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To what extent should we consider nationalism a positive force?

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1 To what extent should we consider nationalism a positive force?

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As you look at the slides in this presentation, answer the corresponding questions on the review sheet. Before you begin be sure that the volume on your computer is up. Click here to check sound  Do not advance to the next slide until you are sure the volume is up.

3 #1 Nationalism: An ideology (system of ideas) that seeks to unify or create a nation, usually based on a common geographic, linguistic (language), religious, cultural or historical identity. LOOK AROUND: Based upon the above definition, are all Americans members of the same nation? Do all the members of your group share the five traits of national identity? What element of nationalism do you think is most important in unifying a nation?

4 #2 ITALY Since the fall of the Roman Empire the people of Italy had been divided and ruled over by foreign powers. At the 1815 Congress of Vienna that ended the Napoleonic Wars, Italy was purposely left divided and weak so that the states of Italy could continue to be controlled by foreign powers. Map of Italy following the Congress of Vienna What might be one reason the people of the Italian peninsula would want to unite?

5 Italian nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini, the founder of Young Italy
#3 ITALY From the Oath taken to join Young Italy Young Italy is a brotherhood of Italians who believe in a law of Progress and Duty, and are convinced that Italy is destined to become one nation--convinced also that she possesses sufficient strength within herself to become one, and that the ill success of her former efforts is to be attributed not to the weakness, but to the misdirection of the revolutionary elements within her--that the secret of force lies in constancy and unity of effort.  They join this association in the firm intent of consecrating both thought and action to the great aim of re-constituting Italy as one independent sovereign nation of free men and equals.... Italian nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini, the founder of Young Italy What was the goal of Young Italy?

6 #4 ITALY The pride of the Italian navy today the aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi Giuseppe Garibaldi leading his “Red Shirts”to victory. Why would modern Italy name an aircraft Carrier after Giuseppe Garibaldi?

7 #5 GERMANY Because of the policies of the Congress of Vienna, Germany is clearly too small for us both [Prussia and Austria]; as long as an honorable arrangement concerning the influence of each in Germany cannot be concluded and carried out, we will both plough the same disputed acre, and Austria will remain the only state to whom we can permanently lose or from whom we can permanently gain I wish only to express my conviction that, in the not too distant future, we shall have to fight for our existence against Austria and that it is not within our power to avoid that, since the course of events in Germany has no other solution. Map of Germany prior to unification Part of a letter from Otto Von Bismarck in 1856 explaining his reasons for a future war against Austria Should Bismarck be considered a German nationalist or a Prussian nationalist? Why?

8 Why would Germany name a battleship after Otto Von Bismarck?
#6 GERMANY German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, the architect of German Unification The pride of Germany’s navy in 1941 the Battleship Bismarck Why would Germany name a battleship after Otto Von Bismarck?

9 #7 JUDAISM As long as deep in the heart, The soul of a Jew yearns, And forward to the East To Zion, an eye looks Our hope will not be lost, The hope of two thousand years, To be a free nation in our land, The land of Zion and Jerusalem. The words to the Israeli national anthem written in Hebrew The English word translation of the Israeli national anthem. THINK: As you watch the slides on the next several slides consider, what was the hope of two thousand years held by the Jewish people?

10 #8 JUDAISM A picture showing Jews being exiled from their country.

11 #9 JUDAISM French Officer Alfred Dreyfus surrenders his sword after being convicted of spying for Germany. Dreyfus’s conviction was based upon faulty evidence and was later judged to be ethnically motivated based more upon Dreyfus’s religion rather than the facts. THINK: Do we have situations like this in America today where people are judged by their ethnicity rather than the evidence? See if you can come up with an example.

12 #10 JUDAISM Russian Jews running from an angry mob during a pogrom (anti Jewish riot) in the late 1800’s THINK: Are there times in America today where people are harassed or menaced because their beliefs or customs are different? Can you come up with an example?

13 #11 JUDAISM A map showing the areas from which Jews were kicked out, when, and where they moved to. Why do you think Jews have been forced to leave so many countries throughout history?

14 #12 JUDAISM What do you think the “Hope of the Jewish people for two thousand years” refers to?

15 #13 IRELAND Between 1847 and 1851 close to two million Irish people starved to death or emigrated (left)from Ireland due to the failure of the potato crop. Throughout the famine English owned farms in Ireland continued to export food. THINK: What role do you think nationalism played in the Irish Potato Famine? A cartoon from an English newspaper during the Potato Famine What message does the cartoon convey about the attitudes of the the English toward the Irish during the famine? Why do you think the English had these attitudes?

16 #14 Austria-Hungary What message is the map above trying to convey about the role of nationalism in Austria?

17 #15 Positive or Negative? The video clip should start automatically after a few seconds. Do the makers of this movie clip think that nationalism has been a positive or a negative force in Europe? What do you think?

18 #16 AMERICA THINK: As you watch the next few slides, Do we have nationalism in America?













31 #28 AMERICA Germany Italy Judaism Ireland Serbia America Language German Italian Mixed English Serbo-Croatian ? Religion Protestant Catholic Jewish Orthodox History Germanic Roman Celtic Slavic Geography Northern Europe Italian Peninsula None Southern Europe Is there an American nationality? What makes us (America) one nation?

32 #29 AMERICA America’s 1st President George Washington American Aircraft Carrier George Washington Why would America name an aircraft carrier after George Washington? Is nationalism in America a positive or a negative force? Why?

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