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Why do we need Government?

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1 Why do we need Government?

2 State of Nature John Locke imagined what life would be like in a state of nature. This means: No Governments No Laws No Police

3 Discussion Questions What might be some advantages and disadvantages to living in a state of nature? What rights, if any, might you expect to have in a state of nature? What might people who are smarter or stronger than others try to do? Why? What might life be like for everyone living in a state of nature? What are some things people could do to protect their lives, liberty, and property?

4 Natural Rights Locke believed that in nature people seek to protect their life, liberty, and property. Life – people want to live, survive, and be free of threats. Liberty – people want to be able to make their own decisions and live as they please. Property – people want to own things necessary to survive, such as food, clothing, houses, and land.

5 Locke’s Beliefs Most people are good, but some are not. Sometimes the strong abuse the weak. In a state of nature no one’s life, liberty, or property would be safe. In a state of nature, people protect their rights by using strength and skill. Weaker people would have trouble protecting their rights and might join together. Consent – governments are given the right to govern by the consent of the people.

6 Social Contract According to Locke, the main purpose of government is to protect the natural rights of individuals. People agree to give up absolute rights to a government to gain protection and maintain order. Our Constitution is a Social Contract Question for discussion: How do you think the social contract is enforced? Do all other countries respect our natural rights? How are our natural rights as a nation protected?


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