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Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Travel changes lives.

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1 Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Travel changes lives.

2 Me to We is a global organization where the bottom line is measured by the number of people we help. Me to We challenges young people to take action by inspiring, enabling and empowering them to create positive sustainable change in the world. Through unparalleled programs, opportunities and resources, passionate youth mentors equip young people with the confidence and skills to achieve their goals. Craigs Fast Facts -Craig has received the Roosevelt Freedom Medal, The World Childrens prize for the Right of the Child, and the Order of Canada -Craig has a degree in peace and conflict studies -Craig is the youngest ever graduate of the Kellogg- Schulich Executive MBA Marcs Fast Facts -Marc graduated magna cum laude from Harvard -Marc is a Rhodes scholar -Marc has a law degree from Oxford University -Marc is a New York Times bestselling author -Marc was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the 250 Young Global Leaders

3 Best support EF has over 40 years of experience. Best value EF guarantees the lowest prices on every tour without sacrificing safety, quality or comfort. 24-7 Service EF supports you with our helpful Customer Service Department, and around-the clock emergency assistance. We take care of everything We arrange everything in partnership with Me to We and Free The Children down to the smallest of details - flights, hotels, meals, excursions and attractions – from start to finish. 24-hour-a-day Facilitator Your Facilitator is there from when you land to when you depart, making sure all your tour logistics go smoothly, providing cultural and historical insights and ensuring your tour is always fun and engaging. Why thousands choose EF When students return home with exciting stories and pictures of an incredible time abroad, its easy to see the immediate impact the experience has had. However, the most significant and enduring effects may not emerge until later, as they tackle challenges with newfound confidence, approach studies with more enthusiasm and maturity and demonstrate sensitivity to other people.

4 – 56 percent of the Kenyan population lived below the poverty line –$17 per month in rural areas and $36 per month in urban areas –Extreme poverty - defined as those living under $1 per day – includes almost 30 percent of Kenyas current population –In the Narok South Constituency, 1 in 10 Kenyan children still die before reaching their fifth birthday –One third of children less than 5 years of age are stunted, reflecting chronic mal-nutrition. –This proportion is 14 times higher than the level expected in a healthy well-nourished population Why you have chosen Kenya


6 Tour Details Tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Tour Number: 1439344VM Number of Days: 11 Days Depart Date: Friday March 14, 2015 Return Date: March 24, 2015 Depart from: Vancouver Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa

7 The details… Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Requested Departure Date: March 14, 2015 Tour Length: 11 Days Tour Number: 1439344VM Program Price: $4,720* Weekend Supplement:$40 AMREF Doctor Service: included ($50)* Peace of Mind Program:Free Total for Students/Adults: $4,760 Tour items not included: All Inclusive Insurance:$149 * Program price valid for all who enroll from Thursday, May 2nd,2013 through Friday, May 31 st,2013. Program Price includes all airline/travel provider surcharges,departures taxes and airport fees. Also included in the Program Price is the cost of the AMREF Flying Doctor Service (a private air ambulance and doctor) as well as the use of their private landing strip in the event that a participants needs to be evacuated.

8 Tour Inclusions Round-trip airfare All accommodations All motor coach and flight transfers, train and/or ferry travel Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily 24/7 bilingual Me to We Facilities Coordinator Sightseeing tours led by licensed local guides Daily language lessons Safari Peace of Mind Program Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa

9 What is NOT included? Personal spending money Bring some extra money so you can pick up a few souvenirs for friends and family! There will be some time in Nairobi to shop for souvenirs for friends and family EF Optional Insurance Passport/Visa Fees A Visa is required for Canadians travelling to Kenya. Please get in touch with the nearest Kenyan embassy for more information. Vaccination Fees **NO TIPS ON THESE TOURS!** Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Not included in tour fees… Things to budget for.

10 What to expect on tour… Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Accommodations While in Nairobi, groups will stay at the Rosslyn Centre, Me to We Trips permanent residence in Nairobi. In the Maasai Mara, accommodations will be camp style tents equipped with bunk beds, shared shelves and a light. Pit and permanent toilets and outdoor bucket showers complete the idyllic scene in the middle of this world famous nature reserve. Meals All food is prepared specifically for your groups using bottled and purified water. Meals will include foods that participants will be familiar with such as fresh fruit and spaghetti. There will also be an opportunity to taste traditional Kenyan food such as ugali and githeri. Language The vast majority of Kenyans speak English but the common language is Swahili. You will learn the basics of Swahili to ensure smooth communication between your students and the local population. Your lead facilitator will be fluent in Swahili.

11 What is the All-Inclusive insurance plan? Your tour: Kenya: Accommodations Rosslyn Centre Located in Greater Nairobi, the Rosslyn Centre is Me to We Trips permanent residence. It is located in a suburb of Nairobi called Rosslyn, right next to the Canadian High Commissioner's permanent residence in Kenya. Students stay 4-8 in a room divided by gender in rooming and washroom facilities. The group will eat together in a common mess hall.

12 What is the All-Inclusive insurance plan? Your tour: Kenya: Accommodations Schule Ya Bogani Located in the Maasai Mara this is a peaceful and secure compound with semi permanent tented camps. It is secure and constructed out of renewable indigenous resources available in the Maasai Mara. Groups may also be located at remote camps servicing other villages for their service work. These are just as comfortable, however, not permanent and are located in close proximity to the Free The Children Villages.

13 What is the All-Inclusive insurance plan? Your tour: Kenya: Meals Cleanliness and Control All meals are prepared with treated or bottled water - whether washing fruits and vegetables or cooking it is safe and controlled. Most meals will have familiar items, with a Kenyan flair - very influenced by the middle east with flavours! A majority of items served are cooked or peel-able.

14 What is NOT included? Your tour: Kenya: Trip Highlights Visit to a Giraffe Sanctuary in Nairobi Help to build a school and other needed projects in the community Participate in the water walk with women of the community Build lifelong bonds with locals during your stay in Maasai Mara Learn leadership skills you can use for a lifetime. Day Safari in the Maasai Mara Daily Swahili lessons

15 Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa What you need to know about Passports & Visas Valid passports are required for all travelers. Be sure that your name on your application form matches your name on your passport. Passports may take up to eight weeks to process. Kenya requires a travel visa - $52CAD for Canadians (money order, certified cheque). Visas can also be completed onsite for USD. Non-Canadian citizens may require special visas or other travel documents. Obtaining passports and visas are travelers responsibilities. Please ensure your passport is valid for 6 months after your scheduled return date. Although Kenya may not require any vaccinations; many are recommended: Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Polio, Yellow Fever and Malaria protection. Please check with the Kenyan High Commission for the most up-to-date entry information.

16 Payment Schedule Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Safety and Security Facilitators are familiar with the country and Lead Facilitators have working knowledge of Swahili In preparation for the trip, all participants are registered with their respective embassy to ensure accountability in case of emergency Travel advisories are monitored by international and country offices Passports details, medical and travel insurance, emergency contact information, dietary and medical requirements are collected well in advance of the trip by our international office Satellite phone is used at all times; constant communication open 24 hours a day between in country teams and our Toronto office All facilitators have up-to-date first aid training and have participated in our extensive facilitator training program Our extensive facilitator training program includes emergency evacuation protocols, standard operating procedures and crisis prevention/management training

17 Each facilitator carries a comprehensive first aid kit Canadian trained nurse, Michelle Hambly, works full time with us in Kenya and is on call to oversee all medical attention Local hospitals with high medical standards are aware of our trips and prepared to handle any minor or major medical situations. Hospitals are on par with western standards in Nairobi All transportation is manned by Me to We full time staff. Always traveling as a group by day under the guidance of our expert facilitators Electric fence surrounding premises in Mara. 24 hour security personnel with group at all times and at all our facilities. 24 hour alarm system at the Rosslyn Centre in Nairobi and the Mara Leadership Centre Your tour: Kenya: The Heartbeat of Africa Safety and Security

18 Be the change… it starts with you.

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