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Do we really have homeless students here?

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1 Do we really have homeless students here?
Beth McCullough M.A., L.L.P. Homeless Education Liaison, Adrian Public Schools Lenawee County Homeless Education Coordinator

2 Who is homeless??



5 The average age of a homeless person in America is:

6 What is the definition of homeless?
HUD (Housing and Urban Development) definition McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act definition Head Start definition FAFSA definition

7 The McKinney-Vento definition:
Students who lack a fixed, permanent and adequate night time dwelling. Shelters, motels Cars, campers, abandoned buildings, barns, sheds, outside Living with another family due to lack of income or housing Awaiting foster care placement (the first six months of a new foster care placement.)

8 Unaccompanied youth Students who are homeless and living without a parent or guardian Getting kicked out or choosing to leave does not affect status “But that student has a good home.” “If they would just follow the rules.” “Shouldn’t he be in foster care?”

9 In the school year Lenawee County public schools identified and served 671 homeless students.


11 Lenawee County Statistics

12 School district breakdown
Addison 39 Adrian K Adrian Head Start 101 Blissfield 32 Britton/Deerfield 31 Clinton 13 Hudson 37 Madison 51 Morenci 31 Onsted 36 Sand Creek 9 Tecumseh 76 LISD 35 Lenawee Prep 35 Other homeless students 33 Total 671

13 Research has repeatedly demonstrated that a child will loose 4 – 6 months of academic progress when s/he changes schools in the middle of a school year. Many homeless families report moving four or more times in a school year.

14 Students who change schools in the middle of one of their high school years are twice as likely to drop out as other students.

15 Free and Appropriate Public Education: Enrollment Decisions
Homeless students have the right to: attend their school of origin and receive transportation to that school. The school they attended before homeless or The last school they were enrolled in attend the school in the attendance area where they are homeless. attend the school in dispute while going through the dispute resolution process.

16 McKinney-Vento provisions:
an immediate and barrier free enrollment even without birth certificate, immunization record, proof of residency immediate enrollment in free lunch program transportation Title I set asides homeless liaison in every district

17 Lenawee 2011-2012 homeless liaisons:
Addison: Sue Ritchey (517) Adrian: Beth McCullough (517) Blissfield: Louise Keinath (517) ext:273 Britton-Deerfield: Wes Rickard (517) ext:248 Clinton: Don Fry 517) Hudson: Karen Cheney (517) ext:: 336 Madison: Lisa Gentry (517) Morenci: Diana Fallot (517) Onsted: Dan Scholz (517) Sand Creek: Connie Younglove (517) Tecumseh: Teri Hoeft (517) LISD: Jody Howard (517) Lenawee Prep. Deb Rhodaberger (517)

18 What is the role of the homeless education liaison?
Verify the status of homelessness Ensure enrollment Arrange transportation to school of origin or new school Sign free breakfast and lunch forms Make referrals for other services Books, school supplies, socks, shoes, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes…

19 Case Study A seventeen year old, living with friends in Adrian wants to enroll at Madison High School. She went there as a freshman. She went to Adrian High School for a month this year and was dropped due to lack of attendance. What does the law provide for her?

20 A Tecumseh family was evicted and is now living at a shelter in Adrian.
A fifteen year old falls asleep in class and is sent to the counselor. He reports sleeping in a hotel last night. Letters sent home come back to the school stamped “addressee no longer lives here.” The secretary reaches the mother on her cell phone. The mother states there must be a mistake, she hasn’t moved and she will come pick up the mail.

21 A sixteen year old lives with his grandparents during the week so his attendance area will be in the school district he wants to play football in. On the weekends he goes home to live with his parents, who live in a different school district. A seventeen year old girl asks her school counselor what form she needs to fill out because she is going to go live with her boyfriend in a neighboring school district and will be attending school there.

22 A family, with four children attending Blissfield schools, was evicted
A family, with four children attending Blissfield schools, was evicted. They moved into a shelter in Adrian. Six weeks later they found an apartment in Madison school district.

23 The Role of School “What homeless children need most of all is a home…but while they are experiencing homelessness, what they need most is to remain in school. School is one of the few stable, secure places in the lives of homeless children and youth --- a place where they can acquire the skills they need to help them escape poverty.” National Coalition for the Homeless

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