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“We are made by history.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

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1 “We are made by history.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 Malcolm X 1925–1965 Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska The Ku Klux Klan burned down his house He was a minister and preached the message of Marcus Garvey The family moved to Michigan, his father was murdered, and his mother was placed in a mental institution He was separated from his family and placed in foster care Favorite teacher destroys hid dream of becoming a lawyer Drops out of school and moves to Boston to stay with his sister Meets “Shorty” delves into self abuse and crime Moves to Harlem continues life as a hustler Sent to jail, serves 6 ½ years, converts to Islam after visit from his brother


4 Talkin’ Jive ARMSTRONGS (N) musical notes in the upper register, high trumpet notes. BEATUP (N) small change. Example "Can you lend me a little beatup?" BLAP (N) something very good. Example "That's a blap." COOLING (V)laying off between engagements, not working CUT RATE (N) a low, cheap person. Example "Don't play me cut rate, Jack!" DILLINGER (N) a killer-diller, too hot to handle. DRAPE (N) suit of clothes, dress, costume. DRY GOODS (N) same as DRAPE FEWS AND TWO (N) money or cash in small quantity. FINAL (V) to leave, to go home. Example "I finaled to my pad" (went to bed), "we copped a final" (went home) FRAUGHTY ISSUE (N) a very sad message, a deplorable state of affairs. GOT YOUR GLASSES ON you are ritzy or snooty, you fail to recognize your friends, you are up-stage. IGG (V) to ignore someone. Example "Don't igg me." JEFF (N) a pest, a bore, an icky. JELLY (N) anything free, on the house. LEAD SHEET (N) a top coat. LEFT RAISE (N) left side. Example "Dig the chick on your left raise." MAIN QUEEN (N) favorite girl friend. NEIGHO POPS nothin' doin', pal. NICKLE NOTE (N) five dollar bill OFFTIME JIVE (N) a sorry excuse, saying the wrong thing. OFF THE COP (A) corny, out of date. ORCHESTRATION (N) overcoat. SET OF BRIGHT SEVENS (N) one week. SLIDE YOUR JIB (V) to talk freely. TRICKERATION (N) struttin' your stuff, muggin' lightly and politely. TWISTER TO THE SLAMMER (N) the key to the door. VIPER (N) one who smokes reefers, a tea-hound V-8 (N) a chick who spurns company, is independent, is not amenable. WHIPPED UP (V) worn out, exhausted, beat for your everything. YEAH, MAN an exclamation of assent.














18 ACHIEVEMENTS In December 1953, a little more than a year after he was paroled from prison, Malcolm was named the minister at the NOI’s Boston mosque, Temple No. 11. The following year he also became the minister at Temple No. 12 (Philadelphia) and Temple No. 7 (New York) Muhammad Speaks, the NOI newspaper, was founded by Malcolm in 1957 Beginning in the 1960s, Malcolm was invited to participate in numerous debates, including forums on radio stations (Los Angeles, New York, Washington), television programs (“Open Mind,” “The Mike Wallace News Program”) and universities (Harvard Law School, Howard University, Columbia University) In 1963, the New York Times reported that Malcolm X was the second most sought after speaker in the United States On June 29, 1963 Malcolm lead the Unity Rally in Harlem. It was one of the nations largest civil rights events After befriending and ministering to boxer Cassius Clay, the boxer decides to convert to the Muslim religion and join the Nation of Islam. In February 1964, Clay announces he has changed his name to Muhammad Ali In March 1964, after his split with the NOI, Malcolm forms the Muslim Mosque, Inc. Several months later, he also organizes the Organizations of Afro-American Unity (OAAU)






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