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Rocks Are Everywhere!. Rocks are good for skipping…

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1 Rocks Are Everywhere!

2 Rocks are good for skipping…

3 Rocks are good for climbing…

4 Rocks are good for collecting…

5 Rocks are even good for making silly things…

6 But what else can we do with rocks?

7 We can build houses with rocks.

8 Bricks are made from rocks. Is your house made of rocks?

9 You might find rocks inside your house. Many fireplaces are made from rock.

10 Even some kitchen counters are made from rock!

11 You can find rocks outside your house. Garden paths can be made from rocks.

12 Sidewalks are made from concrete, which is made from rocks.

13 Even roads are made from rocks!

14 Things you use everyday are made from rocks. Ceramic dishes are made from clay, which is a kind of rock.

15 So is your piggy bank…

16 Even that vase your mom doesnt want you to break!

17 The lead in your pencil is made from a special rock called graphite.

18 Sidewalk chalk is also made from rocks. Have you ever found a rock you can write with?

19 Anything made from metal comes from special rocks that are melted (just like magma inside the earth) and shaped into new things…

20 Your forks, spoons and knives…

21 Most of your car…

22 Your scissors…

23 And coins!

24 Rocks can make beautiful jewelry…diamonds, sapphires, rubies, turquoise, silver and gold are all rocks!

25 The sand you build castles from is actually millions and millions of tiny little rocks!

26 If you melt sand and shape it, you can make glass!

27 Look at this gigantic rock! How did it get that way?

28 But there are some things rocks are not good for. Rocks are not good for sleeping…

29 Rocks are not good for eating… ( Yes…all that food is made from rocks!)

30 And rocks are NEVER good for throwing on the playground!

31 Can you think of anything else rocks are good for?

32 The End Rock on!

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