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IVF In Palestine Do We Need REGULATIONS? Dr. Salem Abu Khaizaran.

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1 IVF In Palestine Do We Need REGULATIONS? Dr. Salem Abu Khaizaran

2 History of IVF 1977, first IVF pregnancy (ectopic).(By Edwards &Stepto).

3 Louise Brown (1978) the world’s 1st IVF baby

4 NOW She is A mother

5 Since then more than ONE MILLION IVF Child were born worldwide

6 BUT IVF also introduced
countless ethical, legal, and social challenges and raised many questions

7 IVF In Palestine

8 IVF IN Palestine 1995 , establishment of first IVF center in Palestine ( Razan medical Center), using conventional IVF 1996 , introduction of ICSI . 1998, introduction of freezing system. 2009, PGD was introduced.

9 PSFG Established in 2000. Members are Palestinians inside & outside the country. Legislation : NO of embryos to be transferred. Faith of embryos Training

10 Peculiarities OF IVF IN Palestine
Male Factor .. Prisoners No borders.(High tech medicine)

11 Palestine … Many Centers
5 centers in Gaza . 8 centers in West bank.

12 Reproductive Technology
Ethical Issues In Reproductive Technology

13 Multiple Gestational Pregnancies
The transfer of multiple embryos in a single cycle may increase success rate BUT also: increases the rates of multiple births

14 Fetal Reduction

15 PGD Ethical Issues What is PGD?
Technology used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization to screen embryos for genetic conditions prior to transfer: • Remove a cell from a 3-day old embryo fertilized in vitro • Analyze cells for specific genetic or chromosomal abnormalities (PCR or FISH)

16 PGD Ethical Issues 1990: PGD first used to screen against genetic mutation for cystic fibrosis and Aneuploidy . Since 2003, the procedure was able to select against 100 different genetic conditions. Another uses : Avoidance of late-onset diseases Tissue-typing to save the life of another child sex selection

17 Fertility preservation
Female fertility is well documented to decrease with age . For cancer patients Social reasons

18 Financial issues IN Infertility

19 Do we need regulations ?? Definitely we need regulations.

20 Do we need regulations ?? PSFG
Medical association through GYNE & OBS society Ministry of health

21 Conclusion IVF is a big industry now in Palestine , with hundreds of people working in this industry with millions of dollars per year . This industry needs regulations.


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