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Putting the Common Good Before Personal Interests.

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1 Unit 1, Lesson 2 What Ideas About Civic Life Informed the Founding Generation?

2 Putting the Common Good Before Personal Interests.
Civic Virtue Putting the Common Good Before Personal Interests.

3 Classical Republicanism
The ideals & practices of ancient Greek or Roman city-states emphasized civic participation

4 Lessons from Rome Roman republic was stable as long as it remained small & uniform By 44 BC it had control over vast territories and huge diverse populations. It fell due to self-interest = civil war = rise of dictatorship to bring stability.

5 How can Classical Republicanism work in large diverse communities?
Break them up into smaller communities (provinces, states). The govt. could inspire civic virtue through citizenship & moral education.

6 17th Century Europe… Experienced wars & rebellions
Philosophers challenged theory of Divine Right that monarchs get authority from God. They looked at humanity within a State of Nature

7 State of Nature Abstract: before government
Allows philosophers to analyze… What is human nature? What should be the purpose of Government? Where should government receive its authority?

8 Natural Rights Philosophy
Thomas Hobbes & John Locke Inspired by English Civil War & Revolution Idea that in a state of nature, people have basic rights to life, liberty, and property. People create governments to protect those rights.

9 Thomas Hobbes Humans are naturally violent!
They enter into a social contract and give up rights to an absolute ruler (Leviathan) who maintains peace.

10 John Locke Humans are naturally free, equal, and rational.
All people possess unalienable rights! They enter a social contract with a government to protects those rights

11 If a government fails to protect those rights, then the people have a right to overthrow it.
This is the Right of Revolution.

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