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Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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2 Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Heir to the Austrian throne. Assassinated in Sarajevo setting off World War I.


4 Gavrilo Princip Member of the black hand and assassin of Franz Ferdinand


6 Woodrow Wilson President who ran on a platform of keeping the United States out of World War I


8 General John J. Pershing
Commander of the American Expeditionary Force during World War I


10 Eddie Rickenbacker Former race car driver turned pilot. Was the best U.S. fighter pilot in World War I.


12 Alvin York A conscienentious objector who reluctantly served during World War I. Along with 6 others killed 25 and captured 132 Germans in one day.


14 Czar Nicholas II Last Czar of Russia. Was overthrown and assassinated along with his family.


16 Rasputin Russian mystic who held a great deal of influence over the royal family of Russia in the final days of their rule

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