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Unit 8 Away We Grow!.

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1 Unit 8 Away We Grow!

2 How A Seed Grows

3 Vocabulary aside – to the side of root – the bottom of the plant in
the soil which soaks up water into the plant How a Seed Grows

4 Sound Practice _dge a tch ai x ar _le a_e oo ay er ow How a Seed Grows

5 Sight Word Practice people about before very any some water how from
long are by How a Seed Grows

6 How A Seed Grows 1 Good morning! A cat’s fur feels soft. Paper feels smooth. What kind of plant feels prickly?

7 Daily Language Review The seeds were _____________ .
Add descriptive words then change the sentence to a question. How a Seed Grows 1

8 fat black badge wax safe snakes days space pain rain strain trail
How a Seed Grows 1

9 Jan and Jake played in the rain.
How a Seed Grows 1

10 Sight Words people How a Seed Grows 1

11 How A Seed Grows 2 Good morning! Some seeds grow quickly. Other seeds grow slowly. What kind of plant would you like to grow?

12 I put the seeds in the eggshells.
Daily Language Review The seeds grew quickly. I put the seeds in the eggshells. How a Seed Grows 2 Change the sentences to a question.

13 pan pane tap tape snail scratch grain spray hammer cradle table
shampoo How a Seed Grows 2

14 Kate plans to take the train to visit Gram.
How a Seed Grows 2

15 How A Seed Grows 3 Good morning! Plants need sunlight, water, and soil to grow. They need good care to survive. How can you take care of your plants?

16 Daily Language Review Seeds grow into plants.
Bean seeds grow faster than oak seeds. You can label the shells with a marker. How a Seed Grows 3 Change the sentences to a question.

17 gardens skyscraper train raced place glass downtown sidewalk inside
badge plants rooftop How a Seed Grows 3

18 Jackie and Max walked around the rooftop garden.
How a Seed Grows 3

19 The Garden / Saguaro

20 Vocabulary flower – the blossoming part of a plant tight – firm
quite – very shouted – yell loudly The Garden/ Saguaro

21 Sound Practice i _le _igh ie _y ow _ce gi i_e ing _ed qu
The Garden/ Saguaro

22 Sight Word Practice five would there was one people two saw come were
could know The Garden/ Saguaro

23 The Garden 1 Good morning! A dandelion is a weed. This plant has a strong root that is hard to pull up. It can grow up to fifteen inches long! What happens if you leave some of the root behind when you weed?

24 Daily Language Review Kyle’s garden has vines and sticks.
The water dripped back into the water’s container. Lynn gave the seeds to Lynn’s teacher. Possessive pronouns The Garden 1

25 sheep daydream stay tight
Find a Word Game meter even behind meal sheep daydream stay tight sight right bone cone tide grow toad boat The Garden 1

26 wish still stick fix ridge running little window music robin by fry
fried The Garden 1

27 Would a bat fly high at night?
The Garden 1

28 Sight Words five would The Garden 1

29 The Garden 2 Good morning! Plants are the largest living things on the planet. Do you know what the largest plant is?

30 Redwood Trees

31 Daily Language Review The bird has broken _______ wing. Your plants look better than mine. _______ look better. The seeds belong to me. Here are my seeds. They are ________. Possessive pronouns The Garden 2

32 Quick Change flower shower show row grow grown T166 The Garden 2

33 try tried fine nice quite times shine high night right frightened
tightrope The Garden 2

34 The five kites can glide in the sky.
The Garden 2

35 The Garden 3 Good morning! The sunflower grows and dies in the same year. It leaves its many seeds to survive and grow into plants the next year. What do sunflower seeds look like? Have you ever eaten them?


37 Daily Language Review We have a dog. We took _______ dog to the vet.
Mr. Smith asked the players to put ________ shoes in the lockers. Mom said, “You and your friend need to wash ________ hands before dinner.” The Garden 3 Possessive pronouns

38 tired giant nightgown driveway skyscraper hiked ranger spikes field
miles might smiled The Garden 3

39 Please do not pick the flowers.
The Garden 3

40 Green and Growing

41 Vocabulary shrub – stem – the stalk small of the flower bush or plant
vine – plant with a very long stem that can grow along the ground or up a wall energy – strength to do something Green and Growing

42 Sound Practice ow ck o oa _es o_e ow kn_ sh _le oa wr_
Green and Growing

43 Sight Word Practice should other want from how any around my know come
said some Green and Growing

44 Green and Growing 1 Good morning! Most plants grow from the tips of their leaves. Grass grows from the base of its leaves. This is why grass is a good plant for lawns. It can recover quickly after being mown. Did you know you are walking on plants when you walk on grass?

45 Daily Language Review The girls opened _________ gifts at the party.
Class, open _______ books to page 55. We won! Out of all the plants, they liked ________ the best. Pronouns and synonyms Green & Growing 1

46 grow bite bright few made bone paid sleep Find a Word
Green & Growing 1

47 pods blocks boxes knot gold slopes blown coast got goat hop hope soak
Green and Growing 1

48 The wind blows yellow and brown leaves into my yard.
Green & Growing 1

49 Sight Words other should Green & Growing 1

50 Green and Growing 2 Good morning! We benefit from plants in many ways. How do you use and enjoy plants?

51 Daily Language Review The seeds belong to Emma and me. They are ________ seeds. The books belong to those children. The books are _________. Pronouns and synonyms Green & Growing 2

52 Which Doesn’t Belong? tone stone tons Green & Growing 2

53 socks most moss octopus October shadow below window yellow open rocket
Green and Growing 2

54 At home we water our six little plants so they will grow.
Green & Growing 2

55 Green and Growing 3 Good morning! Plants that have died still play an important role in nature. What might happen to a plant that is no longer living?

56 Daily Language Review We walked in the garden to see the pretty flowers. The baby was crying because she was unhappy. She visited a big museum. synonyms Green & Growing 3

57 windows meadows stone slowed cow now breakfast oatmeal slowly dodge
lawn grass Green and Growing 3

58 The class looked out the window of the bus.
Green & Growing 3

59 Flowers and Flowers at Night

60 Vocabulary petals – colored leaves of a plant bright – colorful

61 Sound Practice u dge u_e ar _ew _y _ue or _ue _mb _ew u_e Flowers

62 Sight Word Practice use many about some they from saw do are ask there
you Flowers

63 Flowers 1 Good morning! Have you ever planted a flower? What is your favorite type of flower?

64 Daily Language Review Let me know when the plant begins to grow.
I hope the plant grows quickly! Speak softly, and it will grow. antonyms Flowers 1

65 Find a Word human flight trade toad Flowers 1

66 dust thumb budge skunks music volume continue few cut cucumbers cube
cute cucumbers cube Flowers 1

67 Judson saw a stuffed porcupine at the museum.
Flowers 1

68 Sight Words use many Flowers 1

69 Flowers 2 Good morning! You are learning that flowers have different shapes. Can you think of some flowers and their shapes?

70 Daily Language Review The young tree had many rings.
I always water my plants! The leaf felt prickly. antonyms Flowers 2

71 Which Doesn’t Belong? but bun tub Flowers 2

72 fuss fuse museum argue fuzzy regular uniform menu rescue dusty pupil
subway dusty pupil Flowers 2

73 Dad would like to finish work in time to catch the number five bus.
Flowers 2

74 Flowers 3 Good morning! When bees visit a flower, they pick up pollen and carry it to other flowers. Why is this helpful to a flower? How are flowers helpful to us?

75 Daily Language Review The stems were strong.
The plant didn’t like loud noises. A bean plant grows quickly. Flowers 3 antonyms

76 On my journey, I saw a ___________. It begins with /w/.
What I Saw Game On my journey, I saw a ___________. It begins with /w/. Flowers 3

77 fun stump pupil trucks buses cucumbers true few use fuel thumb music
tunes huge Flowers 3

78 Plants get fuel from the sun. Do you have a green thumb?
Flowers 3

79 Plants That Eat Animals

80 Vocabulary trapping – catching, allow to enter but not exit
wetlands – land made of wet marsh or swamp attracts – draw attention to insects – bugs with 6 legs, 3 body parts and no backbone Plants That Eat Animals

81 Sound Practice a_e igh ai ow o_e e_e _y u ie i_e u_e oa
Plants That Eat Animals

82 Sight Word Practice pretty your what their saw water over from would
help some make Plants That Eat Animals

83 Plants That Eat Animals 1
Good morning! Hummingbirds visit flowers to feed on nectar. While they are doing this, their long beaks become covered in pollen, which they then carry to other flowers. What happens when the pollen is carried to other flowers?

84 Daily Language Review Plants will live if they are not watered.
Some plants crawl under the ground. Mine was the first seed to open. Antonyms and contractions Plants That Eat Animals 1

85 name shaped player grain strain white flytrap kinds tied night open
folder Plants That Eat Animals 1

86 Jane gave your tiny kitten a bowl of water.
Plants That Eat Animals 1

87 Sight Words pretty your Plants That Eat Animals 1

88 Plants That Eat Animals 2
Good morning! Some flowers smell sweeter at night. This attracts moths. Have you ever seen a moth? What do you know about moths?

89 Daily Language Review I am I’m you would you’d cannot can’t they have
they’ve contractions Plants That Eat Animals 2

90 know float stone fume unicorn sweet squeal concrete shampoo royal
artist powder Plants That Eat Animals 2

91 Jacob and Logan saw their pretty blue kite float away.
Plants That Eat Animals 2

92 Plants That Eat Animals 3
Good morning! Plants can protect themselves from animals. For example, a touch of poison ivy might cause a bad skin rash and itching. Have you ever seen poison ivy? What does it look like?

93 Poison Ivy

94 Daily Language Review It is going to rain.
I can not water the plants today. The flower will not open. contractions Plants That Eat Animals 3

95 sidewalk enjoy birthday laundry cricket handmade weeds knees mistakes
changes fight bright Plants That Eat Animals 3

96 It is good to fight weeds and make a garden pretty.
Plants That Eat Animals 3


98 cattail spaceship snail haystack sunshine why knight violin toaster
snowflake plot most Unit 8 Review week 1-3

99 tugboat menu cube rescue frostbite daydream sidewalk claim fewer unite
frame photograph Unit 8 Review week 4-5

100 clean glide foam unit rainbow spicy weekend frozen maple pie hope
Unit 8 Review

101 Sound Spelling Review a u o i u_e ai_ oa_ i_e _ay a_e _y _ow _ue _igh
o_e _ew

102 Sight Word Review people five would should other use many pretty your

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