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Homework Answers cm in m m2

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1 Homework Answers 1. 240 cm2 2. 26.79 in2 3. 20.3 m2 4. 11.2 7. 14 m2
yd2 9. 3 ft2 11. 4 in 12. B cm units2 18. 6 units2

2 Areas of Trapezoids, Rhombuses and Kites
Math 2 - Lesson 78 Mr. Lopez

3 Area of Trapezoid The area of a trapezoid is half the product of the height and the sum of the bases. The bases are the parallel sides of the trapezoid. The height is an altitude from one base to the other. Area = ½(base1 + base2) x height base1 base2 height

4 Practice Approximate the area of Arkansas using the trapezoid shown.
190 miles 250 miles 242 miles 260 miles

5 More Practice What is the height of the trapezoid if its bases are 12 cm and 15 cm with an area of 272 cm2? Round to nearest whole number. What is the area of the following isosceles trapezoid ABCD? Round to nearest tenth 5m 60 7m

6 Area of a Rhombus or Kite
The area of a rhombus or a kite is half the product of the lengths of its diagonals. Area = ½d1d2 d2 d2 d1 d1 Rhombus Kite

7 Practice Find the area of kite KLMN Find the area of Rhombus ABCD 3 2
5 3 15 12

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