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Reformers PioneersEventsTerms Land Acquisitions Wild 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 Reformers PioneersEventsTerms Land Acquisitions Wild 100 200 300 400 500

2 Reformers-100 This famous conductor made 19 trips on the Underground Railroad and had $40,000 reward for her capture Who is Harriet Tubman? BACK

3 Reformers-200 This was a former slave that wrote an autobiography that described the horrors of slavery Who is Frederick Douglass? BACK

4 Reformers-300 This woman fought for womens rights and organized the Seneca Falls Convention Who is Elizabeth Cady Stanton? BACK

5 Reformers-400 This person helped to reform prisons and the care of the mentally ill Who is Dorothea Dix? BACK

6 Reformers-500 This person helped to reform education Who is Horace Mann? BACK

7 Pioneers-100 This group went west to trap beavers for the fur trade Who are the Mountain Men? BACK

8 Pioneers-200 This group went west to flee religious persecution Who are the Mormons? BACK

9 Pioneers-300 This groups legacy was to popularize settling in the Oregon Territory Who are the missionaries? BACK

10 Pioneers-400 This group expected to strike it rich in California Who are the Forty-Niners? BACK

11 Pioneers-500 This groups legacy was proving there was no Northwest Passage Who are the explorers? (Lewis and Clark) BACK

12 Events-100 This treaty gave the U.S. control of Florida What is the Adams-Onís Treaty? BACK

13 Events-200 This event came to a conclusion with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo What is the Mexican-American War? BACK

14 Events-300 This religious event caused people to want to reform society to make it better What is the Second Great Awakening? BACK

15 Events-400 The Red River Basin was ceded to the U.S. at this event What is the Convention of 1818? BACK

16 Events-500 The Declaration of Sentiments was signed here What is the Seneca Falls Convention? BACK

17 Terms-100 This term refers to the belief that the U.S. should expand to the Pacific What is Manifest Destiny? BACK

18 Terms-200 This term refers to the banning of slavery What is abolition? BACK

19 Terms-300 This term refers to the movement that worked toward the banning of alcohol consumption What is temperance? BACK

20 Terms-400 This prevented the discussion of slavery and prohibited the reading of slavery petitions in Congress What is the gag rule? BACK

21 Terms-500 This term refers to what reformers argued prisoners should go through while in jail What is rehabilitation? BACK

22 Land Acquisitions-100 This territory doubled the size of the U.S. What is the Louisiana Territory? BACK

23 Land Acquisitions-200 This territory was gained in order to have good land for railroad out west What is the Gadsden Purchase? BACK

24 Land Acquisitions-300 This territory was split in half with the U.S. and Britain What is the Oregon Territory? BACK

25 Land Acquistions-400 This territory was added to the U.S. 10 years after it won its independence from Mexico What is Texas? BACK

26 Land Acquistions-500 This territory was gained from Spain What is the Florida Territory? BACK

27 Wild-100 This group of people suffered from a famine in their homeland which caused them to immigrate to the U.S. Who are the Irish? BACK

28 Wild-200 This idea popularized by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau stressed the individual over the state and advocated that people question authority What is transcendentalism? BACK

29 Wild-300 This person published an abolitionist newspaper called The Liberator Who is William Lloyd Garrison? BACK

30 Wild-400 This was a female former slave that fought for abolition and womens rights Who is Sojourner Truth? BACK

31 Wild-500 Henry David Thoreau wrote an essay called this What is Civil Disobedience? BACK

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