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York Viva Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Concept image along Davis Drive.

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0 Planning Are We doing it Right? How to Change ?
Sustainable Mobility Summit 2012 Hamilton - November 4-7



3 York Viva Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
Concept image along Davis Drive

4 Sustainable & Active Choices
Region of Waterloo context Rapid Transit Sustainable & Active Choices John C. 4

5 TravelWise: what is it? the goal:
+ Shift individual commuters to transit, carpooling, cycling and walking + Reduce demand for parking + Improve employee health, productivity and retention how: + ecoMOBILITY grant from Transport Canada + TDM funding from the Region of Waterloo + Partnerships with Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and local employers 5 5

6 parking & trip reductions : the TDM checklist

7 Mobility Hub Guidelines – Achieving the Balance between Transportation and Placemaking
ACT Sustainable Mobility Summit – November 5, 2012

8 Mobility Hub Objectives
The Guidelines describe the 9 key Mobility Hub Objectives, which are organized into three categories: [CLICK] Seamless Mobility, Placemaking, and Successful Implementation

9 Mississauga City Centre: Downtown Concept
Source: Downtown 21 Master Plan

10 Mississauga City Centre
Major Investment in Bus Rapid Transit & HOT on Hurontario: Integrated TDM Approach will Increase Ridership

11 Integration of Parking and Transit Commission Boards Initiatives
Saint John, NB (pop ~ 100K) Integration of Parking and Transit Commission Boards Initiatives Community Carpool promotions Parcobus to support Regional transit - park & ride / bike & walk Active Transportation partnerships Results 12% increase in transit ridership : due to rerouting and park & ride on in-city routes ComeX regional park & ride ridership increased 55 % from 2007 to 2010


13 Do Planning Policies Need to Change?
Official Plans & Zoning Requirements Built Form/Urban Design Parking Requirements TDM Supportive Land Use Guidelines Transportation Impact Assessments Funding Sources Policy & Management Integration

14 Official Plans? Balanced or Transit First Priority?
Support Complete Streets Encourage Compact Urban Form Focus Density at Key Nodes & Corridors Support TDM Support Parking Reductions in Key Areas Require Multi-Modal Impact Assessments

15 Zoning & Urban Design? Require Compact Urban Form
Emphasis on Pedestrian Access Minimize Surface Parking Impacts Cycling Facilities Provision Support Parking Reductions in Key Areas Encourage Car/Van Pool Parking Require parking in garages

16 Parking Requirements Move from oversupply to constrained
Should match travel mode targets Maximize use of on-street parking Encourage shared parking Strong municipal supply role in key areas Allocate surplus parking revenue to TDM Municipality must lead in supply management and ricing

17 TDM Supportive Development Guidelines
Checklist Approach Score Card Approach Hard Requirements Approach Mode split & parking integration is critical Needs to be equitable across a region Municipality must lead ACT Canada Study & Workshops

18 Transportation Impact Assessments
Less or little emphasis on Cars? TDM approach at minimum How to mitigate impacts? The Level of Service Question? Should they be eliminated in dense urban core areas (San Francisco eg.)? Link with transportation service funding?

19 Transportation Funding
Development Charges? Impact Fees? Parking Space Levies? Parking & Fuel Taxes Toll Roads? Congestion Charges? Regional Equity Concerns

20 Urban Mobility Integration
Integrated Urban Mobility Approach Parking & TDM Integration Transit , Parking & TDM Integration Full Transportation Integration Regional Equity Concerns


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