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National Socialist German Worker’s Party:

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1 National Socialist German Worker’s Party:
Militarism & Nationalism NAZI National Socialist German Worker’s Party: Fascist political party led by Adolf Hitler that took over Germany in the 1930’s.

2 Totalitarian State Also called a . . POLICE STATE Government that has TOTAL control over all aspects of life in a country. Examples are NAZI Germany & the Soviet Union

3 Battle of Britain German Bombing of Britain after the defeat of France. British Pilots and secret new radar helped win the battle. British (RAF- Royal Air Force) Planes that defeated the German Bombers

4 Including allowing Germany to take parts of other countries
Appeasement Plan by Britain and France to give Hitler (Germany) anything they wanted to keep out of war. Including allowing Germany to take parts of other countries Germany before appeasement in Gray British Prime Minister meeting Hitler to give up the Sudetenland in Czechoslavia for peace We'll give you anything

5 Lebensraum “LIVING SPACE”
Hitler’s excuse for needing more land for Germany. This included the Sudetenland, Austria before the war and Poland after the war started. Germany invades Poland 1939

6 Lend-Lease Act Plan by the U.S. to give war supplies like ships to democratic governments (Britain and France) to fight Germany before the U.S. joined WWII.

7 Tuskegee Airmen African-American pilots who helped end army segregation by proving Af-Am. were as capable as white pilots in WWII fighting.

8 Erwin Rommel Dessert Fox
Famous German General known as the ‘Desert Fox’. Rommel fought the Allies in Africa and Europe and then had to commit suicide for opposing Hitler. Dessert Fox

9 Code Talkers Navajo Native Americans used as radio operators in the war against Japan. Japan had no one who could break the Navajo language, making all American radio messages safe .

10 Only 14% of Kamikaze Planes
Kamikazes Did You KNOW?? Kamikaze means “ Divine Wind” in Japanese Only 14% of Kamikaze Planes Made it through to hit A ship Japanese Suicide Planes sent to attack U.S. ships and troops as a failed attempt to keep the U.S. from invading Japan.

11 Manhattan Project SECRET!!!
Secret project during WWII to build a NUCLEAR BOMB. Working in secret cities, scientist created 3 bombs by the end of WWII. Two were dropped on Japan. SECRET!!! Lead scientist Dr. Robert Oppenheimer

12 Rosie the Riveter American propaganda Character that showed that women were strong enough to work in factories at home to help the war effort.

13 Battle Stats: 6,875 U.S. Killed 22,000 Jap. Killed Iwo Jima Bloody American victory, part of Island Hopping, to defeat Japan. Famous Flag Raising picture from Iwo Jima helped Americans continue to fight. 2 Current Movies about Iwo Jima 7.5sq Miles 36 days of fighting

14 BIG 3 & Yalta Conference The Big Three:
Stalin: More Land For Communism!! Churchill: I want to save British Power & Colonies Roosevelt: Can’t we all just get along The Big Three: Roosevelt -US, Churchill-Britain, Stalin-Soviet Union Yalta was a meeting of the Big 3 to decide how to govern Europe after Germany & Japan were defeated

15 Japanese Internment Camps
Remote camps where Japanese-Americans were forced to go leaving businesses, homes and property. Racist thoughts believed Japanese-Am. would help the Japanese during the war.

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