index card. On your index card, decide what score your descriptive paragraph should earn. Explain your thinking.

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