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Review for WW II.

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1 Review for WW II

2 Rise of Dictators FDR Stalin Hitler Mussolini Hirohito and Tojo
Manchuria Appeasement Hitler’s road to war (The Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Poland) The Holocaust Wansee Conference Churchill Blitzkrieg Battle of Britain Neutrality Acts Four Freedoms Lend-Lease America First Pearl Harbor Isolationism League of Nations vs. Hitler and Japan Nazi-Soviet non-aggression Pact

3 Home front Years of WW 2 (US involvement) Rationing
Economic mobilization Office of Price Administration Japanese internment Korematsu v. the United States Women and the war Migration Executive Order 8802 United Nations Double V Campaign

4 European Theater of Operation
Axis Powers Importance of Stalingrad Operation Torch Invasion of Sicily and Italy Importance of the Normandy Invasion. Yalta Conference Potsdam Conference Nuremberg Trials

5 Pacific Theater of Operations
Turning point of the Pacific War Island Hopping Truman and the Bomb Einstein and the bomb Manhattan Project Tokyo Trials

6 Technology OSRD Sonar Radar X-ray Manhattan Project

7 Essay Question Bring a notecard with an outline for this question:
Did Truman make the right decision to drop the bomb on Japan? Give reasons for and against his decision. The final paragraph should be your opinion. All opinion should be based on fact.

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