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AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDENTS SIG (ACTFL AAS SIG) 2009 BUSINESS MEETING Chair: Krishauna Hines-Gaither (Salem College, NC) Vice Chair: Tamari Jenkins (Chaffey.

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1 AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDENTS SIG (ACTFL AAS SIG) 2009 BUSINESS MEETING Chair: Krishauna Hines-Gaither (Salem College, NC) Vice Chair: Tamari Jenkins (Chaffey College, CA)

2 Vision of AAS SIG The AAS SIG was established to provide a public forum for the discussion of issues relating to African American students and their needs as language learners.

3 Mission of AAS SIG To accomplish the vision of AAL, our mission is to provide the following: Mentoring and Resources for students of world languages Networking between world language professionals Resources and strategies for educators Public platform to discuss and present on the needs of African American language learners Published data related to SIG mission/vision

4 AAS SIG Membership Membership is open to any member of ACTFL. Dues are $5.00/year. $4.00 go directly to SIG, $1.00 to ACTFL Funds used for presenter honorariums, membership dues, newsletter etc. Communication: Newsletter, ACTFL Discussion Boards, List Serve Benefits: SIG receives 3 ACTFL sessions, advertisement in Language Educator, national platform for SIG mission/vision.

5 AAS SIG Raffle RAFFLE! (New!) All attendees at each of the AAS SIG sessions will be placed in a drawing. The prize will be ACTFL membership renewal and ACTFL AAS SIG membership. The value of this prize is totaled at $80.00 ($75.00 membership renewal, $5.00 AAS SIG membership). The lucky winner could be you!

6 Presenter Honorarium & Proposals HONORARIUM! (New!) As a show of appreciation, all SIG presenters will receive a modest honorarium. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ACTFL 2010, Boston, MA We hope that you will consider submitting a proposal for ACTFL 2010. The ACTFL AAS SIG receives 3 guaranteed sessions from ACTFL. Do you have an innovative idea that will enhance the classroom experience? Have you conducted an empirical research project that has broad implications? Have you made strides toward promoting world languages amongst African-American students? If so, we want to hear from you. Next years presenter could be you! Preference is given to submissions that align with the AAS SIG mission.

7 SIG Officers and Duties A. Chair, Term-Two-years Duties: Solicit, organize and select presentations for the annual convention, assist the SIG in articulating and disseminating its issues and concerns to ACTFL, chair the SIGs annual business meeting and act as the liaison between the SIG and ACTFL headquarters. B. Vice-Chairs, Term-Two-years Duties: Assist the Chair, as appropriate. C. Secretary, Term-Two-years Duties: Prepare the minutes of the SIG Annual Business meeting, receive the session proposals and manage the proposal review process for the SIG. Post newsletters on the ACTFL AAS SIG Page at least twice per year. D. Past-Chair, Term-Two-years Duties: Solicit nominations and prepare a slate of officers (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary) from within the SIG membership. Present the slate and conduct a vote of the members present at the SIG annual meeting. A verbal vote of the members present is acceptable; quorum is not required for voting.

8 Goals for 2009 Partnerships/Collaborations Afro-Hispanic/Francophone Presentations Advocacy Research What has been accomplished?

9 Africas Legacy in Mexico The purpose of examining Africas legacy in Mexico within a larger political context is to better understand why current conflicts continue to disconnect diverse communities.

10 Afro-Hispanic/Afro-Francophone Presentations The purpose of the presentation is 1) to celebrate the diversity of the Spanish/French speaking worlds and 2) to recognize the African influences and contributions that have shaped such diversity.

11 Afro-Hispanic/ Afro-Francophone Presentations You may not remember me, but my name is Lily Nwora and I'm a senior at Kinkaid. We meet with you about a week ago, yet your message still resonates with me to this day. I continue to share a passion for the Hispanic culture and a willingness to learn the language, and I'd appreciate ways in which I can do so and perhaps even go abroad. Once again thank you so much, take care, and continue to do the work that you do. Yours truly, Lilian Nwora

12 Advocacy, Collaboration & Partnerships at Work North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Collaboration Attendance at the 2009 College Language Association Conference Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, Dr. James J. Davis Keynote Low Performing Schools Dialogue World Language Teacher Summit, Washington, D.C.

13 Goals of 2010 Curriculum Reform (textbooks, DPI, Professional Organizations) Working with low performing schools (teaching across the curriculum) Networking (locally, strategic plans, collaborations, partnerships)

14 ACTFL AAS SIG Sessions All sessions will be held Friday, November 20, 2009 in the Marriott Hotel in Manchester 1. 11:00 a.m.-12:00p.m. Africa's Legacy in Mexico and Personal Accounts of the Afro-Latino Experience Presenter: Sherehe Hollins 1:15 - 2:15p.m. African-American Perspectives of Immersion Programs and a Study of High School Foreign Language Enrollment Presenters: Michelle Anberg-Espinosa, Cassandra Glenn 2:30-3:30p.m. Increasing African-American Enrollment in Study Abroad Programs and ACTFL AAS SIG Business Meeting Presenters: Joy Taylor-Roberts, Richard de Meij, Krishauna Hines-Gaither, Tamari Jenkins 3:45-4:45p.m. ACTFL AAS SIG Business Meeting Continued and African-American Linguists Business Meeting Presenters: Krishauna Hines-Gaither, Tamari Jenkins

15 2010-2011 ACTFL Nominees Secretary: Richard de Meij Richard de Meij is a Spanish and French teacher at Hartford Public High School in Hartford, CT. Richard is a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University where he I studying Educational Leadership. Richard is a native of Aruba. He is proficient in several languages including Dutch & Papiamento, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. For several years, Richard has been a member, supporter, and presenter of the ACTFL AAS SIG.

16 2010-2011 AAS SIG Candidate Vice Chair: Latriciea Adams My interest in this position encompasses the essence of my entire career. My educational success derived from second language acquisition. I was raised in the inner-city, where society automatically deems you at-risk. I took interest in Foreign Language at an early age, and this ardor became the driving force of my ambition. Foreign Language allowed me to escape from an area embedded in a sea of drop outs and cursed with sheer disparity. It is my goal to perpetuate my celebrations of success with African Americans and other minority groups to inject hope instead of the stigma of predestined societal woes which evokes despondency. This position will allow me to delve deeper into my linguistic concentration amongst fellow educators who share the same goals. I believe that I share the vision of helping to equip African American students with the tools for linguistic success. As Vice-Chair, I would assist the chair in all the needs of helping to uplift second language acquisition in the African American community. I feel that my history in leadership positions will accentuate the focus of the group; and I possess the multifaceted lens to engage other educators who are Committed to promoting world languages amongst African American students.

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