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The Great War a.k.a. World War I.

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1 The Great War a.k.a. World War I

2 Background Powers in Europe before 1914
Great Britain: world-wide empire, naval power; A weak, divided Europe is in its best interest. Germany: Newly unified nation (in 1871) Trying to industrialize, build its military and establish colonies around the world. France: wanted to recover Alsace-Lorraine from Germany

3 Background Russia: economically stagnant (not industrialized) with an outdated social system (serfs, the czar) Austria-Hungary: a powerful empire in southeast Europe; Now losing its dominance over the German states The Ottoman Empire: “The Sick Old Man of Europe.” Key geographical position (Europe, Asia, Africa), once controlled vast territories

4 Background

5 4 Causes of W.W. I Nationalism: strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one’s country and the people who share one’s culture Pan-German Movement: attempt to unite al German-speakers in one country (Germany) Pan-Slavic Movement: attempt to unite all Slavic peoples in one country (Russia) 2.Imperialism: Gr. Br. and G are competing for colonies; Serbia and A-H fight for control of Bosnia-Herzegovina and F and G fight Alsace-Lorraine

6 4 Causes of W.W. I 3. Militarism: building up the armed forces and the glorification of all things military 4. Alliance Systems: Treaties between groups of countries that promise military aid to any member nation that is attacked. (That means that if one nation is attacked, the countries that are allied with them get dragged into the conflict.)

7 The Spark That Lit The Fire
The Balkan Peninsula was known as the “powder keg of Europe.”

8 The Spark That Lit the Fire
Serbia had become independent from the Ottoman Empire. Bosnia-Herzegovina had belonged to the Ottoman Empire. Now it had been annexed by A-H. The Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the throne of A-H) and his wife Sophie were traveling throughout the provinces of the empire. One city they visited was Sarajevo.


10 The Black Hand Secret society founded May 1911
Part of the Pan-Slavic Movement Wanted to unite all the southern Slavs (Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, etc.) which had been annexed by Austria-Hungary

11 The Spark that Lit the Fire
Members of the Black Hand planned an assassination attempt. Gavrilo Princip, Nedjelko Cabrinovic and Trifko Grabez were the three recruits who were trained and equipped to do the job. Later 4 others (including 2 high school students) joined them. June 28, 1914 While the original plan did not work, a chance encounter allowed Gavrilo Princip to shoot the Archduke and his wife.





16 The Spark that Lit the Fire
A-H blamed Serbia and issued an ultimatum. When Serbia refused to comply, A-H declared war against Serbia. Serbia was part of an alliance w/ Russia. This declaration of war by A-H caused the Triple Entente nations to declare war against Germany (allied with A-H, came into the war on their side)


18 The Spark that Lit the Fire
Eventually over 30 nations and their colonies fought in the Great War. At the time, people in Europe called this conflict the Great War. They also thought that this war was so large in scope and so horrible that no one would ever go to war again. They said that this conflict was “the war to end all wars.” Later on, people began to refer to the conflict as a world war.


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