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Welcome to ‘You Say we Pay!’

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1 Welcome to ‘You Say we Pay!’
A word game to improve your language skills.

2 Instructions Split into teams – Girls/Boys, Half the room etc
Toss a coin to see which team goes first One person from the team comes to the front, standing with their back to the whiteboard – they must not look! In three minutes, timed by the teacher, the rest of the group have to try and describe the thing on the board to the person at the front- without using the keywords. Everyone can shout at once, but they have to make sure the guesser can tell what they’re saying; so the team has to work together and listen to other people. One point is scored for each word guessed correctly. If the keywords are used, the team loses that point and we move onto the next slide. Save the score & the next team takes a turn for three minutes.

3 Banana Fruit Yellow Bendy Monkey

4 Aeroplane Fly Holiday Air Travel

5 Christmas Santa Claus Presents Jesus Reindeer

6 School Teachers Classrooms Learning Here

7 Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson Teddy Mini film

8 Frog Green Toad Slimy Ribbit

9 Milk Cows Moo White Pint

10 Horse Animal Neigh Trot Ride

11 Bus Vehicle Travel Wheels Ticket

12 Guitar Musical Instrument Play Strings

13 Policeman Copper Bobby Arrest Uniform

14 Ham Pig Meat Slice Bacon

15 Teapot Water Spout Kettle Brew

16 Gun Shoot Weapon Bang Dead

17 Pineapple Fruit Yellow Spiky Tropical

18 Albert Einstein Scientist Theory E = MC Squared Old

19 Ship Boat Liner Cruise Travel

20 Doll Toy Girls Baby Child

21 Water Drink Tap Clear Wet

22 Turtle Animal Shell Tortoise

23 The Queen Woman Ruler Buckingham Palace London

24 Rubbish Dustbin Throw Garbage Litter

25 Goal Ball Football Score Net

26 Toast Bread Hot Breakfast Beans

27 Library Books Borrow Reading Quiet

28 Desert Hot Sand Sahara Dry

29 Hospital Sick Doctor Nurse Ill

30 Toothpaste Teeth Clean Brush Minty

31 Crisps Potatoes Walkers Snack Fried

32 Reindeer Christmas Sleigh Rudolph Santa

33 Cocktail Drink Alcohol Tropical Pina Colada

34 America Country USA Florida Disneyland

35 Baby Child Infant Goo Goo Dummy

36 Wellington Boots Feet Shoes Wet Rubber

37 Homer Simpson Cartoon American Bart Doh

38 Elephant Animal Trunk Grey Jungle

39 Teacher School Learn Work Job

40 Snow Weather Cold Winter White

41 Sausage Bacon Meat Eat Food

42 Volcano Erupt Hot Larva Mountain

43 Spongebob Cartoon Yellow Sea Nikelodeon

44 Teeth Mouth Tooth Paste Brush

45 Bottle Can Glass Container Coke


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